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TIL the TI-83 Plus Calculator could run Doom and Tetris

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128 points · 6 months ago

Everyone had Tetris on it, I remember that.

That and drug wars

Everybody at my school had some penguin mario style game.....and drug wars

Block Dude?

Block dude!

Nope. I just checked and apparently it's called penguins. Who'd have guessed

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Fall up was another big one.

2 points · 6 months ago

Drug wars was rampant at my high school

I met a guy who had Link to the past on his, he learnt nothing that year.

Tetris with the link cable, multiplayer was unreal to have on calculators.

I had Harvest moon on mine

  • Phoenix for Ion, save up for weapon 6 every time

  • Set your game programs to Archive so when the teacher clears the calculator memory it doesn't delete the games but it still says "cleared"

  • Program your own text-based football game during class, using basic menus and randInt() and switch statements to launch your IT career

Good times

11 points · 6 months ago

Oh shit dude. I completely forgot about Phoenix. That game was the shit!

3 points · 6 months ago

That game needs to come out for android. I loved it.

Our math teachers would clear our memories before exams. We had to re-download Phoenix every few months.

nah just archive it first

Tangent 5 was a cheat code for phoenix. Not that I used it or anything.

Lol and “Super Mario Bros.”

But seriously: beerwars and drug wars were sick ti-83 games

Drug wars... man that takes me back.

It's a mobile app, now. Fun for like 20-30 minutes before the nostalgia wears off.

Okay yeah it can't "run DOOM," it can run a version of DOOM built for the TI-83.

My high school had an underground black market for installing games on your calculator. Fond memories.

I made some very good programs and passed them out for free. There was a group of kids at my school who made programs and sold them to students. They confronted me at one point and asked me stop giving them away for free because they were loosing business. The best program I wrote mimicked an erase of the calculator that was mandatory before some math tests. Teachers would come around and erase everyone’s ti-82.

Sidenote: I made a killing selling Carmel Apple pops out of my locker. $.50 each and I was buying 20 for $3 at Sams Club. I was so successful that the principal had me searched because he assumed I was selling drugs. He tried enroll me in business classes after that.


Then everyone applauded


I was the leader, parents hated me

24 points · 6 months ago

Texas Instruments must make a killing practically having a monopoly on public schools. It was mandatory for me to buy one

Pretty much. The hardware is 30 years old and the profit margins are insane given their still very expensive price

In college, one math teacher made me.go out and buy the ti-83+, because she couldn't be bothered to remember how to get matrices in the ti-82 properly.

Say what you will I actually like the TI30XA

10 points · 6 months ago

I'm sad for you that you just learned this :(

I had a TI-89 in high school and had Monopoly on it. - Best resource for games .. circa 2002.

God, I was on there for years. Lost my password in about 03, but 97-02 I wrote so many. Favorites were a trig solver and a periodic table program. All by hand on the calc- the trig was about 11Kb.

And they still cost 100 dollars.

Just like algebra textbooks cost $300. Monopolistic deals.

7 points · 6 months ago

but can it run Crysis?

It did on my mechanics of materials exam.

Seriously can’t believe they require this expensive ass calculator for school now. That 100 bucks could be used for a locked down android tablet (school managed OS) and have all the require functions installed plus more.

It's insane because this calculator is 20+ years old in terms of hardware and is still the same price. You know these things are probably made for under a dollar now

Putting limitations into hardware forces students to learn to work around it.

Can confirm, made a good bit of money back in school programming these games into kids phones.

Had the first Mario, Falldown, Chess, Checkers, Doom, Tetris, Go, and a few others that I'd install on other kids calculators for ten bucks or whatever I could get off of them, like CD players or batteries or whatever.

The best part was I programmed in a panic button that closed the game and threw up a random Sin wave on the grid to make it look like you were doing work in case the teacher came over. It worked great for a while until some kids took it too far and got caught and squealed on me. They made me erase all the games from the calculators and gave me detention for a month. It was worth it though.

This was way back in 2001, so thanks for the nostalgia boost!

looks like Wolfenstein.

Yup, can confirm. Source: Spent all of 1993 playing Wolf 3D.

Eva, auf wiedersehen!

Ski racer for me.

You mean I wasted all that time in high school doing math?

I always wondered if it was possible to refresh the screen faster if you made simple enough code. I know the screen has terrible response time so you aren't playing street fighter on it. But i would like to see what it is capable of

I do not know where, but someone did actually make a street fighter clone on a calculator. it didn't run quickly, but it existed.

Coming soon: Skyrim.

I had asteroids on mine, a card game, and maybe something else... But the memory has faded as that was 25 years ago...I recently dug it out hoping to try them again but all the batteries were dead and I had lost whatever I had in there. I still have the cable, may try re programming it, I don't even remember the setup to do it now.

It ran much better on over-clocked TI-85 calculators.

I went overkill and bought the TI-Nspire CX. Find the right version and you could run a jailbreaking program called NDless on it. Download some more stuff and you could get a full GBA emulator. My last three years of High School were spent playing Pokémon Fire Red in full color, that thing is the best. It cost me a LOT of minimum wage work, but I don't regret a moment of it.

I bet Phoenix is still totally playable tho

And Phoenix!

This is exactly how I got started collecting calculators.

Makes sense, DOOM is actually a 2d game.

Time for a new calculator!

Having to buy a cable and trade ganesitwasso great

To be fair, Tetris isn't exactly a demanding game.

Golden phoenix and the asteroids port with the upgrade store were AMAZING games

Dang, knew about Tetris but not Doom. Looks kinda sick too.

Fast forward 8 minutes to actually see the game.

And Super Smash Bros.

1 point · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Never had Doom, but I had Zelda on mine. Also, a great high school version of Mega Man. Wish I could remember more about it, but they had one baddy called zit man

Oh yeah, we also had a version of Bomberman where we could use the link cable and play 4- man free for alls, with two people to a calculator

Bomberman was also on it. We used to link up the calculators and play multiplayer

Lunar Lander was the shit!

I printed the code on my home computer and manually put it into my TI-83+ to make my own custom Magic 8 Ball program. I also remember programing one really silly program based on those keychains that said, "how do you keep an idiot entertained for hours? Flip me over..." Instead of flipping, the instructions were to press a button and then the screen's text would redisplay... I actually knew one guy who didn't get it after the second button press.

Had this calculator in HS and college. Only had Drug Wars on it.

and the legend of zelda links awakening... or at least right up to the end of the first dungeon.

When I was in high school back in the 90s some friends and I figured out how to get Tetris onto our school owned Ti-82s. Back then of course there were no smartphones in everyone’s pockets so being able to stealthily play video games in class was pretty groundbreaking. Within a week or two you’d be walking down the halls and half the kids were staring down at their calculators while they walked to class.

Holy nutts

You can also put all your test answers in it.

And Quake.

And get you detention for typing out dirty messages

YES! Love LGR!

So could the TI-86, 20 years ago. Had Drug Wars, Tetris, a Mario-like game, a wired text/chat program, and a few BASIC games and things I programmed

Clickbait shit head

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