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The sky is NOT falling, this is just a natural phenomenon known as "rain".

Edit: To anyone concerned that the big loud white stuff is parts of clouds, no, no, I assure you, it's just hail but stay out of it, it hurts!


I’m stuck in a bad situation. I have a felon threatening my wife and my nephew that we just got custody of. He has zero blood or legal ties to the kid and we have legal guardianship but feels like the father figure.

Now he’s on bail for at least two separate incidents. One from last year for robbing a store with my nephew(4yo) along. Then this year he did something else, not quite sure the whole story, but he’s facing 7 felony charges between the two incidents. Both times he had a weapon as a felon.

Now since he’s threatened us we’ve been trying to get his bail pulled for not complying with the conditions of his release. I’ve tried to call the judge but was not able to talk to him. Called the DA’s. Called the police and filed a report. Tried to file a restraining order (for what good it does to a felon who keeps breaking the same laws). And I’m at my wits end.

The DA is telling me that they can’t see the other cases details (different counties). I asked one if he could be locked up on the basis that he broke the law again while on bail for the first incident and got a discouraging “well, I suppose he could, but the judges are so lenient.”

The cops have filed the report but besides that haven’t been much help. Yesterday we actually saw him in our area and called the cops and they NEVER got back to us. I emailed one this morning and he said he’d look into it when he gets back Thursday.

The restraining order office didn’t issue a protective order on the grounds that we could just tell them he wasn’t complying with his bail terms and get him locked back up, which isn’t working.

I just wrote the senators today but I don’t feel like that’s even going to go anywhere.

Does anyone know a better option to pursue. Right now we sleep in one room in my house with the door barricaded and alarmed and my gun at my side. I don’t want it to have to come to violence to solve this situation. Please offer any solid advice or help that you can. Thank you.


My friend found a dog today with no microchip near cnm. If you or someone you know lost a dog message me!


Hi all, I need a couple of custom glass tabletops. It will have to be delivered as well since I can't transport the larger of the two. Any recommendations for reliability and value? Not necessarily looking for the cheapest, but the best value.


Looking to get some prices on kitchen cabinet/ kitchen remodel. Does anyone have any recommendations for good companies that can give a free quotes/estimates


Preferably the sort of place that sells snacks and has unusual fruit flavors like guanabana and soursopp?


Any girls looking to play soccer this summer? Looking for a couple more for an adult coed league on Sundays starting in June


Over the past half hour Ive heard many sirens pass by (at Carlisle/40) just wondering if anyone knew if it was the (brief) storm or accident or crime

edit: I meant to put a question mark in the title

edit: I meant to say the 40, not the 25


Anyone been in years past? I know it’s not the one in Bernalillo (RIP) would love to know what the vibe is and what to expect. Got free tickets just doing recon work here.


Preface this with I am in the military with hair as long as I'm allowed to have.

I need a place that can do a clean taper, about a 1 to skin in the back, but blend it longer along the side to fit with my longer hair on top.

I've tried some Aveda salons but they can't quite pull off what I'm looking for. I've yet to find a barber shop/fade station that can deal with longer hair.

Any recommendations out there?


Can anyone recommend a local place that can repair a Hawley retainer? Part of the acrylic is cracked and my ortho. charges an arm and a leg for repairs. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

Posted byAlbuqweerque5 hours ago

Maybe I’m not young and cute enough anymore, but when I used to go to regular bars I’d get a beer comp’d every once in a while. Never at a brewery though. Just sayin....

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