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The Future of Humanity

The theory of evolution states that humans descended from a diverse group of animals that evolved into a human being. Whether it's true or not, the thing is humans evolve, and now that we're in the 21st century, my question is: have humans stopped evolving, or are we still in the middle of it? With a futuristic concept like transhumanism, what do you think is the future of humanity? Are we truly ready for the next phase of what humans can and will become?


The lady in the lake

A few days ago I went to my local beach I eased my way In to the cold water no one was really there that day which is strange because it was pretty hot that day. I didn’t really mind that no one was there I love swimming so people not being there meant I had the almost the whole beach to my self. I started to swim one hand after the other as I swam my foot got stuck one something it felt like it was a hook or a fishing net I got untied and continued to swim. Again and again I kept getting stuck on something so I finally decided to check out what I was getting stuck on I dived into the water what I seen was no fishing net it was a girl her face was as white as could be it was basically luminous in the murky water she had high check bones and her hair was a raven black but her eyes her eyes were like snake eyes a green so deep that you couldn’t find a way out of her gaze it was like I was bewitched buy her beauty.

I still was staring at the girl but the odd thing was I never had to breathe it’s like I was breathing under the water...... I want to reach out and touch her face to see if she was real I got the courage to touch her my hand was about to touch her face but she disappeared I didn’t know why she left but then I looked up and seen a life guard coming my way the guy grabbed me and pulled me out he had said I was under water for about 5 minuets it didn’t even feel that long to me it was about 20 seconds.

Yesterday was the first day I’ve been to that beach in days I wanted to know more about that girl in the lake so I searched up car recks or disappearances in the lake to my surprise I found something a girl named Alice Johnson had smashed into a tree and her body was thrown into the lake but her body was never found. I started to swim and I felt that pulling sensation again I dived under as fast as I could and seen her again but she was different her skin wasn’t that soft looking china doll anymore it had wrinkles and when she smiled her teeth were rotten and her mouth became a big smile I didn’t understand why she was smiling then blood started to come out her mouth. She started to swim so I followed her she led me so far out the beach seemed like a little island she led to the bottom of the lake all I seen was a pile of bones I screamed as loud as I could but the only thing that came out of my mouth was water I looked at the girl she had a smile that seemed so un natural it scared me I swam as fast as I could I will never be back to that beach guys be careful of the lady in the lake.


The Language

There's a fairly obvious problem with knowing what people whose language you do not speak are saying: You can't understand them. Have you ever had the feeling that a group speaking a language you don't know is talking about you, but you can't really be sure? You'd have to rely on a third party to translate for you, and if they speak the language, who knows if they are not just in on the joke. How can you trust your translator?

You shouldn't. I mean, you can, most of the time, for most languages. There's just no reason to lie to you, but the doubt keeps nagging at the back of your mind. When you watch the news and someone from a distant country is overdubbed because they don't speak English, can you really be certain that what the station has translated is actually what these people are saying?

Certainly if they did lie about such a thing viewers who speak that language would invariably find out, right? They would call up the news station, or put a video on YouTube, or post it on Reddit, and people would learn about the translator's lie. Except how can you trust them either?

What if there was a language where you never know what is being said, because nobody who speaks it will actually ever correctly translate anything said in it? After all, without speaking that language yourself, how would you know that not every potential translator is in on it? It's absurd, right?

Except it's not. There is such a language. There is a group of people on this planet who speak their own language and openly communicate about things you don't even want to think about. But nobody ever calls them out on it, because they are all part of the conspiracy. The fact that it is as audacious as it is makes the whole thing so foolproof, because who would ever believe something as absurd as this?

You could, after all, just learn that language, right? There's courses for every language, there's courses for this language, and so you'd know, and you could reveal the truth to the world. Except when you do learn this language, be it on purpose or by accident, like I did, you will also realise the power required to keep a conspiracy like this quiet. I mean there's more than just a couple dozen people who speak this language, there's hundreds of thousands if not millions. If they kept a conspiracy like this quiet, what would happen to you if you told anyone? Certainly no one would believe you, but you would have outed yourself. It's perfect, really.

If you have a theory as to which language it is, drop it. It's not that one. It's also not your second pick, or your third. Your best shot is to make a list of all languages, randomize it, and then start learning. You'll never guess the right one, and I sure as shit would not tell you even if you did.

Because here's the thing: Every language you learn changes the way you think. If you speak more than one language, you'll understand this process of gaining access to a new mode of thought, no matter how similar it may be to the other languages you speak. Learning this clandestine language has changed my way of thinking, too. What these people, we, are doing, is important, and if you don't speak our language you will not be able to understand why. In fact, you would try to stop us, and that cannot happen.

This is my attempt at getting you to learn new languages at random, so you'll eventually find the right one. That is the only safe way for us to recruit. Go on the journey, join us, and understand the truth. Our numbers are growing every day as our mission reaches its conclusion. Help us save humanity.

Learn the language.


We’ve Been Eating Chilli And I Think My Arsehole Just Died.

There’s a certain pleasure in pain, a simple pinprick from a newly plucked rose, or the slice of a piece a paper, that silent razor cut can make you feel euphoric. And when it happens, when you feel that separation of muscle and tissue, it can make you feel alive.

When that pain kicks in, wow. That tantalistion sensation. Mhhh. Just the thought of it, when it erupted across your skin, the paralyzing moment when it take you over, the cold sweats, when everything else fades away. That’s the ticket, you know what i’m talking about. The moment you inflicted the pain and your incessant dog stops barking, the washing having to be hung out, having to make dinner, it all falls away.

Dug taught me this within the first week of us dating. He made me see that pain could be a part of us. Something we could welcome, something we could enjoy together. After a few months, well, I was a bad learner, but I got better, it did eventually become second nature, and to be honest, I quite like it now.

You might be wondering what my pleasurable pain is?

Well, it’s chilli. Chilli are our things baby, and the hotter the better, and while I couldn’t even handle black pepper when we first met, my tolerance has increased massively due to my boyfriend Dug. He was a gem. He would dare me, bait me, and at times even force me to eat them. Make me savor the sweet fire that they gave us.

I’ve come a long way from the amateur jalapeños fire that most of you think is hot. Once I would of had to suck down plenty of milk to withstand that burn, but gradually I overcame that barrier and worked my way up the scorchville scale.

I had too, if I didn’t Dug would have turn on me. He would have force my mouth open and shove the chilli in. My begging only excited him, he relish moving my chin up and down crushing the skin and seeds between my unresisting teeth. The fire would soon start. On the tip of my tongue, then the sides. Burning, it would creep across my taste receptors, sizzle over my cheeks and crawl down my throat. Burning all the way. The tears would come, they always did, but it wasn’t the chilli doing.

I’m happy to say that my tolerance is well above average now, Thai peppers, Scotch Bonnets, the Yucatan White Habanero, meh, I’ll eat them like apples. I pushed past them ages ago, I’ve even surpassed Dug’s tolerance for chilli too. What a bitch.

I’m currently sitting eating the new Pepper X, it’s still unnamed at the minute, due to its hotness, but I managed to get a hold of some, and brought them home to Dug.

This chilli crushest the Dragon's Breath- the recent hottest chilli - by 3180000 to the Dragon’s breaths 2480000. It’s a great feeling - the fire coursing through my mouth. It’s an even better feeling watching Dug twitch and squirm on the floor. Sometime chilli can do that, make an arsehole died I [ mean.


The Guy At 3am

Im a 15 year old girl you loves to read and watch scary and paranormal things. But this one experience did make me stop for a while and nothing and i mean nothing stops me from watching and reading all of the paranormal and creepy things that happen in the nosleep world.....

At the time i was 14 and it was October 15 (a day before my birthday) and i decided to pull an all nighter and wait until my birthday started! But at 3am something very strange and creepy happened. I was browsing the r/nosleep community and started reading some articles/stories that interested me like always nothing shocking. I wanted something to eat so i got up and went to the kitchen. At this time it was about 2:15 and i was starving. When i came back i had noticed that my phone had about 50+ messages from an unknown number. I looked at all of these messages and just left the dude on read cause im a serious dub. I forgot about the messages at around 2:50 because i forget some things quite easily. 3

00am came around and i was chilling eating my snacks when all of a sudden the same unknown number popped up on my bright phone screen. I wasnt spooked or anything just confused about who could this be and why were they texting me.

Unknown Number: Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your birthday! Ill see you later...

Me: Who are you? and what do you mean see you later. Stop texting me dude i dont know you.

Unknown Number: yes you do and you will see me soon. Oh and i love that outfit you are wearing today bye!


This did spook me a little bit but i just guessed it was somebody that was coming to my party but later on i realized he/she said something that sent chills up my spin..... "....i love that outfit you are wearing today...."

I honestly never ever got spooked about this kinda stuff. i always thought that people just wrote stalker stories and creepy people texting them at 3 am as a practical joke but i never thought that it can really happen to you. Anyways, i ended up falling asleep and waking up at around 9:00 am. I checked my phone and i had one unread message from this unknown number again. I opened it and i read what this guy said a billion times not knowing what to do or what to reply to this messages.

Unknown Number: Im so excited to see you in your amazing birthday dress. I saw you pick it up at the store and it fit you so well! Im just soo excited to see you!

xoxo- babe <3

I didnt know what to say. After this text messaged i didnt answer and after my birthday my phone was flooding with text messages and he doesnt stop...... any advice and before you guys say a list of things like...

  • Get a new phone number(did that and he still texted me!)
  • Get a new phone (Im on my third one!)
  • Move(i did)
  • Get a restraining order (i barely know who this is)
  • Stop replying (i do and he gets angry!)

Please send your advice this way! there will be updates!


Adventure in abandoned places: The Asylum #1

I used to love horror stuff when I was a teenager at the age of 15. I always love horror documentary YouTube videos like exploring in haunted buildings and more. But now I'm 18 so I can go anywhere I want. I borrowed my dad's Toyota Camry for a ride with friends. We were thinking of exploring abandoned places. My friends are Tom, Mike (Michael), Ben and Kenny. Mike suggest we go to an abandoned asylum 10km away from my house. We all agreed because we just want to explore. I drove us there. The building looks so old from the outside.

Ben said "Can we explore the backyard first?"

I said "Why not?"

We came into the backyard. It looks even worst than the front of the asylum. It was a backyard cemetery filled with the graves of dead patients. There were so many graves that almost made it uncountable.

Mike read one of the oldest graves it said "John Michigan, Died in 1936. Cause of death: Suicide".

After that we went into the asylum. It looked really dangerous since everything is almost broken down. Luckily Kenny and Ben brought their flashlights. In the asylum, there were tons of big stairs and a big empty lobby. There were a ton of rooms.

I thought to myself "Maybe those are where they keep the patients".

We went into one of the rooms. In there were almost nothing except a doctor's desk and a patient's bed. We went into every rooms and they were all the same. So we went into the cafeteria. We think this is where some patients became crazy and kill each other. There were blood splattered everywhere and the thing that disturbs me is the half-made graffiti on the walls. For example, it was like an incomplete/half face was made on the wall. Under each walls that has graffiti were a pool of blood. It smells so bad and it was so disgusting. The cafeteria's food has cockroaches and other bugs crawling in and out of them. That almost made me barfed. But the thing that bothers me the most is some sort of satanic symbol. In each triangle of the symbol were filled with human bloods, fresh bloods. The cafeteria gives me the creeps so we went up to the first floor. We went to each like we did in the ground floor. There were nothing except beds and desks. Suddenly me and Tom heard floor cracking, door creaking and footsteps on the second floor.

I asked "Did you guys hear that?"

Mike replied "Hear what?"

Tom said " I heard cracking and creaking and footsteps on the second floor. I think someone is up there. We'd better get out of here before we get in trouble.

Ben replied with a stupid voice "Nah man. It's abandoned so there's no one here".

Kenny said "I agree".

I said "We still wanna check it out right?"

Ben replied "Why not?"

So we went up to the second floor. There was a big corridor with 6 rooms. None of the rooms had doors except the last room on the right. The floor was making alot of noise. We checked each room and found nothing. But the last room we found a woman sleeping. At first we thought she was just a keeper here but when we saw blood on her mouth we immediately jumped into a conclusion that she is cannibalism. We ran out as fast as we could. We never told anyone about what we saw. We were scared to death and all we think is that the woman ate everyone that comes into the asylum. We left the asylum and never ever gonna return.

Follow me for Part 2


looking for stories

basically just looking for stories that are the embodiment of "it is an undeniable and may I say a fundamental quality of man that when faced with extinction, every alternative is preferable!"


A White Boxe on the Doorstep. I was rejected by r/Paranormal and I need help please!!

I've been flagged on the paranormal subreddit because they thought that what I was saying was fictional, but it's not! I'm here because I need somebody to believe me and I'm desperate for it! I know this is for fictional writing, I know, but you've got to believe me please.

I understand a bit about how the internet works. It's a place that is relentless, cruel, and will screw up any device that you have on hand in the click of a button. The internet itself is inherently weird, and because of this there are dedicated communities to finding the oddest of the odd. What I discovered seems to be more than just odd though. It seems to me like something is trapped and trying to communicate. I ordered a package from this site, and the package I received was one of the most unexpected things I could imagine. It was a recorder (audio-recording device) and worse yet, I don't have it anymore (which in hindsight could be one of the reasons people don't believe me. Just hear me out)

So I got the package, it was called a White Boxe (on whiteboxe . com) , which is odd because on the site itself it only makes jokes about why there's an E on the end of the word box, but it seems like a last name or something. When I opened it, the little recorder inside of it was the only thing there. Nothing to protect it, just emptiness. I immediately let my curiosity get the best of me and pressed play. Honestly, the first time I thought it was broken because of how distorted the shriek coming through it was jumbled in the speaker system. I replayed it, and replayed it, and replayed it, hoping that eventually it would work, but all I was getting was this loud, high-pitched shouting noise. Eventually I gave up and put it down on the shelf next to my bed in my room. (if anybody wants photos to help show this, I would be happy to provide a room layout.)

That night, alone at my house (besides my one room mate who was asleep) I was preparing to go to sleep. Funny enough, it was super late (around 3ish) when I was getting home because I went to a midnight showing of the new Ant Man movie, so I was already on edge from sneaking into my house without waking anybody up. It wasn't until I got into my room and heard the speaker that I knew something was really really off. This time, at least, it was talking in understandable language. "Aide-moi. Aide-moi" (My French is a little rusty, so I could've spelled that incorrectly, but it says help me) This obviously caused me to nearly shit my pants. Why was the recorder working on its own? I thought it was one of my room mates, but one of them snores louder than a freight train, and the other was at work because of how his job works. So what was causing this?

This was probably the wrong move, but I shut it off. I was really tired, and now ready for a nightmare filled sleep cycle. That night, I dreamed of a white door with a digital, black, and glitchy background. I then awoke in the morning like my sleep had only lasted a few seconds. (I've always hated when that happened) The recorder next to my bed was gone... (No it wasn't under the bed, or on the shelf, or anywhere. You think I'd accidentally lose a paranormal recorder?)

I asked my roommates about it, and they thought I was nutty. For the last few nights I've had the same dream of the door and woken up immediately, and I'm not entirely sure what to do. Are there other White Boxe participants who are going through this? Is there anybody else who knows anything about this? I honestly have been thinking of getting another one and seeing what comes this time, but I just don't know if I can. Will anybody else do it?

Admittedly, I'm unsure of what to do about anything with this anymore. And now that I'm seeking help online, hopefully somebody will believe me and know what to do. Since Paranormal wouldn't take me, hopefully you all will... Help please?!


looking for stories

looking for stories that really fit John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.

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The 13th Soldier Part 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

When I awoke, abrupt and violent as if startled from a nightmare, I expected to be staring in the jaws of the creature before my life was ended prematurely. Instead, I found myself in a clearing, looking up at a starless sky unblocked by the maze of trees.

My back was wet from lying in the mud but it was unburdened by my gear that laid on the soft ground next to me. I pushed myself up and the familiar sting of my sprained arm put to bed lingering thoughts that this might be a dream. I took a few moments to catch my breath and it was then I realised I wasn’t alone.

I was in a clearing of a village of some sort; there were a few traditional houses that stood on stilts. Many were in various stages of disrepair. Some were already sinking into the ground. But this lonesome village in the middle of nowhere paled to the revelation of its villagers.

All were women.

One of them helped me up while the others stood around, just watching. Their eyes, like the smiles they wore on their copper, pretty faces were eerily blank. Unnerving as it were, I still felt elation at no longer being stranded in the forest. At least no beast pursued me. And yet, the hairs on the back of my neck stood and the sense of unease never quite left.

The girl who stood next to me whispered her name and declared that she was the one who led me out of the forest. She – Nisa – had heard me and came to my rescue. I could stay for as long as I wanted, she said.

The story was plausible but it, like this entire village, felt wrong. Now wasn’t the time to pursue my doubts however. I needed time to compose myself. I thanked Nisa and the surrounding women. I would accept their gracious hospitality but hope to leave for Lakiun camp as soon as I am able.

At that, the women departed in unison, leaving only Nisa and myself. She took me by the arm and led me toward a smaller house, toward the back of the village. Her touch was soft on my skin and almost immediately, I detected a faint flowery smell; one I could not pinpoint. But whatever it was, it seemed far away.

As we walked in silence, I had time to mull over the last few minutes. While a village full of women wasn’t unheard of, none of these women looked remotely tribal. They were also all, relatively young and extremely beautiful. They seemed as out of place in the forest as did their village. Still, beggars couldn’t be choosers and I was after all, saved from an untimely and horrid death.

Nisa opened the door to what I assumed was their equivalent of a guest house. I stepped inside expecting a spartan dwelling not unlike my barracks. There was a bed, a desk and the room was amply lit by hanging lanterns. It was also cool and comfortable. I dropped my gear onto the floor, and sat my aching body on the bed. Nisa smiled and moved to leave but I had questions I was hoping she would answer.

“I’ll be back,” she said, “And we can talk for as long as you want. Rest now, you’ll need your strength,”


Her voice was silky and husky at the same time. While I was cognizant of the headache worsening, her words flowed like music; soothing and arresting. I felt compelled to obey. Besides, she was right and I was exhausted. I nodded, adjusted myself onto the pillow and closed my eyes. Soon, I would fall asleep.

When I awoke, it was night again. But unlike before, the air felt crisp, clean and cool. Through the bamboo poles that made up the guest house, I saw light outside. My bones still ached but I needed to investigate. With rifle in hand and a loaded magazine in my pocket, I left the cool darkness of the room for the outside; uncertain of what I’d discover.

The first thing to hit me was that the air was fresh and just as crisp and pleasant as when I was in the room. The peculiar scent of flowers lingered but couldn’t detract from the surreal scene I seemed to have stepped into.

The women from earlier were gathered; most of whom were in various stages of undress while enraptured by music that flowed from a waterphone. They danced in a slow, methodical manner and while I was certainly no connoisseur of traditional dance, the strangeness of it felt like I was watching something entirely alien.

But I was hooked by this macabre dance of beautiful, naked women who wore fake smiles and stared with dead eyes; bodies gyrating to a haunting tune that chilled the bone. But like a moth to a flame, I found myself inching closer; their beguiling smiles turning into daggered teeth and almond eyes gleaming amber beneath the moonlight.

A soft hand dragged me out of this reverie. I regard the disruption with rheumy eyes slowly clearing. Nisa stood before me, dressed similarly as the night before (Was it only a night?) in a translucent white shift that left no details of her dancer body to the imagination. My blood rose but I fought against it for control. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, then opened them with sights firmly on her heart-shaped face.

“Come, you must be hungry,” she said, in that husky, musical voice of hers. Her hand on my wrist snaked down to my palm which she grasped and pulled me to follow her. My senses were aflame and while I knew innately that something was wrong, I was a man sinking in quicksand. Struggle only seemed to chip away more resolve while casting a heavy fog about my mind.

Nisa’s trajectory meandered as if we stalked a maze. I had assumed she led me back to the room but we took a different path that realistically, shouldn’t exist for a village this small. And yet we passed old trees that creaked, and older, more dilapidated houses grown dark and foreboding. This must have once been a part of the village, when more resided. Were there men here then? What happened to them?

But these questions and more died in my thoughts when we came around a corner and there I saw, nestled against a writhing nest of ancient and gnarled trees, a hut. Through the open window, lit candles of which flames danced and cast an eerie yellow glow in the gloom of the forest.

“Come,” Nisa said but her voice while still husky and alluring, had a curious edge to it. My skin prickled and the hair at the nape of my neck stood. She tugged at me and I was pulled forward. Her strength startled me but I had other concerns presently. Each step I took toward the hut seemed to exist in a vacuum.

It was as if I lost memory of each moment, only to regain it a second or two later with no understanding as to how or why I moved in this direction or that. One moment I fell behind Nisa, but in the next, I was at the door and in the next, I found myself on my back atop a straw mattress with no memory of having passed through the threshold of the hut.

Shadows flickered on the walls and ceiling but I lay there like a man asleep. But I was very much awake, even if a strange malaise forced me remain. I felt the soft flesh of her legs cross me and the shadow gave way to Nisa’s beautiful face hovering mere inches from my own as she straddled me. I was powerless to move, but also felt the familiar sensation of lust so keenly that it infected all other senses and rationale. I knew this was wrong but my body responded to every touch, every caress. And when she pulled off her thin shift to reveal her delicate but supple frame, my hands moved on their own accord.

I was a man trapped in his own mind, screaming at myself to stop; to throw her off and leave this place. Yet, when she buried my face in her bosom, my pulse quickened and I felt my already weak resolve weakening further. My hands moved up and down her lithe back; her soft flesh felt like silk. And in between passionate grunts, hungry moans and roaming hands, I slipped away a little more each time.

But when I pushed myself up, my hands which found their way to the back of her head felt something strange. At first, I thought it my imagination when I felt a smooth, metallic thing beneath her long, dark hair. When my fingers roamed back to that spot, she flinched and moved to push my hand away.

Suddenly, I was myself again and despite her wiggling form, I managed to find that spot and feel the alien object. My fingers danced around the edges, discerning its identity, all the while aware of her naked body struggling against mine. It was small and round, with a depression in the middle much like…

…a nail!

I threw Nisa off me in both panic and despair at what I was lulled into doing. But as I quickly moved to don my clothes, I noticed a change had overcome her. No longer the demure and fragile creature that had seduced me only minutes earlier, she now stood with a grave countenance. Her long limbs hung loosely by her side, and most of her lustrous hair covered her face. In the candle-light, I thought I saw sharpened nails on her finger tips glinting and an eerie ivory glow in her eyes where once dark pupils regarded me with desire.

Her shadow grew long and treacherous and it may have been the trick of the light but it seemed her body stretched and grew alongside it. She opened her mouth to scream and a hollow, bone-rattling moan erupted from her bronzed throat. I clutched at my ears in dismay. The sound was like nails being raked across a rusty metal surface.

Not wishing to wait for what may come next, I hurled myself at the door with every intent of losing her in the forest. Stories from childhood informed me of what she is. What of the other women in the village? Were they also like her? If so, there was little to go, especially as the forest was stalked by an unseen creature that could rip a man to shreds.

My options were poor but what was a man to do when faced with such odds? In the end, all you can do is choose and hope you survive.

Unfortunately, I never received that chance. As soon as I had emerged from the hut, I scrambled to a stop. The other women surrounded the village. Their bearing was as one; menacing. Horror at my fate shattered me and I wondered briefly if things would have been better had I feigned ignorance and continued with Nisa.

But that was neither here nor there. This was my reality now and I had no idea how to escape it.


Apologies for the long wait. It's been busy at work and therefore, harder for me to collect my thoughts to pen them all down. I'll get to the rest of the story eventually, but for now please enjoy my once extremely horrible experience.

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Best OC from last week

I took 2 pics at 2 different time of the Arch De Triomphe in Paris and merged them together to create this half day/night aerial view.

66.4k points907 comments3d

The Hill, Pen and Ink, 12x12cm

27.2k points257 comments17h

Salvador Dali standing on the deck of the S.S. Normandie as it docks in New York City - 1936

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