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I wonder if he saw it before committing to the flip.

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I've seen this video around before. I'm pretty sure he had no idea it was there.

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He probably saw it mid flip /s

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Actually he probably did, though I would imagine he knew the risk of a fracture was pretty high. Most folks with basic avy training could recognize that slope was ready to fall. I'm surprised they didn't stop it for safety.

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My thoughts exactly. That was someone’s one and only job to recognize avalanche conditions. Given, it wasn’t a major one but certainly enough to cause harm.

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Yeah, definitely. If you just look at those fracture lines it doesn't take an expert to realize the rest of the snow pack is ready to go.

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Nah, you can see the 1000 ski grooves from previous runs. He was skiing in a fresh area sure, but he's got 20+ people watching him and that yellow backpack is basically a car airbag ment to float him close to the surface if he was caught in an avalanche. He was in very little extra danger.

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Exactly, professionals doing what they are trained to do. Not a large avalanche to begin with either.

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Very little my ass. How many went before is irrelevant, the avalanche went off... Without an avalanche airbag getting stuck in one is like 1/3 chance you die, with one it's lower, but it sure as shit ain't close to 0.

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It is when you have a helicopter over watching you.

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Well it's always nice having someone watching you die I guess. Avalanches doesn't only kill through suffocation, they tumble you around quite a bit and hopefully nothing of value breaks in the process.

You can argue that you like it so much that the risk is worth it, but you're high if you think getting into an avalanche is risk-free.

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So because someone went before and you have an avy bag it's all good? Regardless if you can see fault lines?

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The guy's got a damn helo video crew!

It's all about the views. Outrunning an avalanche is way cooler than just skiing down a fucking hill.

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I'll definitely agree with that, but this wasn't a video part. It was part of the free ride world tour.

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There is still a risk of danger, albeit in this case its low. They are equipped with safety gear and have rescue teams if anything goes wrong.

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Because he would never consider doing that run with a helicopter video crew under unsafe conditions. /s

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A helicopter is what's gonna rescue you when you're buried?

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They just keep calling his cellphone till they find him.

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holy shit reddit knows nothing about avalanches...

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Possible but they’re usually looking at their landing.

He caused the slide with a hard landing. There were multiple riders that already completed their freestyle close by. The backpack wasn’t just for looks and there was support nearby. Most folks with basic avy knowledge could see that.

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Sure, but he also tracked a brand new line later in the day... it was obviously unsafe from the previous slide. Avy packs also don't make it okay to go into avalanche areas the same way seat belts don't make it okay to drive into oncoming traffic. I think the rider knew the risks and was able to drop before safety completely closed the competition.

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Driving into oncoming traffic is a bit of an extreme example.

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What previous slide? An avy pack at an event in an area where you’ve got spotters and cameras on you with no trees to be seen. Sorry man, it’s time to clock in. That’s not a situation where you’re likely to die.

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Agreed. The risk was super low.

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Relevant username.

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That’s not a situation where you’re likely to die.

Not by getting buried but still can die to the blunt force trauma by hitting rocks or snow/ice boulders and being dragged off a big drop and falling down head first or something.

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You’re traveling with the snow and you’re not riding it like a magic carpet.

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lol when i do my back flips i cant help but close my eyes.

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Honestly it looked to me like they were trying to set it off on purpose, with the express goal of capturing that stunt.

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"Just gonna check if there's an avalanche behind me real quick."

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He thought he MAY have heard something behind him The flip was just his way of checking his six to confirm.

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Have you ever done a flip? You are not looking at anything, it's just a blur.

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It almost looked like he was trying to start an avalance the way he was making such hard cuts in soft powder like that to be honest. I can only speculate though I dont know anything about skiing in this kind of snow

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He's making such hard cuts because it's very steep. It's much steeper than it looks like in the video.

He obviously didn't want to or try to start an avalanche.

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The truth any downhill skier will recognize. It's always steeper than it looks, no matter how step it is.

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T. R. I. C. K. Y.




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"I'm so high right now, I can't even see my hair!"

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shit wrong game

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That was impressive.

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That's a huge pair of snowballs

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Sadly, he got laid to death later that day

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Pretty sure he had no idea there was an avalanche behind him.

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He had to do the back flip to check if there was one.

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He needed to hit the trick button off the jump to get a speed boost when he landed. This is basic Mario Karting people

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For more on slough management, this video is worth a watch


for a particularly good line jump to 5:00

Edit: and this


Skip to 4:00

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Can you give me a word that “slough” rhymes with. Because I’m not sure it it sounds like cuff or slow or plow or stew.

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it rhymes with cuff but I personally thought it was spelled slough. However, google, at first glance, seems to think both spellings are acceptable

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There's a town in England called Slough and it is pronounced to rhyme with "plow".

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Slough can also mean something akin to a swamp. In that case it's pronounced 'slou'

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Wait, everyone else said it’s pronounced different.

And who the fuck would subscribe to that YouTube channel lol

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that youtube video has it wrong. maybe if you're in the UK you'd say it like that, but normal people say it like everyone in the thread has said.

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Slough is a town in the UK, and that's how you pronounce it.


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Wow! The more you know I guess.

But also this:


Maybe both pronunciations are acceptable?

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It depends on the usage!

There's slough, which is to shed a layer, as in dead skin or rubble or snow. As a noun, it's also dead skin that's been shed.

There's also Slough, which is a town in England.

There's also slough, which has a few meanings.

  • a swamp.

  • NORTH AMERICAN: a side channel or inlet, or a natural channel that is only sporadically filled with water.

  • a situation characterized by lack of progress or activity. "the economic slough of the interwar years"

Shedding --> sluff

Town --> slou (like in that first video, ou as in "ouch, that hurt")

Swamp/Channel/Stagnation --> Google gives two options, either the same as the town or the same as in "I slew the dragon". I've never heard anyone use slough with the swamp or stagnation definitions, all I've heard is "slew" for a channel.

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That was insane.

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Well when you’ve got a helicopter and GPS and probably snowmobiles and a rescue crew, you’re got some backup!!! GO BIG HOMIE, that was AMAZING!

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You might be cool, but you’ll never be backflip during an avalanche cool.

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i've got 4 popped collars. am I cool?

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Are you poppin' those 4 collars while backflipping in front of an avalanche?

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He said it was intentional (i.e. He saw the avalanche and decided to just go for it) source

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Thanks for clarifying that

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That was just sluff, not an avi. Impressive none the less tho.

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Dude the avalanche is filled with blocks that are bigger than him and you call that sluff? That is more than enough snow to completely to bury a person.

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Loose snow avalanches are still avalanches and at one point you can distinctively see pieces of slab coming down after him so I don't think you can say 'that was just a sluff' even though there is no real distinction between 'slough and real avalanche'

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It is an avalanche, check my reply to him.

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Definitely a slab, you can see it at 0:51.

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This is absolutely not a slough slide. It is a soft slab avalanche that can most certainly bury and kill you. You can clearly see the slab breaking apart and wide propagation. You have no idea what you're talking about.

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Looks small from the sky but even small slides like that are enough to possibly bury you. Getting crushed isn't a real danger when they're this small. But if you don't have people nearby to pull you out, you could easily suffocate if buried. He probably would have been fine if he got caught in that tho

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That was my thought. I'm sure he didn't want to get caught but probably would have been fine. Especially since it looked like a sponsored event.

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I'm surprised he managed to nail the rotation without being thrown off balance by his absolutely massive steel balls.

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I noticed was that he lost his Go-Pro. I always tether mine as I've lost one, but found it two days later.

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Balls of Steel!!!!

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its an avalanche

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How was this shape made @ 1:15?

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If you look a little underneath the bottom of the figure 8, you'll see two tracks that seemingly materialize out of thin air (snow?). It looks to me like the figure 8 is from two different runs and each skier jumped off the small hill they were on and landed two meters downhill.


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Ah good observation, I figured it had to be two skiers/runs, but I didn't realize there was a hill they were launching off and landing slightly lower.

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That's a bit risky for such a mission critical jump

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And that was how Sverre Liliequist died from drowning. Not in an avalanche, but in pussy.

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That was terrifying!

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Straight out of an action movie!

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Fresh powder.

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Meep Meep. I'm a skier. Fuck you snow!

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Where'd his GoPro go?

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I'm sure glad they included the sound of the helicopter throughout that video.

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Yeah, I was thinking the same. Also really weird that for such an expensive production (well into 5 figures) they wouldn't balance the colour on the front camera (it's noticeably darker and really jars imo)

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His response ”Ahhh eeehhg aeegghh...”

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That had to be such a rush...

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I'll never feel as high as that guy must've felt doing that.

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Does anyone know what goggle and helmet setup that was?

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He wasn't outrunning the avalanche very well at that moment either. Epic video that I'm sure he's very happy to have made / survived.

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Sickbird! Oh wait, wrong comp.

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I feel like he became aware of that avalanche when he was upside down in the air facing backwards in the middle of his flip.

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A guy I knew of once hiked solo back country to ski a certain chute. He started a bit of a slide but came out ok. It was actually a big stoke, skiing through the slough, he'd said. a week or two later he went back for more but this time he got caught in some heavier stuff and was killed. Had a successful biz, wife, and young kid.

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That's why you only do this stuff with lots of support people.

[–]stormblooper 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Or not at all, if you have a kid.

[–]Ethenolic 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Fair enough.

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He wasn't aware of it, and it was a small avalanche. Still impressive jump though.

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How else was he gonna know if it was gaining on him?

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And yet he STILL gets eaten by the Yeti.

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Thought there were some rather nasty huge boulders on the slope but it was just his balls.

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See what happened when they were using phone;cctv footage https://youtu.be/dfkn3Za7BSo

[–]sweeetttooo 0 points1 point  (0 children)

See what happened when they were using phone;cctv footage https://youtu.be/dfkn3Za7BSo

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Like a boss

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Wow that is cool

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ok so that's the stunt guy in Triple X https://youtu.be/3Q__yb5bp_4?t=64

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Did he win?

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some say he's still skiing to this day

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He didn't run so how can he outrun?

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I wouldn't even be surprised if they did this on purpose.

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Maybe wasnt aware of the avalanche?

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cool as hell!

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"he would have jumped higher, but his balls were weighing him down" -stolen YT comment

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haha thats sick... i think he didnt recognize what was behind him 😝

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I was going to ask if this is the new extreme thing (start an avalanche and outrun it), but based on the comments, it looks like it was an accident.

Still wouldn't be surprised if it did become the new extreme thing to do on skies.

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Is no one gonna talk about that little rodent creature?

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Thought they were filming from a helicopter, but when he did the flip it became apparent that they were filming from a hype train.

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Dude never saw it before he did the back flip...that was sick!!

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if my girlfriend cheated on me with this guy i honestly wouldn't even be mad

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Badassery at it's finest

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I watched this with this playing in the background. Better experience IMO.

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I was fearing for him

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steel balls

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So sick!

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back flip in Avalanche

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too Crazy

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What helmet is he wearing?

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no clue, sorry

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How could the figure 8 at 1:15 be possible for a skier? I mean, I just saw a guy outrun an avalanche so I'm guessing it's able to be done somehow?

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If you look a little underneath the bottom of the figure 8, you'll see two tracks that seemingly materialize out of thin air (snow?). It looks to me like the figure 8 is from two different runs and each skier jumped off the small hill they were on and landed two meters downhill.

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To be honest, that looked like a pretty weak avalanche. The avalanche pretty much dies ten feet in front of where he landed the backflip.

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That guys balls are bigger than my home.

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It must hurt when he jumps and his nuts bounce off the ground

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Red Bull had better sponsor this guy

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That avalanche was HUGE!!!!

[–]Strive_for_Altruism 11 points12 points  (7 children)

It was a pretty small avi by conventional standard to be honest. Still really impressive though

[–]AVeryKindPerson -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

Definitely CGI. You can tell by the blue sheep creature with wings in the first 10 seconds!

[–]KorvisKhan -5 points-4 points  (2 children)

Bit of a stretch calling that an avalanche. But nice back flip

[–]chevria0 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Well it was a mudslide

[–]AlligatorDeathSaw 3 points4 points  (0 children)

How so? Seems pretty avalanchey to me

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That’s fucking metal man

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Flippin' epic. Literally.

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This dude probably occasionally has blood in his adrenalinestream...

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That was not an avalanche

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Yes it was. See that slab debris at 0:54? That's obviously an avalanche