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First of all I'd just like to invite anyone who is interested to join us on the Adventure Time Discord. Link is here All the mods are Green or Orange handles and everyone else has earned their colors through some sort of participation.


Before asking questions check if its answered in the wiki or the side bar. Also use the search function. I know it sucks buts not that bad. You can more often than not find what your looking for with that.

How many episodes are left?

As of March 2018 we have 4 episodes plus the bonus minecraft episode. So 5 all together. They will be 4 episodes turned into one 44 minute episode called "Come Along With Me."

When are the episodes coming out?

Is it on the side bar? If not then we don't know. The side bar gets updated as we get information.

Where can I watch the episodes?

Read the rules before posting. The second rule clearly states "answer is Amazon, Hulu, Itunes, DVDs, or Cartoon Network." Unsatisfied with that answer? Well its 2018. Google your problems away. Don't post unauthorized link on the sub.

What episodes should I watch to just get the story?"

"Hey guys, what pages of this book should I read to understand the plot?" The answer is all of them. Sure some episodes are less plot driven than others, but nearly all episodes have some sort of call back. Sometimes not for several seasons. And since the majority of the episodes are plot driven it doesn't really make sense to skip around. If you really want to get the bare bones then use this link Its still over 150 episodes (I counted 160 but I wasn't super thorough). That doesn't mean the rest of the episodes are filler. Many are referenced in other episodes they just aren't super plot heavy.

What episodes belong to which season? Different sites say different things.

It doesn't matter anymore since were on the last season. For some reason Cartoon Network changed the season order and Amazon made their own interpretation. I would use this Adventure Time wiki for your episode tracking. The episode discussion list was based on the original episode listings before they all got changed for some reason. Its too much work to fix it so I'm just gonna not. Also check this post for further insight on the episode reordering and even on the movie

This will be added to the wiki and the side bar shortly.


Line by line, I’ll analyze why I think the surviving humans chose to sing this song by the campfire:

“Streaks on the china, never mattered before, who cared.”

This was apparently how the people in that situation were feeling at the moment. In the comfortable era before, things like unsightly dishes didn’t matter to anyone. But now everyone is desperate for some semblance of life before the catastrophe, so people hate when even minor items get soiled.

“When you drop kicked your jacket as you came through the door, No one glared.”

In other words, we’re now in a much smaller, tight-knit community situation where everyone has to do their best to help the survival of the group. It’s considered pretty rude to push your chores onto other people,

“But sometimes things get turned around and no one's spared.”

This line applies so well to the Mushroom War.

“All hands look out below there’s a change in the status quo. Gonna need all the help that we can get.”

This line applies so well to the war’s aftermath.

“According to our new arrival, life is more than mere survival...We just might live the good life yet.”

The war may have upended things, but there’s hope that a happier future is on its way.

Sidely, it’s interesting that Marceline knew the words to this song too. Maybe it was another song Simon had liked to sing.


So I binged seasons 1-4 about two years ago and just started back up a month ago. I’m about halfway through season 6 and it’s just so ridiculously weird! I love how trippy and bazaar everything is. Like the food chain episode. Or the episode with the peace keeper vs Peppermint butler. Did they bring in a new director or writer?

I don’t know. I am highly enjoying these episodes. What’re everyone else’s opinions?


I was watching Bad Little Boy the other day and it kind of hit me we may not get a Fiona and Cake resolution. The last Fiona and Cake episode was so mysterious! Who's beaming them into Ice King's brain at night. Where did that tape come from? I would love a Fiona and Cake spin off but I would settle for a few minutes in the finale!!


I’ve been watching old Adventure Time previews for nostalgia’s sake and wondered if anyone here could help me identify the music used in this preview as well as this preview (same music used in both). I’m not sure if it’s Adventure Time music or Cartoon Network music or if it can be found anywhere. Thanks to anyone who can help.


I'm thinking about buying them but was wondering if they do trade paperback volumes every so often. Just to be clear, I'm not talking about the mainline Adventure Time comic series, but the series that runs alongside it called Adventure Time Comics


Tiffany and Dr Gross! We haven't seen them since they went under in the lab and exploded. I hope that at Tiffany survived because it'd be a shame that the one time he finally does the right thing, he dies.

What I want to happen is for Tiffany to crawl out of the ground or something right before a battle, quickly explain that Dr Gross died in the explosion and left Tiffany a free boi and then Tiffany can fight with them using his bionic arm, which would maybe remind Finn of his own bionic arm ablilites.

I would've liked for Dr Gross to have been more developed, so much so that she could help PB fight against Gumbald, but there's not enough time left to develope her into a character that would fit into modern day Ooo so I think killing her would be the best option.


but these are heavily censored like on TV.


In my opinion Thank you was a very good episode. It had not much dialog and when there was words spoken it was Finn, Jake or the ice king. This episode did a very good job of telling a story between to beings and in a way the ending was sad. The friendship between the two main characters really evolved over the course of the episode and it was done really well. This episode might not be a favorite among people but I certainly enjoyed it a lot.

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