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New Robot Chikin. Season finale of Joe Pira. New Fily Cily. New Infimarcial.

Question of the week: Favorite infomercial?

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An animated infomercial! How intriguing.

Tonight (6/18) at 4:00 EST. Repeats Tues-Thurs at the same time.


Is there any chance / confirmation of a season 2? This has honestly been one of the best t.v shows I've ever seen. If nine episodes are all there is to this amazing series then so be it, but I'm dying to know of anything - even rumors of a continuation. Thanks for reading and all , hope you have a good evening.


I was talking to my mom over the weekend and she was recalling how hard we were laughing at a show we were watching on a vacation we went to when I was a kid. It was during Thanksgiving of either '04 or '05. She said the show consisted of a mad scientist and his son.

She claims it's not ATHF or Robot Chicken. The only other show I can think of is Venture Bros, which it totally could be.

Any of you guys have a better suggestion?


“3 Stoned Aliens” With awful voice actors and animation that makes the show look like it was drawn in MS paint, I predict “3Stoned Aliens” will not last even 3 season, if even 2 seasons. The show reminds me of ATHF but will never be as legendary or wicked hilarious as ATHF. Any opinions? Does anyone actually think this Rick and Morty/ATHF rip-off has any potential whatsoever?


I'm trying to download some of my favourites and would like to use artwork like that of Thundercat's Final Fight on Apple Music/Spotify. Do they exist or was it just created for Thundercat? [Edit]: I mean 2017 and I also mean Final Fight


Does anyone have a link to .srt files for JPTWY? Can't seem to find anything (and the Adult Swim site isn't working for me when I try to stream).


time for the show that answers deep questions like "what if we hired great stop motion animators to make them animate preschool shows swearing lol"

Tonight (6/17) at 11:30 EST. Repeats at 4:00.


Joe's relationship has reached a weird point. So now what?

Online now. Airs on TV tonight (6/17) at 12:00 EST. Repeats at 4:30.


Hey friends, I’ve got some Adult Swim stuff for sale, mainly a lot of the UK DVDs that were put out years ago with a distributor called Revolver. Mainly stuff like ATHF (seasons 1-4), Robot Chicken (seasons 1-3, Star Wars 1 and 2), superjail season 1, Tim and Eric awesome show season 1 and 2, Lucy the daughter of the devil and Harvey birdman.

I also have a promo set of sealed DVDs (ATHF S1, RC S1 and Star Wars, Metalocalypse S1 and Venture Bros S1) along with a booklet giving info and new shows (some shows that never came out I think) that I presume was given to TV networks in the UK for interest in airing [as] shows. I’ll try posting some photos and more info tomorrow if anyone’s interested. I’ll be willing to take offers on anything, posting from Ireland.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Rick and Morty. I’ve seen every episode and have been a fan since Season 1. But I just wish AS would stop airing the show every single night. I mean, the show only has 31 episodes to air, so they have to re-air all of them every night. If they keep on, people who watch Adult Swim every night (like me) will get sick of it, if they already haven’t. Even fans of R&M will eventually get annoyed with the same episodes being aired all the time.


Beach episode, bitches.

Tonight (6/16) at 12:00 EST. No repeat.


via tonight's linear Development Meeting cut

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