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17 hours of The Ghan on SBS VICELAND (2:40am-8:30pm this Sunday)

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I hope its on SBS on Demand.

Thats the 3 hour version. I want to 17 hour epic!

I'm guessing it'll be up after it airs on Sunday

Unfortunately not HD :(

Not HD? What?

On Demand isn't HD.

Well I hope they're shooting it with 4k 360 degree cameras and only just downscaling it or something otherwise it's kinda a wasted opportunity imo.

I'm just wondering how long it would take to upload that.

2 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

A quick estimate of file size would be about 350-400GB for 4k 360 60fps if it was encoded at 50Mbps bitrate which I believe would be sufficient. They wouldn't have to upload over a network, they could just copy the file from the camera directly onto a server for storage.

In terms of making it available to the public it's more daunting. I'm not sure but I doubt they'd have the bandwidth to support mass downloading of a file so large. Even if they could, it's still a 10 hour download on a 100Mbps connection and only a fraction of the population even has that. Not to mention, 17 hours in VR would be a grueling, grueling experience with current headsets. None of this means they shouldn't do it however. The Ghan isn't going to be around forever and display tech, file storage and transfer is only going to improve in the future anyway. The experience should be documented as best we can to preserve it for future generations.

Sounds about right. My 2gb source goes down to 5MB after h.265 compression.

16 points·4 months ago

Cool to see the slow TV movement spread, the Scandos have been doing it for a while.

Can’t wait to see the Americans butcher this in a future adaptation with explosions either side of the tracks for the whole time, the national anthem on repeat and a watermark of the flag over the top.

I've watched many of the long railway vids on Youtube. Must admit the Norwegian ones are my favourite. So much snow, so many tunnels.

The Ghan would be a bit of a test.. Long sections that could just about be video loops.

1 point·4 months ago

There's something very peaceful about them. And yeah Norway is absurdly scenic.

Scandos = Scandinavians

1 point·4 months ago

Probably not in common usage but shortening every word possible is in my blood.

Anyone who didn't know what that meant is unaustralian.

2 points·4 months ago

Fukn ay

My thighs are moist in anticipation.

My thighs are moist from thinking about your moist thighs.

Can any editing/production folks share how a 17 hour long project is possible with editing software/computer hardware limits? Is it cut up into segment etc?

Spend money on the big boy/big girl tools and you can edit whatever you like. :)

big girl

You'll get into trouble if you keep body shaming like that.

*Plus sized girl

But saying 'big boy' is no problem.

No, saying both is no problem. People who “get offended” jokingly as a commentary that lots of people are offended are more common than these mythical people who actually are offended at such stupid things.

It really makes society seem worse and more stupid than it is, yet they’re the ones complaining about the thing that only they are doing in the first place..?

7 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

Filmmaker/video guy here that deals with production logistics.. Technically you would find that there would be some kind of hotswappable media as the journey progresses.

The operator would be running a camera with dual slots, something like a Sony FS5, and be running a system that allows seamless shift from card A to card B, and then while card A is out of the system, it is wrangled onto a number of harddrives, and then the card is wiped and put back into the camera. Or, they simply take 20 cards.

They would also have a LOT of batteries fully charged. Depending on camera format, at least 15-20. You would also need external batteries for powering a computer to wrangle.

Editing wise, it's not a huge challenge. Import all wrangled media onto a timeline in premiere pro, hit export, come back in a day or so.

For a fixed camera like this, you could wire to a power outlet on the train instead of batteries and wire via a computer to a drive array instead of saving to small internal storage. You could record the whole 57 hour trip at 4k uncompressed (~33GB/min) on a 120TB drive array without changing a thing.

It was a challenge moving around, and making sure all the cameras were powered and had enough memory space to record the media

I don't think they did hot swappable, at least it's not mentioned

“We would start around 12 cameras rolling in the morning, then cut in the evening on each of the three days,” reveals Whelan. “Our camera assistant would then ingest and back up gigabytes upon gigabytes of data. Once back in Sydney, we began the challenge of editing the footage and integrating the all-important editorial graphics. We had hundreds of hours of vision that we had to cut down to three hours for the main TV documentary. So we produced a secondary, 17-hour version of the program to complement the three-hour documentary.”

it's not the one camera the whole time. They interweave several aerial shots, side view cameras and cameras inside the carriage (eg of the diners etc), and then they stitch it all together

2 points·4 months ago

It doesn't take too much in terms of processing power but there'd be a lot of hard drives involved.

I would assume their original video files would be per day or something like that so it wouldn't be too much footage.

I dunno their process but I would say they would work maybe on a day's worth at a time. It's not really a big task when broken down.

Also computers can really do anything. The main issue is rendering the final product. But my work computer is worth about 2k and I can edit 2 hour segments in no time. The render takes about an hour sometimes less for something that long.

Heat is probably the biggest problem.
You can just get one or two of these kinds of things and there's probably even more buff ones I'm not familiar with that can cache up and write to a raid array of any size you like (or someone has hacked such a thing together) and can handle a 4k datastream too.

We're pretty much over the hump as far as data processing limits goes these days, which is nice. Really high quality stuff is broadly within reach of mere mortals (first world ones anyway).

It's a great train journey, but it costs an arm and a leg.

does "everyday" mean you pay that amount for each day of the trip?

I think it means regular fares not premium.

No because under "every day" they have platinum, gold service...

I think it means tickets you buy that aren't in advance, as the other columns are advance and pensioner.

Advance Purchase fares are subject to availability and bookings must be made a minimum of 6 months in advance.

So pensioners have their own tiered pricing of platinum and gold, but regular folk have two prices depending on how far in advance they buy them

Jeez...I knew it was a bit pricey but I didn't think it was minimum $2000 one way pricey.

And after this they can charge much more

Probably not

Anyone who'd think "Oh, I wonder what that'd be like" can now watch the 17 hour version, and jump a plane instead

I'm not so sure things can be entirely replaced by videos of things

But when you're hoping for great scenery, and you watch a video that shows you endless hours of scrub and run-down railway stations, there are some people who'd baulk at the ticket price

Holy christ. I thought it would be like 500 bucks...

Now 50% more crispy!3 points·4 months ago

I did it a few years ago when they had the red service. It was cheap then, but you had to just sleep in your seat.

For everyone that enjoyed this, I can confirm it has absolutely nothing on experiencing it in real life. Laying in bed with the blind up at night, just watching the stars and the vast nothingness roll past until you're lulled to sleep... absolutely priceless

That’s a lot of VHS tapes!

It's ok they probably used Long Play

Hopefully SBS do what the Norwegian national broadcaster did and put up some high def torrents after it had aired (one of them was 465Gb).

2 points·4 months ago

That'd be great. I'm planning on capturing it but it'd be even better to download from somewhere

A few have been uploaded to youtube.

I watched this the other night. It was as mesmerising. Kinda like when you go into local goodguys/retravision and watch the demo reels playing on the new tvs.

Not even mad. I want to watch this in full.

I hope they put this on Youtube for us USA bogans hanging out in here...

Wow 17 hours! I don't say this lightly when I repeat what I said the other day...I'm Ghana cum

Norway had the trip from oslo to bergan via train on tv as wee as some dude chopping and stacking wood. was really popular

The cricket is going to have some serious competition this Sunday.

We did it Reddit!

So how do I nominate it for a gold Logie? I would love to see this take best reality TV.

Already done the Darwin -> Adelaide drive this year. I'll be right, heh.

Pretty boring until you cross the SA border in any case. Unless you count overtaking road trains, and near misses with Goannas.

Yes! I love watching the slow tv shows on Netflix. They are strangely calming. I can’t wait!

The Ghan is a rather boring railway to be honest. I'd rather watch some kind of Alpine journey.

You'd like the OG 7hr Scandinavian one then, it's the closest I've found. Skip through, the scenery changes a lot

Bring back fish cam

Will there be a match thread for this?

Ever seen a shitty bush? You've saved yourself 17 hours on The Ghan (and probably 17 grand unless you want cattle class seat where you can smell the adjacent fuckhead's breath on your shoulder)

0 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

lmao friend of mine was watching this in hobart.

edit: sausage fingers

Comment deleted4 months ago(0 children)

The Ghan is very pricey.

Oh wow, at least $1500 for an off season, advance purchase ticket to go Adelaide - Darwin... That's a shame

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