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Gareth Liddiard
artist pic

The Drones front man and renowned Australian singer songwriter Gareth Liddiard released his first solo album Strange Tourist on October 1st, 2010.

Gareth Liddiard is known for his thick Australian accent. Also known for his bombastic and at times cathartic work with prolific Australian outfit The Drones, for his new album Liddiard stripped back the material to the bare bones, armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar, his plaintive voice and a notebook full of brand new songs.

The album was recorded at Havilah, the same rural Victorian retreat that spawned the previous Drones release of the same name, though this time amplifiers and drums were traded for the barest of essentials.

Liddiard’s songs range from harrowing and downright desolate through to witty, well- informed observations brimming with dark humour, a view of the world through distinctly Australian eyes. His lyrics, often obscured by the thrilling unified howl of his band mates now have a chance to shine on their own.

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last.fm: 3,229 listeners, 64,086 plays
tags: folk, singer-songwriter, seen live, acoustic, australian

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