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/r/Geopolitics is hosting an AMA featuring the staff of Encyclopedia Geopolitica. Subscribers have the opportunity to question experts on a wide array of subjects as they relate to geopolitics. The highest levels of rectitude will be expected from all participants.


Encyclopedia Geopolitica is an independent volunteer organization dedicated to publishing thoughtful insights on geopolitics. Contributors include Military officers, Geopolitical Intelligence analysts, Corporate Security professionals, Government officials, Academics and Journalists from around the globe. Topics cover diplomatic and foreign affairs, military developments, international relations, terrorism, armed conflict, espionage and the broader elements of statecraft.


Members of our team participating in this AMA are as follows:

/u/sageandonionLewis Tallon – Chief Editor and EMEA writer: Lewis is a former British Army Intelligence Officer with several years experience working and living in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific regions in geopolitical, armed conflict risk and threat intelligence roles, as well as a front-line military intelligence tour of Afghanistan. Lewis currently specialises in MENA-region geopolitical intelligence consulting, particularly in support of the oil & gas industry and the financial sector. /r/Geopolitics would like to extend a special thanks to /u/sageandonion for his role in organizing this event.

/u/spschoSimon Schofield – Terrorism and WMD writer: Simon is a Senior Fellow and Acting Director at the Human Security Centre, where he researches a broad range of security issues from terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and human rights issues. He has served as a geopolitical consultant for numerous news outlets including the BBC, RTE, and the International Business Times.

/u/anthonyclay - Anthony Clay - US Military policy writer: Anthony is a Surface Warfare Officer in the United States Navy who has served in every operational fleet, and most geographic Combatant Commands. He has an International Relations Degree from Tulane University and an Operations Research Masters Degree from the Naval Postgraduate School. Anthony is currently assigned to a staff posting within a numbered fleet.

/u/JablesOfGreenGables - Jonny Elswood – Crime and Insurgency writer: Jonny is a Scottish security analyst with expertise in counter-narcotics and non-state groups. Jonny has degrees in Political Science from St Andrews and Glasgow University, and recently completed a NATO Military Security course in Lithuania. He has contributed policy research for a political group in the Central African Republic, and currently focuses on organised crime analytics for Intelligence Fusion.

/u/jrugarberJohn Rugarber – Doctrinal Theory writer: John is a former United States Army Captain and graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point with multiple tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. John is a recent graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies with a concentration in Conflict Management, and focuses on Europe, Russia and the former Soviet Union states.

/u/paradoxmartens - Eamon Driscoll - Russia and CIS writer: Eamon is a graduate of the University of Illinois and postgraduate of Geopolitics, Territory and Security at King’s College, London. Eamon focuses on issues in Russia and the wider Commonwealth of Independent States, which has furnished him with extensive experience on the topic of breakaway states. His current academic focus is on the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad and how its unique position has forced the region to develop differently from other Russian territories, especially in the shadow of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

/u/Alfah3l1x - Alexander Stafford - Military and South China Sea writer: Alex is a geopolitical and defense affairs writer specialising in naval and maritime issues, insurgencies, military history and strategy. He is a graduate of King’s College London’s War Studies programme who has spent several years based in the Asia Pacific region.

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