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Relevant and my favorite

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The dramatic zoom-in at the end killed me

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I got introduced to this show after meeting a girl at the bar, she took be back to her place to smoke hella weed, fuck, and binge watch this show.

These always bring back memories to a simpler time.

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Just curious, but was her name Meghan and was this in Oceanside, California because I also was met a girl at a bar and went back to her placed and binge watched Flight of the Concords and fuck, but I was in the Navy at the time so no smoking the devil's lettuce for me, but she did in fact smoke the devil's lettuce.

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Yes son, it is I. Sorry, having a really hard time finding the cigarettes I smoke at the store. Hang in there, kiddo.

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No it wasn't

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Ok, still really weird coincidence.

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This may be my favorite of their songs as well. I loved it so much I bought the exact same tiny red piano.

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Ooh where did you find it? Now I have a hankering for a tiny red piano.

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I got it off Amazon a few years back, looks like they're still for sale!

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I knew it would be if you’re into it before I clicked, not disappointed

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Why cant a heterosexual guy tell another heterosexual guy that he thinks his booties fly.

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Not all the time, obviously

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But when he’s got a problem with his self esteem

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Just when he has trouble with his self esteem

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My roommates and I say this to each other all the time.

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Are you saying people can have multiple booties? And all or just some are fly?

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Um, can I please have a look at the lyrics?

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This is another one of your weird songs, man.

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In what way?

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I think sometimes you hear what you want to hear...

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Definitely a bit gay

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He’s pretending you’re a woman?....No, that’s not gay.

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That’s right I put a wig on you and then I just laid there and spooned you...Brett you’ve got it going on.

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So excited for the movie! It's business time!

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Umm, isnt it just going to be a live concert?

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Their live performances are SO MUCH BETTER than their TV show, which is very good.

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Agree to disagree? Simply due to their manager in the series.

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I think Murray is the best character in the show.

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Rhys Darby is a treasure.

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Their songs are hilarious, but I can't handle 90 minutes of comedy music. The dry humour mixed with songs in the TV show was a perfect blend. Especially for me, as they nailed the New Zealand sense of humour.

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Bret said “We’re going to film a little something this year,” elaborating, “We’re going to shoot an hour thing.”

So, who knows? Could be a concert, I'll take what I can get.

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It'll be a concert. Not sure of Bret's calendar, but Jemaine is constantly working on other projects, and they put the nail in the coffin of the TV show several years ago, sadly :(

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Still tho

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My name Brett. I had a roommate in college who would play this for me whenever I was feeling down. Worked every time.

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Brit? Like Brittany?

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Same. Or my roommates would just jam it out with me before a date to make me laugh. It's definitely a good song to share a name with.

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My best friend plays it and sings it to me quite regularly too. It’s great that such a good song has our name in it.

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Hey just wanna day your bootys fly

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Their music is actually quite complex. He plays some funky crazy chords in this song. FOTC frickin rule

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"Not in a gay way, just in a 'hey mate, I wanted to say that you're looking okay' way" is one of my favorite lyrics ever. The rhythm and rhyme within it, and the way it layers onto the music, is intricate as hell but so perfectly crafted that it feels totally natural as he rolls through it.

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not really complex (this song at least)? the tab on this song is quite simple actually if you check it out.

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It’s not complex to play, but it and a lot of their songs are pretty complex compositionally.

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Depending on the street, Bret’s definitely in the top three!

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By far my favorite from them "Your beards good"

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Just a little compliment. About your beard... being good.

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You guys have to watch the movie Gentleman Broncos. Jermaine is nuts! https://youtu.be/BaiO3HTKXL8

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Thanks for that, I never even knew that existed!

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Oh my holy crap.... Surveillance does. I hate those

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I forgot how much I miss this show. Time for a rewatch.

Hiphopopotamus & Sugar Lumps are gonna be in my head all night.

They call me the Hiphopopotamus

Flows that glow like phosphorous

Popping off the top of this esophagus

Rocking this metropolis

I'm not a large water-dwelling mammal

Where did you get that preposterous hypothesis?

Did Steve tell you that perchance? Steve!

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"My lyrics are bottomless,

... ..."

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What kind of rapper name is Steve?

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Sugar lumps is a fantastic running song. Pumps me up like no other. Actually a lot of their songs are good for running.

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We’re Both In Love With A Sexy Lady is on my exercise playlist

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Ooh that's another good one. Mutha'uckas and Too Many Dicks are also on my playlist.

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He's so shiny.

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Like the treasure of a sunken pirate wreck.

Scrub the deck.

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You don't swing it like you used to man

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I love these two so much!

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Great fucking show

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That guys seriously looks like Lawrence Sonntag from Funhaus

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Quintessential Songwriter

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Brit as in Britney?

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Can't wait to see these live in the UK in April. Been waiting years for it.

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Such an under appreciated show

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Not that I did it.

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I wish I could upvote this more than once. Love these guys!!

Edit: not in a gay way

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Just in hey I wanted to say that you’re looking okay way

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Jemaine Clement
artist pic

Jemaine Clement (born 10 January 1974 in New Zealand) is an actor, musician, director, producer, comedian and writer, best known for being half of the musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords with Bret McKenzie.

Describing himself as "part Māori part European", Clement spent his formative years in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand. Moving to New Zealand's capital Wellington, where he studied drama and film at Victoria University of Wellington, Clement met Taika Waititi (a.k.a. Taika Cohen) with whom he went on to form The Humourbeasts. In 2004, the Humourbeasts toured New Zealand in a stage show titled The Untold Tales of Maui,[2] rewriting the traditional Maori legends of Māui. The duo were the recipients of New Zealand's highest comedy honour, the Billy T Award.

It was also at Victoria University that Clement and Bret McKenzie formed Flight of the Conchords. They have toured internationally and released three CDs: Folk the World Tour in 2002, The Distant Future EP in 2007, and Flight of the Conchords in 2008. The Conchords produced a six-part improvisational comedy radio program on BBC Radio 2 and have appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Late Show with David Letterman and The Late Late Show. After a successful appearance in 2005 on HBOs One Night Stand, the Conchords were offered their own 12-part HBO series Flight of the Conchords. Its first season ran from June to September 2007, and was renewed for a second season, which aired on HBO in the US from January to March 2009.

Clement has also appeared in a number of feature films; the one that has received the widest distribution to date is romantic comedy Eagle vs Shark, in which he played one of the starring roles, as a young man who finds a girlfriend in spite of being rather irritating. Clement had made his feature debut five years earlier in kung fu comedy Tongan Ninja, directed by New Zealander Jason Stutter. He has worked with Stutter on two more movies to date, low budget ghost comedy Diagnosis Death, and the drama Predicament, based on the book by late Kiwi novelist Ronald Hugh Morrieson. Clement also has a role in American comedy Gentlemen Broncos, directed by Napoleon Dynamite's Jared Hess.

Clement has starred in a number of television commercials internationally and provided voiceovers for many others in New Zealand. In 1999, Clement was a Radio Awards Winner as writer for Trashed, for Channel Z, Wellington.[4] In 2000 he was given a Special Radio Awards Commendation for The Sunglass Store.[5] He also was a writer and cast member of the television shows Skitz and Tellylaughs in New Zealand.

On 5 February 2006, Outback Steakhouse debuted a series of television commercials starring Clement during Super Bowl XL in which Clement pretends to be Australian and feigns an Australian accent. One of the long-running gags of Flight of the Conchords is the traditional ill-will between New Zealand and Australia and the differences between their corresponding accents. The campaign ended in July 2006.

Jemaine, along with fellow Conchord member Bret, was featured as one of 2008's "100 Sexiest People" in a special edition of the Australian magazine Who.

Read more on Last.fm.

last.fm: 33,584 listeners, 202,373 plays
tags: Soundtrack, classic rock, New Zealand, comedy

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How this omits his role in Men In Black 3 is beyond me.

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And his song in Disney’s Moana.

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And his funking amazing role in Legion!

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And in Rio and Rio 2. His duet with the frog is how I know about him.

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Rick and morty as well

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Fart. I like this.

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This must have been written a while back, no mention of What We Do In The Shadows either.

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That's impossible!

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My name is Bret, crossing fingers Co workers don't see this and sing this tomorrow (I work at guitar center)

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Quite possibly the best thing written for us guys named Bret, especially the ones with one T.

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Brit? Like Brittany?

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Still remember every damn word :)

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Great news everyone, there’s a new recording of their live show coming out! Woohoo!

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No, just a on stage special for HBO I believe.

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Your beard is good.

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He also has some highly refined sugar lumps https://youtu.be/_ozSSseCh3U

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I downloaded Flight of the Conchords randomly with zero idea what they were about. So pleasantly surprised when they broke out into song. Love these guys.

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I’m the motherflipping

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Flawless logic.

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Got it goin on

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Am I the only person that wishes they'd release a straight up album? I love their comedy, but good lord they are such good musicians.

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Good news - they already have three!

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I had no idea... Switching tunes now.

Edit: God damn it.

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Can’t wait for the new shit.

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Dose chord progressions tho...

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Hey I wanted to say that you’re looking ok man

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Why did the volume drop out about 2/3 way through?

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Him and you in the nude? If that's what you're into.

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Fuck I miss these guys

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Need to bring this show back

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I think I'll always have a crush on Bret

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Nobody compliments the meal...

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NZ Rep 👌🔥

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I think of this song probably once a week at least.

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Traps not gay...confirmed!

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This is old

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2007 so no, not at all.