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I have an illness which gives me light sensitivity which I generally have well managed and as part of my wife and i getting up to speed on the MCU we have started this one for the first time - I don't know if I can watch it ! When I watch it I have an unsettling feeling like my eyes want to sharpen the content and get a clear focus despite the soft glow and then when I look away from the screen I have a few seconds where stuff outside the screen has now gone a little blurry.

My actual eyesight is awesome, I can read tiny print and spot dust in things , identity spiders !! All that ;)

Wondering if anyone else had a problem, I'll try adjusting my TV but with this baked in as a retro effect it might be a losing battle

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13 days ago

Hey guys, just been confirmed that we can announce this. Jeph Loeb, the Executive Vice President of Marvel Television is coming on here to do an AMA on Thursday 7th June at 11am PST/2pm ET!

(Same day as Cloak and Dagger Premiere hint hint)

Proof Pic

This is a huge opportunity to ask Jeph Loeb questions about his involvement in ALL of the MCU TV shows.

Heres is IMDB to check out everything he's worked on

Please try to think up some interesting and original questions (and not just that one thing I know ya'll wanna ask)

Also this AMA was all set up by our favourite Reddit Admin, /u/Chtorrr, so send your thanks over to her!

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So I watched the two seasons for the 4th time over the course of 1,5 years And i got One question.. will there be a season 3?


Yeah, that ending sucked. Too bad we'll (probably) never get a season 3 to see what happened


Anyone know what this is? It's asking for a password. Looks like the keys are off- #1 has no letters (and you can barely read it), the letter Q is missing, and Z is missing.


Sorry if this has been asked before, I'm new here, but I was wondering if anyone could quickly explain to me what the heck is going on in, uh, I think it's season 1 episode 3. Jarvis is being questioned at the SSR, then Peggy comes in and says "I took your stolen car report" and everyone is all pissed at her and Jarvis walks free and Thompson is like "sorry doesn't begin to cover it."

I've watched it 3 times, it makes no sense to me. Why was Jarvis suddenly allowed to walk free to make them all mad at her?


Just checking for extras, if there are can you write a name of it? Also, can i watch them online/without buying Blu ray?


i'm aware that the general consensus is that season 1 is a lot better, but i've honestly liked season 2 up to now.

is that zero matter the same thing as the monolith from agents of shield?


I’ve been reading reviews of the AC235 and I’m dying to get my hands on a package, but I live in Canada and Besame can’t ship any of the Agent Carter products out of the US. I’ve read up on some dropshipping services but I can’t figure them out for the life of me. Would anyone of you gracious redditors living in the US be willing to receive and forward a package to your northern neighbours? Thanks in advance ☺️

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Dum Dum Dugan
2 months ago

... and at this point I’m too afraid to ask.

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