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Hello everyone,

Partly because I love the posts here, and partly because nobody ever replies to me on :P, I've decided to have a thread here as well.

Meet Liza, my 2003 US spec 350Z 6 speed. Here are a few pics of her when I got her:

Many months later, I've done the following:

Full Whiteline bushings, front to rear;

Bilstein B12 Pro Kit;

BDE solid motor mounts (had a Torque Solution tranny mount but it shook my teeth out, back to OEM);

GripForce 15lb lightweight flywheel with new OEM clutch and PP;

XERD longtube headers with aftermarket Y-pipe, mated to a Scorpion single exhaust catback;

BLOX 5/16th spacer;

K&N Typhoon intake system;

Brian Crower stage 2 camshafts, tuned via Uprev Osiris. Stock redline, cams are 264/264;

Wedsport SA70 18x9 ET32 front, 18x10 ET32 rears. Tires are 255/40/18 front, 275/40/18 rears. 16mm spacers all around.

Next on the list: front and rear swaybars, new OEM headlights with new internal parts and upgrade from , and a full body repaint. After that I want to tidy up the interior some, and maybe install some better speakers and an Android head unit for my Torque app.

Here's how she looks today:

This is my first Japanese sports car, and so far I adore it. Can't wait to do more!

Here's a link to my build thread on, in case I missed anything. Cheers!


Alright guys. So as some of you know I have already switched out thermostats. That was an ordeal in itself (bolts snapped into engine block). I got that taken care of now it does heat up on idle as much. It’s iffy when it happens now. This is my daily car so it sits through traffic. However, my normal commute is 80% on freeway at a steady 70 mph. This trip usually takes anywhere between 10-15 minutes. I only have to stop at 3 lights going either direction. Using my trip from just 20 minutes ago coming home from work I just got off the highway and am on the off ramp waiting for the light engine temp was fine. Fast forward 3 minutes of light driving (30 mph no hard launches or any of that) I’m at the final light my engine temp starts going up. I’m running no A/C or any kind of HVAC In my Car it’s all off. I drive the 25 mph home which takes 2 minutes from the final light and Park I leave the car running to kind of level out and the temp keeps going up. It’s currently 86 outside on 66% humidity with heat index bringing the total temp to a 94 degrees. Is this normal for this car to do this under these conditions or am I going to have to upgrade my fans and radiator?
It’s a VQ35HR 5AT. (Not switching to manual till this transmission dies stop it haha)

TL/DR: car heating up under certain conditions. Is it normal for this car or no? Help!


I've been doing a lot of research on different years and models. What looks good is 2006-2008 However I think I'm only going to be able to afford a 2003 or 2004

I know a little about the engines What im asking is what 350z should i get for my price range which will be like 6,000

Also I've heard they sell at different prices around the country. I live in North Carolina, USA.

Posted by
High school rich kid car
1 day ago


350Z, manual, 2006, 55k.

Old rotors were extremely badly corroded from lack of use thus the vibrating was easily explained. Fitted new rotors and pads 3 months ago. Since driven 1500 miles and they still look perfect.

Not long ago (1 month) I noticed that the steering felt looser than it used to, as though the power steering was soft or the immediacy of turning was reduced.

On some surfaces (only specific ones locally) when coming to a stop, the steering pulls suddenly to one side. There's a set of lights near me that makes the steering pull to the right pretty violently.

There's a road where drains at the side make it want to veer left quite a bit. The alignment is correct, but sometimes my steering feels like it wants to do its own thing.

Tie rods do look pretty rusted. I hadn't considered them an issue until now, I do think they may have something to do with this as the brakes are so fresh and the vibrating is too much in the steering for it to seem brake related.

But I'm here for advice, and near the end of my tether. So please anyone, help!


I've got a rattle from the rear quarter of the drivers side. It seems to be worse in colder weather but it's really warm and humid at the moment and seems to be at its worst.

I've read some forums that seem to say the rear strut mounts can cause a rattle when the mounts perish, but this rattle occurs even when I'm not moving, at idle, especially with variation of throttle.

The other day it happened on startup, idle, and anywhere up to 2000rpm. It came on and off around 40mph while moving.

The car has recently had a new stillen mid pipe and decats, but we have checked to be sure all existing hangers and heat guards are OK.

Any ideas people?


It is a 2003 touring with 55k on it. The car looks great has a slight grind in third if you are fast shifting. Brand new berk hfcs also tires are one year old with low miles. Also has a rebuilt title.


Looking to get a better exhaust for under 1k

Posted by
06 Redline 5AT
3 days ago

So confused whether its a base or grand touring? I see heated seat buttons but the steering wheel has no buttons?


I'm gonna buy a 350z as a project car and maybe daily drive it but what are the things to watch out for when buying a used 350z?


I'm going later today to look at a Z but I'm skeptical because it's an insanely good price for the spec and mileage in my country. What are some common issues/faults that I should check for?


Ok so I posted a week or two ago about what color RPF1’s to get and have decided to get a silver color one. I have no intention of going 10.5in rear so here are the wheel/tire sizes I’m gonna run and would like opinions on how they would look and fit on the car.

Fronts 18x8.5 +30 with 245/40/18 tires.

Rears 18x9.5 +15 with 275/40/18 fires.

I know a very popular rim size to go on z’s is 18x9.5 +15 front and 18x10.5 +15 rear but I think that setup is a little too wide for me and I would prefer a slightly smaller setup.


Hi guys, I'm trying to build an exhaust system for my car.

I saw videos of people taking the resonators off their replica exhausts to make it louder, fo I figured I might as well ask- anyone here have some of them laying around? I mean the part that looks like the right of a letter "h" it's not in the direct for of gasses.

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