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How marbles are made. Extremely fascinating.

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I feel really dumb asking this, but does anyone know what the last word is? Anupshedah?

Objet d’art

I'm guessing from her accent the narrator is Canadian. So of course they're contractually obligated to know French.

French Canadian here. I confirm she had no foreign accent when speaking French.

4 points · 6 months ago

It makes sense since the show was produced in Québec!

Don't feel bad; that's how I heard it too.

I turned closed caption on to try to figure it out and it gave me “absurd ahh”...didn’t help.

Not your fault French decided that sounding nice was >> pronouncing letters.

I think my personal favorite "you spell that HOW?!?" is:

"qu'est-ce que c'est" (basically sounds like "kess kuh say")

Doesn't that phrase mean something similar? Like "What is that?"

What is it that it is, is the literal 1:1 translation

Yep and it's a phrase a lot of people have heard before even if they don't remember it. =D

Day one of French I in high school my teacher taught us to say a couple phrases and then guess how they were spelled (the only other one I remember was "comment allez vous"). I never really got the hang of it, but at least it was easy to fudge conjugation; when nobody had to know if you meant "parler" or "parlé" or "parlez" or "parlais" because they all sound the same.

You probably meant "parlai" because "parlais" is pronounced "parlè".

My French has got a decade of dust on it, I once managed to order a beer and sandwich without anybody looking at me like I was weird or switching to English, and I'm attempting German at the moment. So I have to apologize for not even googling to see if I screwed up the accent.

But you're probably right!

Except when it was on a written test! :D

After school, I mean. When I was still holding onto the illusion that I was capable of speaking another language passably.

I've since realized I'm probably never going to speak aside from asking an occasional stupid question and, gender/case aside for the moment, "was ist das?" is far more comfortable than "qu'est-ce que c'est."

Especially when you're trying to sort out what somebody else is saying.

Anupshunamun! /s

Man I miss this show. I would nap on the couch in the commons when I was in college and this show would be playing non-stop.

There used to be a huge Playlist on YouTube with nothing but this show, unfortunately it's gone now :/ I used it constantly as background noise for everything

The same video but with the better version of the voiceover

Anyone other than him is just odd.

Surely not all intricate ones are made by hand? I had same amount of intricate (clear with sails inside) as the full colored ones.

Yeah.. that doesn't make sense.. it wouldn't be affordable. We used to have tons of those as kids.

lol in Canada we had the girl narrator, if i hear anyone else its odd

True! As far as I can tell, in Canada and the UK or "internationally" in general, they use the female narrator.

But here in the USA I never heard anything else on broadcast other than the male voice.

If it's a show that's produced in the USA (which I believe it is) I assume they just have two versions of the voiceover.

"Domestic" and "International"

Oh fuck. Down another YouTube wormhole for the next few hours.

I wonder if they paid copyright fees to Lionel Richie for the "All Night Long"-inspired bg music.

Haaaaa I was just sitting here trying to think of an entertaining way to mention that they ripped off Lionel. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed. I expected to have to fight over this one.

Thought the same thing. They ripped him off


7 points · 6 months ago

wtf is it with marbles? I was browsing youtube last night and this very video was in my recommended videos. I watch it. It went OK. Then the next video in the auto-playlist thing was some glass blowing museum thing where a guy made a fancy glass table/place/tray/round flat thing. I watched that too. It was a fucking hour long, and I watched a guy making a glass thing that I never did find out what it was.

And now, here it is on reddit. wtf? Is there a global marble promotion going on atm?

Maybe far fetched but:

Marble Race Olympics -> soon to be held Olympic Winter Games..

Go Oceanics!


Savage Speeders will rule again

Marbles vs. Capcom? /s

It probably got popular on some other social media platform in the last few days or hours, some of those people had similar viewing habits on youtube to you and OP. The NSA probably could map out the progression of marbles across all the platforms back to where it started with a tweet from someone in Stockholm with a tattoo on their back.

nah. it's more sinister than that, I am sure.

I saw an episode of dirty jobs at the marble factory today too!

I am reading this on a marble table. What is going on?

3 points · 6 months ago

First ingredient in making marbles: marbles

Pretty smart move by that company. Instead of buying a whole bunch of more expensive glass, just buy all the rejected glass from other companies for cheaper.

4 points · 6 months ago

Those are clearly made in a different way. The marbles made by hand like in OPs post will be a lot more expensive.

The show really should call it "how expensive marbles are made"

They show the cheap ones at first though.

1 point · 6 months ago


Now you've ruined my point, you bastard!

The worst thing anyone can do to anyone on the internet. I am so sorry. I'll make sure you'll ruin mine one day.

"People love playing with small balls"


We had a marbles craze in my primary school in Australia in the 90s. Like fidget spinners in 2017. Did anyone else experience this in their school?

I went to school in Utah in the early 90s. Marbles were a big thing. We'd build marble traps in the school yard; little depressions that were covered in grass. Every couple of days we'd check our traps for lost balls.

Yep. I guess around 1996. I must of been 5 or 6. I’m from Sydney.

Do you remember when the flat marbles came out? We called them chingas. Thinking back, that was a tad racist.

7 year old me circa 1985 can finally answer Mrs. Anderson the question none of us kids could answer.

Thanks O.P.

This is extremely fascinating.

I was so nervous that this guy in shorts and a t-shirt is casually handling molten glass.

Unless I'm mistaken this was filmed at the same location Mike Rowe went to for the Marble making segment of Dirty Jobs.

Very cool

MarbleLympics Creation Story - some have better gods than others

I love artistic work like this




1 point · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

What if someone let the ball drop off the roller in the beginning of the video into a bucket of water while it is still molten. Could that be a way to make a perfect prince Ruperts drop with out a tail?

I too enjoy televised content.

That guys got some strong health and safety protocols.

Probably dead by now.

I can only listen to the UK voiceover......

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