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This guy directed Brothers Tale of Two Sons.

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4 minutes of ranting later "I'll come to my point soon" LOL

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I love this guy.

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if the whole world tells me your game is shit I'll tell them... no it's not.


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I mean it might be shit, but I really appreciate that he believes in his art so much. Was excited for this game when unveiled, and that hasn't changed. It was maybe slightly annoying and I felt bad for Geoff, but it was funny as hell.

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I hadn't heard of it before, but I have to admit that I find the concept intriguing. Seems like something I can play with my partner. I have no idea who that maniac Frenchman is but I like his moxy.

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He was born in Lebanon and moved to Sweden as a child. Not sure where "Frenchman" came from. :)

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He probably did a better job of giving EA a better PR than it's CEO and CFO.

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Dude cut the best promo in GA history, poor Geoff lmao

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Geoff Keighley, while you stand there, hopefully as uncomfortable as you possibly can be, I want you to listen to me. I want you to digest this because before I leave in one year with your Game of the Year award, I have a lot of things I want to get off my chest.

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  • Big Poppa Pump

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It's not Saturday yet but goddamnit anyway

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Flips off camera

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He managed to get the largest crowd reaction and best moment of the show.

I like him. He’s a passionate guy.

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I just checked his Wikipedia page. First it directed me to the Rwandan genocide. Then it took me to his page when I refreshed, but had a picture of him titled Tommy Wiseau. Someone is fucking with his page right now.

Or Wikipedia is fucked up.

Edit 1: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Fares

Edit 2: Wikipedia being fucked with

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It was 4chan raiding his page, they were doing it for a good hour

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I'm surprised so many of the words were spelled correctly if it was 4chan doing it.

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You say that but they're scary smart

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A bunch of 12 year olds with keyboards

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I was watching Demolition D's stream and people were editing the "A Way Out" page to hell and back. It kept on getting reverted back every few seconds.

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Wassup da world

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It was you, wasn't it? Haha

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Nah, I wouldn’t even know how to begin getting Wikipedia to trust me enough to edit anything, lol. But I did find it amusing for sure.

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Can't anyone edit stuff in wikipedia? I put a joke edit on Kojima's page months ago and it's still there, and i've never done anything to gain wikipedia's trust (don't even have an account)

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Yeah, anyone can edit Wikipedia, there's no trust involved. Your IP address does show up on every edit though and they can block it if you mess around too much, but that's about it. And so many people are editing Wikipedia, it's unlikely that would happen.

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EA's response: "Josef Fares' public appearances will now be decreased by 75%"

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Hey everyone is off the EA hate train now cause of this guy and saying he is changing gaming history... Yet the game is being published by EA. He did the PR they needed.

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This dude definitely did a line of coke or something before he came on stage.

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A line

All the lines.

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If the line is 6 feet long it still counts as one right?

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All the six-foot lines.

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Actually lol’d

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he's just a passionate jet lagged man

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Yeah you can tell his forehead is a bit sweaty and his eyes are popping.

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He just kept going

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I absolutely loved it! We have to get this to the front page!

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so uncomfortably touchy

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If he was on coke he wouldn’t of asked if he can cuss

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I like how we as a society just immediately assume someone is on something when they do something unexpected.

Let’s all make sure to let him know that we know he does coke with no evidence.

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If you don't follow societal norms, you are labelled as a stranger or outsider. No one is considering the fact that the people who know him personally are all saying that he is like that all the time. Chill people. He is a passionate man, just because he is more passionate than you or I does not mean you must seek to destroy him.

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The guy was fucked up, man. But it's possible he was just drunk and manic from the energy at the event, that's happened to me before (not while being watched by anyone more than the patrons of the karaoke bar...). But his actions are totally in line with blow as well. Doesn't really matter, it's just funny that the guy was inebriated and ranting like a maniac.

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That's what I was thinking. As someone who has made more than few drunken rants in his life I should know. Explains why he keeps repeating himself.

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It's also kind of obvious when someone else is on a drug that you've done plenty of times before and are familiar with

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I'm surprised people are so offended by this. Guy is in entertainment, blow doesn't really have a stigma in those circles. Not like he's a office worker whose going to get randomly tested on Monday.

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kinda agree its shitty to label someone a drug user without any knowledge of them its almost as if people cant believe someone is eccentric or as josef put it passionate

imagine checking social media sites and people are claiming your actions are because you're snorting coke

yay for tarnishing peoples images

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I dont see whats wrong with using drugs

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It often tarnishes a person's credibility.

Not saying I agree with it, but that's the reality.

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If you see enough people come through the doors of the ER acting like that, eventually you can just see it... this guy was on some kind of stimulant. Either an illicit one like coke or amphetamines (prescribed or not).

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eventually you assume it

Fixed that for you.

I remember two years ago going to the ER and I legitimately thought I was having a heart attack, my pulse rate was hitting 120 at times. The nurses and even the doctor seemed kinda cold towards me. Not mean necessarily but more so they didn't really seem to care about what was going on with me. They ended up taking some urine and came back and told me I was having a panic attack and the way they treated me did a complete 180.

They told me the urine test was so they could check something with my heart. I'm not a doctor so as far I know that could be true but part of me thinks they just assumed I was hopped up on some type of amphetamine and when it came back that I wasn't they decided to be a bit more warm towards me.

They sent me a survey a few weeks later in the mail. I expressed my disappointment in everyone I had to deal with that night. Doubt those do anything however.

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Correlation doesn't equal causation

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So he's usually this way? That really doesn't help his image either.

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Literally this.. I remember watching a documentary about the war on drugs and the drug industry and this is what I DREAD the most about them.. Everytime you're being spontaneous, creative, surprising or just doing something new everyone instantly assume you're doing some drug.. Just like what ALL OF YOU thought after watching Hideo's new game trailer.. 'Oh, man.. Hideo is smoking some really strong shieeettt'

I hate that shit.. Fuck that.

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Oh no, i have full confidence that Kojima isn't on drugs, because if he was, his shit would make more sense.

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When you get to that level of weird, I find that it wouldn't really be possible to keep up that level of drug use for that long, so I figure he's just got to be like that all the time. Like Salvador Dali said, "I don't do drugs, I am drugs."

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Except his eyes were bugged out, glazed over and he said he had "jetlag". Pretty sure he was on some kind of substance.

Source: I've been on all kinds of substances.

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Just like what ALL OF YOU thought after watching Hideo's new game trailer.. 'Oh, man.. Hideo is smoking some really strong shieeettt'

It was clearly an exaggeration, very few people actually thought that. People often say it when they see something highly unusual, but they are rarely serious. It's meant as "wow, this is so out of this world, a normal brain wouldn't think of it".

It's different from the situation with Fares. He was manic, rambling barely coherently and largely off-topic, he had physical symptoms that don't necessarily indicate drug use, but might. When I was watching him, I wasn't thinking "wow, what a passionate man with a vision!"; I was thinking "fuck, he's unhinged". And if I'd never heard of his game before, he'd have immediately put me off of it because I'm scared of maniacs.

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It was just a harmless joke. Chill the fuck out

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Yeah. I can totally see how saying someone does drugs can be harmless to their image and/or how they're perceived by their peers.

This is how stupid shit rumors get started by making "jokes" about false information.

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If im not mistaken he was in film before hand so no one gives a fuck if he's doing blow.

You on the other hand sound like you could use a Xanax.

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Oh yeah, because some guy in a thread on an internet forum said "lul i bet he's tripping" is totally gonna ruin this guys entire life and career.

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You need some pussy or a candy bar or something. Jesus

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nailed it.

Maybe we should start a "joke" about how /u/uclownbrownies is... a.. i don't know.. a child molester. Is that okay? After all it's just a joke! /s

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Okay but ONLY if it's a joke.

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You sound triggered.

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He seems a little drunk is all

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He's like that in every interview.

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Fuck the Oscars lol

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He's like Tommy Wiseau.

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You're tearing me apart EA!!!

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Oh hi Marketing

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This comment better get all the upvotes or I’m quitting Reddit.

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Oh hi Oscars, fuck you

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oh hai Oscars*

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Hahaha, What a story Geoff!

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My game is not shit, it's not true! It's bullshit! It's not shit! It's naaat! Oh hai, Geoff.

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Lisa your tearing me appart.

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Geoff always trying to keep it professional and timely. I know he was thinking the entire time, "this motherfucker right here man...." Always nice to seem him around though <3

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You could see his frustration, there was really nothing he could do but keep level headed and try to shut him up as best as possible lol.

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He was probably thinking "Jesus Christ, the sponsors..."

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I think Geoff misunderstood/misheard the question about cursing, else he wouldn’t have said yes to the question “can you curse?”.

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Thank you. That was a great trailer.

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Honestly, what he said and how he acted made me excited for this game even though its being published by EA

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We've been down this road before...

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This needs to be in the national archive.

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Hahahaha. I liked his energy.

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We are witnessing history

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Just watched this guy live. Semi awkward, but hella funny. Defo pumped for his game, he is I mean.

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That was amazing. Top 5 meme of the year.

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I love this man and his games

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We've all been stuck in this conversation. You're at a party when one person is drunk and won't shut the fuck up, and you're just standing there with one beer in you saying "...yeah....totally.....yeah yeah man. Cool."

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That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw it happen lol.

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Pretty funny guy

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That was incredible.

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Holyshit I want to play “The Room: Revengeance” from Starbreeze Studios.

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He's also a movie director, very famous in Sweden.

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Welp I'm convinced, I'm definitely getting this mans game

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I felt so bad for Geoff. He was trying to shut him up (dude ranted WAY too long) but kept getting shut down.

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I wouldn't feel bad for Geoff.

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Cocaine is a hell of a drug....

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Oh hi Geoff

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Is that Ezio Auditore da Firenze?

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I felt like he was going to announce that only one player would need a copy of the game to play with someone else online

Anyone else feel like that was what his announcement was going to be?

But srsly what a god

Edit: https://twitter.com/josef_fares/status/940160844394057728 ty

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Brothers was a masterpiece is believe everything he says

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I did not hit her! I did not. Oh, hi Mark.

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I’m going to check this game specifically after hearing nothing about it because of this incredible man

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TIL: That old gif of the cop throwing his gun in the air, catching it with his crotch and firing it with pelvic thrusts...yea, this guy directed that movie.

EDIT: The movie is KOPPS

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Hopefully EA doesn't fuck up, cause this guy just sold me in this game.

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Highlight of the show. Plus he's not wrong, fuck the Grammys. The crowd loved him, most wrestlers don't get that kind of pop.

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he's a passionate guy!

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There is no Way Out of this one.

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I had a laugh attack with this guy lol

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Dude is crazy I feel sorry for Jeff he's so helpless haha

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Say hello to my little friend.

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Keighley is such a fucking pro, cool bastard gets the guy back on track from fuck the oscars back on to the game

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"let's look at the trailer and we can talk after?" "No, we can't" hahaha the best

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He's my drunken spirit animals, I also hate on the Oscars when I do cocaine

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Yeah but can you trust a man who is paid by EA ?

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Lol at Jeff Goldblum

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Sure fuck the Oscars, but also fuck The Nintendo Circle Jerk Show The Game Awards.

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The Nintendo Circle Jerk Show

literally what

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Yeah it was I ejaculated with every award Nintendo got, how ‘bout you?

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He just wants us to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when we play his game

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this guy look hiiiiigh af

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why is he saying it's an independant game when it's for EA ?

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Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

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He’s not on cocaine he just likes to touch people

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He reamed EA but his game is sponsored by EA? lol

The Room pt. 2

Swept off stage with The Broom

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He praised EA, not really unexpected considering they are his publisher.

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His rant was unproffesional and he definitely smoked something