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I don't know about you guys, but this is mind blowing. Not only well connected and an expert in the Chinese market (never the less experience on the board of large logistically challenging companies like Dell and Walmart), but has been researching blockchain tech since 2015.

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Jim Breyer - one of the few good guys in the business.

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Good video. I get the sense Jim appreciates the scope of what is possible with Blockchain and understands which issues are prime candidates for its use.

I believe his investment in Vechain shows that his aspirations for blockchain has moved beyond digital currency. I don't want to speculate on his behalf, but it seems as though this technology can be pivotal in transforming aspects of many industries. Having an architecture that ensures information is authentic and secure is invaluable, especially in the world we live in today.

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What I really liked is that Jim treats his investments as a royal "We" from the way he talks about investing in and recruiting talent for Facebook. Never can underestimate the power of having someone like that in the ring for your company.

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wow, awesome... this guy is a Guru and invested heavily into VeChain, what else can anyone say.. wow!

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is there a total to how much he invested into it?

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yea, really bright guy. good to hear him think and speak

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I really wonder if this post and the post you responded to are just bots. Such low effort generic posts are usually highly upvoted for no reason and I have to scroll a ways down just to find anything substantial.

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The best part of the video is the last 3 minutes where he talks about the integration of digital payments and internet platforms. He said this in 2015. It's pretty easy to see why he bought into VeChain, the fully integrated business ecosystem for the flow of business data and value that will create massive scale disruptions. Nice to see the smart money is with us.

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Feels good to know the first alt I ever invested in was Breyers 2nd crypto pick. Invested in this before I even knew who Breyer was or announced this.

*pats self on back.

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I feel you brother. I am 60% VEN and 30% ETH since November. Just saw last week on Breyer Capital's website those are the two cryptos they're invested in. Feels good man

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Can't help but marvel at the list of companies in which he is either serving at the board or having an investment.

Jim has been a lead or co-lead venture investor in more than 30 internet, technology and media companies. He has been ranked #1 on Forbes’ Midas List of top technology investors several times, and recognized as Fortune's smartest technology investor. Jim led Accel Partners' investment in Facebook and Etsy. He currently is a lead or co-lead investor in several private companies including Circle Financial, Prosper Marketplace and Legendary Entertainment. Jim served on the Facebook board from 2005 to 2013, Wal-Mart Stores for over a decade, Dell, and Marvel Entertainment. He currently serves on the boards of Twenty-First Century Fox, Etsy, Circle and Legendary Entertainment.

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And he is in Forbes Midas 2017 list, indeed: https://www.forbes.com/midas/#479847dc5650

Also, he is specializing on China (which was mentioned before in this subreddit):

Breyer's also invested actively in China since 2005, teaming up with IDG Capital Partners to raise a $1 billion venture fund. His work in Asia paid off last year when Dalian Wanda purchased Legendary Pictures for $3.5 billion last year; Breyer was on the company's board.

He previously invested in Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi

When a person with such massive experience starts talking about an investment in particular Chinese tech company, namely VeChain.. you probably want to listen :)

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Breyer talked about AI. I wonder if he invested in deep brain chain?

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Yeah he got in at 0.60$