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Vangelis - Spiral

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I'm so glad this is posted on r/progrockmusic. I feel like oldschool electronic music has much prog in it. I recently considered posting something by Kraftwerk that sounded very prog to me, but I wasn't sure if it would be accepted here.

Original Poster6 points·1 month ago

Kraftwerk has been posted here quite a few times.

I am glad to hear that. Not sure why I had the impression the acceptance is a lot more rigid. Like, people would argue even classic prog bands aren't prog, let alone anything that doesn't even self-identify as prog generally.

That said, I guess we could make a point that the sub is about people who love progressive rock. And that might include related neighboring genres that the prog lovers are likely to enjoy too.

Love this album. I think "Dervish D" and "To The Unknown Man" are my favorite tracks.

Adore this track. "Needles and Bones" too.

it feels like initial D has a love child with vaporwave then gets adopted by prog-rock, I love it

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