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Frog the Rooster greets his best friend

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That's just adorable.

Do kids not go to school with backpacks anymore? Swear I had like two by the amount of textbooks I had

Did you not have lockers? Or did you actually do all your homework at home?

I had two as well. Switched bags every other day due to class schedule.

I came looking for this. Who comes home without homework?

Embrace the future guys. There is a thing called the internet. Even by the time I graduated high school in 2010, they were starting to use e-books. That's not to say that physical books will go out of style but what's the point of carrying them and breaking your back if you can just access them online.

E-books really suck for school. Been teaching for years and all my students hated them.

Still have physical homework for Physics and Math analysis, and that probably won't change. As for English and History, etc, we have School issued Macbooks that we can use.

In highschool I carried every book for every class I took in my bag at all times. We had a moderately sized campus and only 5 minutes to get from one class to the next.

The plus side to this was the extra muscle mass it made by carrying an 80lb bag all day.

Yeah same here! The way my high school was laid out I didn't have time to go to my locker between classes

I usually never had homework back when i went to school. We did it at school half the time

My school banned backpacks unless you were an athlete or had special permission

It's all ebooks and handouts nowadays

They must make trousers with really deep pockets then because what about pens, paper, snacks?!

The chicken runs faster than half of my family

Original Poster22 points · 6 months ago

He probably saw the forks.

They should probably eat more chicken.

12 points · 6 months ago

that's a god damn fast rooster


Everytime I see these videos I wanna stop eating meat. But its SOOO HARD :(

You should try marinating

My anova is in the mail currently. Can't wait to finally start cooking sous vide

Got my husband the anova for christmas and it's great

He's always been proud of his cast iron techniques but the sous vide cooks PERFECT steak every time.

Pro tip: GET THE RUBBERMAID CONTAINER EVERYONE BUYS, there was literally nothing in my kitchen that was deep enough for the sous vide

I hacked my slow cooker power cable to make a sous vide. It worked pretty well.

I've been using mine quite a bit since I got it, you're in for a treat. Cooking meat has never been easier.

You may want to invest in a vacuum sealer though. Sucking the air out of ziploc bags got old really quick. Also, you can get a neoprene sleeve and plastic cover for the same rubbermaid container that /u/bettygauge is talking about. Water heats so much quicker and I can only imagine I'm using way less electricity as well.

2 points · 6 months ago


fist bump!!!! thanks to carl ruiz from rhe food Network i am going to get one when i have $ save up ro buy a microwave and a sous vide machine.

wait what? how would that help him cutting down on meat?

First guy said "its SOOO HARD".

Marinating the meat would make it less hard.

Just start with a few vegetarian dinners a week, or choosing the veg option when you eat out. Doesn't have to be black and white, every bit helps

Or just try cutting out just one type of meat, such as pork or beef. It allows you to gradually cut down and get accustomed to a plant-based diet without the pressure of cutting out everything. As u/geoffersmash said, every little helps. Don't feel like you need to cut it all out.

I thought I was doing good by cutting down to just chicken and fish... then vids like this pop up.

I don't know why, but I really don't feel for fish. Never really thought about it before now. The video made me care about the old man, and he cared about the fish, but it didn't make me feel anything for the fish itself.

Fish just always seem so foreign and soulless. I know that isn't the case (they can recognize human faces, etc.), but that hasn't changed my perception. I think it might be because there's really no natural way to interact with them (I suppose scuba dive like this guy). I've even had them as pets, and still nothing.

I think it's the lack of eyelids/brows

You are doing good! Cutting out red meat is a huge feat in itself.

Don't feel bad about it - I cut down to chicken and fish for about a year before I cut them out completely. Good work for cutting down!

I wouldn't when you eat out if you're just trying to cut down. Most places (bar expensive ones) put next to no effort into their vegetarian options. They fill it full of fat, dairy and/or sugar to make it taste like something. I would put the effort into your home cooking.

True, but there are lots of places that have great veg options, depending on where you live of course. And sometimes I want something full of fat and sugar!

I just recently started trying out meatless Monday. Just go full vegetarian for Monday only. It's easy, and honestly my grocery bill thanks me for it.

lmao this isnt hard at all. do you eat meat every other day? careful with that gout

4 points · 6 months ago

Really? The thing he said was easy, is not hard...? Thank you sir

I feel it's morally wrong to eat any intelligent animal.

Chickens sorta-kinda fall into "intelligent". They're obviously more intelligent than crustaceans or fish.

Beyond Meat makes chicken strips that are like 80% there, but they're like $9/lbs compared to $2/lbs for real chicken.

I've had chickens, and they can be fairly smart. They have unique personalities as well in a lot of cases.

Turkey's though. Them motherfuckers is dumb.

2 points · 6 months ago

Try seitan.

Just stop eating meat from factory farming. You do the world and the animals a favor already and you'll eat less meat in general because other meat is quite expensive. At least that's my experience.

Not really possible. 99.9 percent of chickens for meat, 97 percent of laying hens, 99 percent of turkeys, 95 percent of pigs, and 78 percent of cattle currently sold in the United States comes from factory farms. I think eventually humans will have to realize raising billions of animals every year to slaughter and eat isn't sustainable.

It's a lot more difficult to get non-factory meat, but it also puts you more in touch with your food in general.

You no longer see the chicken or beef as a sale item and you build a relationship with the farmer that raised it.

We did this for a few years before going plant based completely but just the extra cost of doing that force us to incorporate a lot more veggies in our diet which was really the catalyst for just dropping it completely.

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Won't lie it is hard, I went vegan 20+ years ago and everything in our society is telling you to eat meat but listen to that little twing of consciousnesses and you will find your mind relieved.

Visit r/vegan and say hello there are many people there that can help you get started and start researching into a diet and meal that at the least can help you reduce meat/animal intake and if you choose to move on maybe someday you can go full vegan.

2 points · 6 months ago

Is itok if I drink milk/eat eggs though?

Do what ever you can!

1 point · 6 months ago

what do you mean, I can avoid meat/eggs/milk, what I want to know is what's better

better in what sense?

3 points · 6 months ago

well I mean why do people highly suggest it's better to not consume meat :P

it's a multi-faceted argument. they argue it's not moral to eat meat because you shouldn't harm animals, and they'll also argue there are health benefits to not eating meat. that's why your question was a little weird. are you asking from a health or moral point of view?

There's also the fact that mass production of meat is reeaaally bad for the environment. One of leading causes for greenhouse emissions, detrimental to biodiversity, etc.

Milk comes from cows that are forcibly impregnated. This seems obvious in hindsight, milk in mammals comes during pregnancy, but it blew my mind when I learned this. I thought cows just made milk and we were only taking a little bit.

Eggs are laid no matter what, but the conditions chickens are kept in are some of the worse of all animals on this planet.

The most "ethical" animal part is probably beef cattle raised on ethical farms. Cattle are the last mass produced animals that are sometimes allowed to roam outside of enclosures in a factory farm. Even then, it's only a small percentage of the cattle. Most come from factory farms.

Eggs are laid no matter what, but the conditions chickens are kept in are some of the worse of all animals on this planet.

Not to mention that chickens can only produce eggs regularly in the first 2 or so years of their life. After that, they're off to the slaughterhouse. Their natural lifespan is more like 8 years.

There are breeds that lay consistently for longer but the volume of eggs isn't as high and they don't deal with small quarters as well, they're also slower growing. To make the most money as a producer you want chickens that grow fast and lay a lot of eggs quickly, and then selling them off for meat production and replacing them. A lot of backyard chickens will produce for 5-7 years at a lower quantity, like 2-5 eggs a week, generally the less eggs a week the longer they produce.

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Went. Past tense. Do you eat any animal products and/or meat now? If so, what made you go back?

For me... I feel really shitty about going back to meat, it was because there was so much pressure on me. I can't drink.. I had a really bad substance abuse problem so cutting out most of everything I can eat when I go out and never being invited to eat at friends houses (because it is a pain in the arse regardless of what anyone says) and no one ever wanting food without meat at my place was too much. Combine that with not drinking and I was barely socialising. I eat meat in maybe 1/3 of my meals now.

Don't worry. Ethical meat that involved no animal suffering is coming soon-ish.

That's why I only eat ugly miserable animals. I'm doing them a favor.

It's too hard. I'm just going to slow down how much beef I eat and go from there.

Especially chicken cause it is crazy delicious.

Heat control is key to keeping it tender my man

Don't stop eating meat, just be thankful for the sacrifice of the creature you're eating and honor it.

1 point · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

So what pushed me a bit more was learning about the people who actually have to kill the animals. It DESTROYS them from what I gathered. High rates of violent crimes, the occasional psychotic break, and a loss of self identity. It's like PTSD, but it's ongoing psychological trauma.

Being thankful to the animal is how the mind copes with killing an animal for food. When you buy a steak though you didn't kill the animal, and the guy who did can't really justify being 'thankful to the animal' when he's killed hundreds each day for minimum wage.

I've hunted, dressed my own deer, and have personally known a butcher that worked at a slaughter facility.

Nothing you say here has significant reflection in the real world.

It is propaganda created by PETA and similar agencies specifically to embolden their supporters.

I want you to understand that.

I'm a little confused. Which part?

I am not a fan of PETA, they tend to be a garbage fanatical organization that tries to push propaganda more than reality. Initially I got my information from this article.

In addition, there are multiple studies corroborating this.

Anecdotal evidence is fine, but the studies seem to point towards the butcher you know being an outlier.

I'm on the fence about this issue and see nothing wrong with meat as long as its understood what goes into getting it on your table (and ideally hunt it yourself, so as to be more involved in the process), but what gets me is the question of whether or not I am outsourcing psychological pain to some poor bastard at a slaughterhouse facility.

Comment deleted6 months ago(1 child)

Or not be a sanctimonious shithead in an adult discussion?

-10 points · 6 months ago(1 child)

Because woo is fine if it's used to mask guilt, apparently.

Why would you eat a rooster?

Apart from social gatherings it's really not. Just incorporate a few more plant based meals a week and in no time you'll realize that you don't need meat. A lot of people have difficulty with cheese because of the addicting quality of the casomorphins but it's about baby steps.

try starting by not buying meat for the house. from their slowly ween off meat while going out.

Slaughterhouses literally increase crime rate in nearby communities holy fuck

Your body needs that shit though.

No it doesn't. You can try another argument if you want, but no you don't need it.

-5 points · 6 months ago(0 children)

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204 points · 6 months ago

Grew up on a farm. My parents would buy a year old calf once every year or every other year and we'd raise it like a pet with the knowledge that it would be butchered to feed us. We named them things like Dinner, Supper, and Midnight Snack. It may be that you find a special bond with one cow in a thousand, but we never had one. They were fun to play with and then we ate them. They had good lives and then quick and painless deaths. Honestly those cows had it good compaired to cows on industry farms. You can love animals and still eat them.

19 points · 6 months ago

I would be happy with loving animals before eating them. But profits and greed changed how we raise animals, it became industrialized and about making money, not feeding. Everything turned to shit because of that, well, some things not everything. Health, diets, how we treat animals, ethics, those things got worse. If we just reduced our meat intake, ate fresh and local and managed to raise our animals right, that would be much better for everything.

But profits and greed changed how we raise animals

Actually it's just demand, not some sort of evil corporation, people chose this.

I mean how can anybody defend eating fast food? Shit for health, made from tortured animals, shit for the environment, how can anybody actually defend eating that shit food? What the excuse?

3 points · 6 months ago

It’s fast, cheap, and easy. People tired from working long hours can just grab it on the way home and feed their family.

It’s fast, cheap, and easy. People tired from working long hours can just grab it on the way home and feed their family.

Yes but I mean morally, it's also fast cheap and easy to litter.

1 point · 6 months ago

They don't have to litter to feed their family. I don't think there's any moral defense to it. It comes down to people that are lazy or not caring; and also people with a lack of energy/money/time/knowledge to eat in a healthier, more sustainable way. It takes a lot of effort. 2 trips to the store a week for fresh produce, finding and learning healthy recipes, getting enough varied foods to feel good and full, prep time, cooking, cleanup. As a single guy not working long hours it's a chore; I can't imagine how difficult it is with 2 parents working long hours and family obligations.

Health is fucked mostly due to how people treat abundance of food, not so much fault of food itself. Over-consumption requires mass-production which comes at certain cost of quality. Sadly, large part of food we purchase ends up wasted and thrown away and if we are to make changes, I would start with that. Make only what you will eat, and don't throw stuff away.

2 points · 6 months ago

I absolutely agree, but do we consume too much because it is abundant and marketed to us so much? Just recently i heard in a This American Life podcast that chicken consumption tripled because of marketing and mass production. From 30 Pounds per year to 90 pounds per year per person. Try mass producing chicken that way when you raise those chickens in a different way.

Oh, for sure. I am merely pointing out it's a cycle, instead of a linear path. We produce, because we consume. In other words we can have an effect on this whole thing, but majority just decides not to.

You can love animals and still eat them.

Yes. Many First Nation's communities managed to do the same.

Love and respect are still possible in a world of carnivores. Yes we make mistakes as a species/culture, yes we are still learning.

But life still feeds on life. Plants have "feelings" that can be quantified scientifically. Plants communicate with other local plants and can trade resources. Plants can hear when another nearby plant is being eaten and respond/react. Plants communicate with insects. Plants are sensitive to the type of music you play around them.

If you want to eat to live then you consume something that was alive like you once upon a time. How you go through that process though can vary greatly and have massive physical as well as moral consequences.

Plants have "feelings" that can be quantified scientifically.

Sorry, but that's kinda bullshit. Plants don't feel physical pain. They don't have emotions. Plants have built in survival mechanisms, but they are not conscious, they aren't "alive" in the sense an animal is. We don't think of microorganisms on the same level as animals because they aren't. We know that. The same goes for plants.

I agree that you can love animals and still eat them. Animals eating other animals to sustain themselves is a natural part of life, and for some this includes appreciating and loving those animals during life and appreciating the balance between raising and feeding and loving those animals and those animals being food to sustain them and their families after.

As a separate thing I want to say, not specifically targeted at you, if you buy animals from factory farms and make yourself feel better about it by claiming to "love animals and still eat them" you're bullshitting yourself. Because loving an animal is not allowing it to be born into a factory farm where, from its birth, it will live a miserable life of pain and suffering and confinement pumped full of steroids and antidepressants until it's killed with hundreds or thousands of other pieces of meat sooner than it should be. That's not love, and claiming to "love and still eat" is just a way for you to feel better about that choice morally.

Plants lack a central nervous system. So do insects. They are both very much "alive." You can torture ants endlessly and they feel no pain. They react, but they lack the organs and nerves to stimulate and understand pain.

Personally, I feel most life is as equally valuable and pointless as the next. What's clear is that raising 56 billion animals every year on this planet, just to slaughter them, is a massive amount of suffering and isn't necessary.

12 points · 6 months ago

Insects are bilaterian like us and have a lump of nerves or like a simple brain and neural cord running down their body like a spine. Or a nerve ring.

Not as complex as vertebrae but similar basic concept.

So much bad science in the thread that Alabama just included it in their curriculum

Microorganisms are "alive". Pretty sure we don't treat them the same as humans or other animals.

Plants don't only lack a central nervous system, they don't have nerve cells of any kind whatsoever. Insects very much do have nerve cells.

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But life still feeds on life. Plants have "feelings" that can be quantified scientifically.

Nope, they don't, biochemical reactions aren't "feelings"

Plants communicate with other local plants and can trade resources.

Communication is just transfer of information, your body does it all the time whether you are in a vegetative state or or not.

Fucking hell thats one of the most intellectuallly vacant posts i’ve ever seen on thos subreddit.

Plants are not sentient. Also:

You get downvoted for truth lol.

This is always the same shit over and over again.

"Calm down vegans, plant have feelings like animals ok?"

"So shouln't we care about both then"

"No , kill em all"

-6 points · 6 months ago(0 children)
1 point · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

You can love animals and still eat them.

Yes. Many First Nation's communities managed to do the same.

The difference being that they needed to eat meat to survive.

There is a difference between killing for necessity and killing for the pleasure of eating meat.

And the plant stuff is not only ridiculous, but irrelevant to the discussion. Far more plants are eaten by meat and dairy animals than humans. Vegan/vegetarian diets DRAMATICALLY reduce the number of plants eaten and the amount of land destroyed by farming.

Well, I love all animals.

1 point · 6 months ago

Like when Homer eats Mr. Pinchy

Eating commences at 2:40

-14 points · 6 months ago(9 children)

You must handle the real world pretty well.

The absolute worst is vegans. All those methane farts you produce puts beef cattle to shame. Pound for pound, you produce something like ten times as much as a cow because your gut isn't designed to process only plant matter. Thanks for the global warming you selfish selfish person.

There’s absolutely zero chance this is true. Not even close.

Of course it's true, so is the rampant deforestation cause by supporting your fad diet.

I’m not a vegan, but I can take a realistic view of the world, and I can tell you the daily mail is shit. A human can not produce the same amount of methane as a cow. And frankly, your understanding of the world is just stupid. There are tons of countries around the world where meat isn’t in the diet. That’s the standard.

The reason meat isn't the staple in the diet is due to poverty and availability.

My understanding of the world isn't "stupid" but your understanding of reality is clearly ignorant.

A reduced meat diet is healthier for you, and for the environment. But veganism is not healthier for the environment due to the large stresses it puts on the agricultural industry and the level of deforestation required to sustain the supply & demand of soy, rice, quinoa, etc.

1 point · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

To call me ignorant is an abdication of intelectual honesty, you are a self serving anti-intellectual. First your point was that veganism is bad because of methane (a falsehood easily disproven by 1 second of google) but now it’s that the transportation of food is harmful to the environment (luckily your ignorance was only partially embarrassing). This is your classic journalist that doesn’t understand the world situation. We have the ability to drastically cut greenhouse gases purely by removing meat from our diets. To argue otherwise is, of course, a misunderstanding of the world.

If you’re going to argue against a plant based diet don’t be so wrong and ignorant about everything. Especially considering you posted an article that agrees with me lmao this shows a nearly 50% reduction I daily green house has production by vegan diets.

Comment deleted6 months ago(0 children)

I love meat, but to say that you can love animals and kill them and eat them is just the most ridiculous and hilarious thing I've read all week. The level of delusion it takes to have such a twisted mindset is really something.

I love this cow but I couldn't be bothered eating salad today. Also I've been eating pizza for a couple days so I guess it's time to go killin' again.

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22 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

In reality, Frog was just trying to get on the bus and the girl stopped him. Who doesn’t support their friends in seeking an education???

Turkeys do this too if they are raised like a pet. I found a dozen some turkey eggs in the woods and took 6 - in case the mother was around and came back to the nest she would have at least 6. I kept them in a incubator and after they hatched they would follow me around like I was their mom. They were delicious.

The succulent taste of betrayal.

Friends not food!

Well they taste even better than this video is cute so, food and friends!

Quiet or you'll accidentally summon /r/vore from it's nest.

Uhh.. wat.

No. What ever that was, no.


Jfc. I had even googled it to be safe.

in names of members of groups corresponding to adjectives ending in -vorous (such as detritivore corresponding to detritivorous ).

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Por que no los dos? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

rooster's tough anyway

This makes me want to eat less chicken.

Nah I had chickens as pets. They’re little shits to be honest don’t feel too bad

Some are shits, some end up affectionate like the one in the video. Never really figured out why, i treated them all the same

-7 points · 6 months ago(2 children)
7 points · 6 months ago · edited 4 months ago

deleted 0.4224 What is ^^^this?

Took their eggs (unfertilized, we didn’t have a rooster) didn’t slaughter them

Cool, that'll have an impact

-6 points · 6 months ago(8 children)
2 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

You don't seem to understand supply and demand. As long as franchises and markets make money off meat, animals will be slaughtered whether or not you, yourself, personally buy any.

Edit: Maybe that's not how supply and demand works but my point was you're too small of a minority to ultimately "save" a chicken by abstaining. He's dismembered and cooked in a shop window already. How long have vegetarians and vegans been at this now? It would take a complete shift in society caused by outrage or health defects for anything to come of this.

You don't seem to understand supply and demand.

I suppose you could be making the argument that since u/Rather_Dashing makes up such a small portion of the chicken market, it would have a negligible effect on chicken supply. You might even be right, but that's not supply and demand.

Supply and demand would actually suggest the compete opposite; that his behavior would have an effect on the number of chickens produced, regardless of how small of a percentage that would be.

One of the basic determinants of the demand schedule is the number of consumers for a product. A reduction in the number of consumers shifts the demand curve left. That reduces the quantity of chickens produced by suppliers. That's Econ. 101 stuff.

The very basic tenant of supply and demand is that in a rational and competitive market the quantity of goods sold and price at which those goods are sold should settle where the supply and demand curves meets. How on earth could that suggest that a reduction in demand wouldn't affect the quantity produced?

My implication was that his personal choice wouldn't have an impact on the industry with how much demand there is. But every vegan likes to think so. Chicken/beef are cheap and nutritious; I simply don't have the kind of budget or time to get the same from 1-2+ more meals a day on top of the nutrients I now have to make up for.

If we weren't meant to eat meat then what are our canines for?

If we weren't meant to eat meat then what are our canines for?

To clarify, I'm not a vegetarian, just an pedantic asshole.

You're probably right in my usage of S/D regardless, I never took a course. I can get aboard with being assholes though.

Meant by who? We don't have to do anything we don't want to. We evolved teeth that allowed us to eat both meat and plants, and our ancestors are meat, doesn't mean we have to today if we think it's unethical. You know just because something is natural doesn't mean it's necessarily ethical right?

How is it unethical? It's called a food chain and we're at the top. Chickens would eat us if they could.

Most carnivores eat their victims alive to keep the meal fresh, but we're unethical lol?

Well duh, I thought that was obvious that not buying a single chicken wouldn't actually go back in time to save a chickens life. But everytime a person refuses to eat a chicken for moral reasons it's one less chicken demanded, and it ADDS UP, and the demand overall drops and fewer chickens are bred in the first place in response. And that will correlate roughly to one less chicken bred per occasion were a person changes their mind on eating chicken.

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Nice to see that someone put a lot of love and effort when raising the little frog.

6 points · 6 months ago

Why are all the comments about eating meat? The fuck is going on, did some vegan community link this post?

It's more like every time someone post a cute picture or video of a farm animal, someone has to go "lolol but they taste gud"

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Cute :)

Roosters are mean as shit, thought there was gonna be blood, but was happily surprised

Chickens are seriously amazing. I have three and they all come running up to greet us when we pull in the driveway. They're like feathery dogs!

You bet this girl is known as "that chicken girl" in her entire school

Roosters that are not hand-raised are very protective of their hens. Usually if they are running at you like that you should prepare to defend yourself.

It's always endearing to see a young girl get off the school bus and immediately grab a big black cock coming at her.

And there it is

Day 427. Jenny is still not allowed to play with her food but luckily they think I’m a frog.

She has very attractive facial features

I thought roosters were all males? You're right though, there's nice wattle to comb ratio going on.

This rooster identifies herself as a she, you uncivilized swine!

Amazing video.

Beautiful Caption

Only true Roosters know these feels.

I still can't get over the way it runs hahah so funny or is that just me?

Not gonna lie but that's cute asf.

Oh Lord what LOVE!!!!


I have no idea how, but the first time I watched it I somehow missed frog ran to the bus. I only saw the girl with a rooster on her arms walk back...


All of us spend our lives looking for a living being so happy to see us.

He's a cute bantam Cochin. <3 I miss my chickens.

I heard that Frog's legs taste like chicken.

Translation: Frog the rooster says this at the end of the clip "She's my pet".

Hurts realizing the sentience of my food.

I don't eat chicken though, too many lives lost to feed too few a number of people.

hahahah cool

Yeahhhhh, here comes the rooster....

'Frog the Rooster' sounds like an awesome 90's grunge band.

what a LOVE!!!!

This is True Love..Unbelievable

Can't wait for synthetic meat

this video really makes me want to be vegetarian but i love chicken fingers so

Thread about an animal.

Most of the comments about eating animal.

Is that all animals are to you, intruments to be used? Sick fucks.

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wow really!! lol cool tho its all love

Omg yessssssssss

She has an anime cat mouth

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