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dude what is this music
what the hell did you do

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Yeah its annoying...

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Longest fight in anime history. It was so damn suspenseful back in the day. Something like Mayweather v. McGregor doesn't come close.

You should've used the superior Kai version without the terrible cheesy dialogue and the soundtrack that's on a loop and keeps going.

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I honestly should've, but this was the first project I tried on DaVinci Resolve - I usually use Adobe Premiere - so I didn't download the four hour fight personally. Rather, I took the full version somebody else uploaded onto YouTube. If I do choose to do Goku vs Vegeta or Goku/Gohan vs Cell, then I'll probably use Kai just for sake of visuals.

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Please do goku/gohan vs cell.

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I'm not opposed, but clearly someone's going to have to pick the music for me since that was the biggest complaint with this.

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Now Diaz McGregor on the other hand...

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nice try but music made me "turn the station".

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Wait what. As someone who never watched Dragonball, I know a more than a little about the characters and shit, but never watched, is this title literal? It surely wasn't one episode at least right?

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Enjoyable video, but the music. ugg. I had to stop. That carnival music ruined it I think.

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so youre saying you...abridged it? a dbz abridged...

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What’s with the shitty clown music hahaha

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One thing I never got was why Goku tried to warn Frieza about the spinning disks. If anything he should be happy his own weapon killed him when he was trying to kill Goku.

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Essentially, in the original Goku was focused far more on challenging fights than being morally good. It wouldn't prove to him that he was the best fighter if Frieza killed himself. Just like how he let Frieza go, as far as he was concerned he already won the fight so there was no point finishing him off. It wasn't moral do goodery, it was letting space Hitler go for chance at a future fight.

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Goku has a thirst to test himself in battle, it seems to be the sole remaining Saiyan trait he keeps after his head injury when he was young which made him good instead of eventually destroying earth as he was sent to do. You see it much more directly with Vegeta when he allows Cell to transform to his perfect form due to his saiyan pride. In Goku’s case he seems to put a fair fight over the bigger picture which is destroying a crazed alien dictator. He thinks he’s doing the right/honourable thing when in reality it’s just his saiyan pride getting in the way which makes him take ridiculous risks like this and when he gives Cell a senzu bean when he’s fighting his son Gohan

Sorry for long essay but reminiscing on old DBZ just gets me going and I can’t stop writing

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No it’s good, thank you

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Nice edit/abridging, great way to turn 2am into 3am.

Could definitely of done without the music but I wasn't hating it like some others here are. After I smoked a bowl I was kinda enjoying the music actually, so maybe try that next time lol

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Man how does "could definitely of done" sound like correct grammar to you

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Dude but how does "definately" look like correct spelling to you lol. It's 3am and you're baked off your gourd, i could definitely do without proper grammar in those situations

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I'm thinking of doing the same thing with the Tournament of Power when it's over. 30+ episodes, cut out the thoughts and pointless dialogue between characters and keep dialogue between the fighters only, so no commentary from the stands. Makes the Goku v Jiren fight go from 50 minutes to about 4 or so.

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A 4 hour fight? I enjoy watching paint dry, and even this sounds boring