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Drag racing in NE

Has anyone noticed an increase in drag racing in the NE area, specifically around San Mateo and Academy? I'm not sure of the exact location, but over the last month or two or seems like they race ever single night. It's unbelievably loud. Does ABQ not have enough police to patrol the area or what? I just can't believe that nobody is calling the police. They literally do it all night long.

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I deliver pizzas in the area and I'm constantly told to find a new route by these street racers... Something needs to be done.

Seriously? They like tell you, that you can't drive down this road because they are racing? What the actual fuck.

Sounds more like their boss is warning them to find a different route that will avoid the problems areas.

op said "by these street racers"

or its a well placed fast and furious reference

I drive home along Academy most evenings around 11pm. This is a serious problem around that time nightly. I occasionally see police in the area, but not a ton - and obviously not enough to deter many of the racers.

Original Poster5 points·2 months ago

Call the NE office on weekdays to have the police set up survellaince. They are closed during weekends, so call the main police number at night if needed.

NE office: 505 823 4455

Main: 505 242 2677

People do call in, I hear it on the scanner. I think the police are spread too thin and busy with harder crime, even though street racing is very dangerous for all.

A couple of nights in the past few months I've noticed a HUGE street race occuring just off of Edith & Odelia by Martineztown park. Probably 50-60 cars.

Original Poster1 point·2 months ago

Like an ABQ version of Fast & Furious! lol

Seriously though, what street do they race on? Edith is too curvy and doesn't it have speed bumps?

It was a street directly west of edith, about 1/8th of a mile, looked like it was an industrial thoroughfare type, probably only 1/4 mile

Original Poster1 point·2 months ago

Cool. I actually wouldn't mind going to something like that and just checking it out.

it was pretty wild. Montgomery was where we used to cruise in my high school days.

Original Poster1 point·2 months ago

They either cruise on Montgomery or Academy now. I can't tell because they move so much but the sound is really loud like they're in my back yard. I'd join them if I was 20 years younger and cool. lol

nice area of town :)

Comment deleted2 months ago

Their racing kills people, they need to be arrested.

Nope, they need to be arrested. They are putting people's lives in jeopardy. We just had a girl killed walking across the street to school, and others have been killed by people speeding on city streets recently. Everyone knows public streets are not the proper place for racing, this isn't an issue where people think this is lawful and just need to be informed.

I don't know why the police can't shut this down if it happens in the same place or for a long time. But then again, ABQ is the only place I've seen people driving around with obscured license plates (either covered with dark plastic or with the numbers rubbed off) without getting pulled over.

How is disallowing racing even in a controlled environment going to solve the problem of a child dying in a situation that had nothing to do with racing?

Public streets are not a controlled environment. People driving too fast on public roads increases the risk of death to pedestrians and other driving.

It was never stated that public streets are a controlled environment. It was said that racing could be done in a more appropriate settings, which I took to mean somewhere not on the street. Ya know, antrack or something.

Dude, WHO is saying they should be racing on public streets?!?!

Chill out and read, then come back to us when you’re all caught up.

Dude, I read everything. Where did I say racing should be disallowed in a controlled environment? Street racing is illegal because it's dangerous. People who do it should be arrested because that will deter the activity and shut down the races. Here's a story about people killed by street racing in ABQ:

Here's another story that mentions a 10-year old being killed by street racing, and the benefits of arrests in deterring behavior:

I guess the rest of this thread is failing to see the connection between some poor girl dying and advocating showing people where to race safely. It’s sucks the girl died. No one is disputing that.

The OC was simply stating they should be shown where to race safely and you come out of left field offering up some sad story that has ZERO connection to the issue at hand.

If you want to decry street racing NO ONE is going to disagree but maybe comment on the post instead of this comment thread about showing them where to race in a safe environment.

We get it. You’re sad and angry about street racing.

I was disagreeing with the comment that people shouldn't be arrested for street racing. You commented that people who downvoted the comment that people shouldn't be arrested should be directed to r/bitching or r/crybabies, which is a really mature remark about an issue that kills people.

I was extrapolating from the story on the front of the Journal today to show the danger of reckless driving to pedestrians, but tragically there are plenty of other examples of people killed directly by street racing.

Sounds like they need to be directed where to do it safely, not arrested.

this was the comment, stating an intent to direct them to safe means, not simply saying they shouldn't be arrested!!! And I stand by my comment to direct a lot of this sub to the crybaby and bitching subreddits, I suggest you visit them since you clearly have no intent to contribute to this conversation

I agree that people should be directed to safe spaces for racing. I also agree that this subreddit is pretty toxic with the downvotes. Otherwise, I’ve said my piece.

It doesn’t. He didn’t read the comment obviously before responding.

Comment deleted2 months ago

Your lapse of logic is breathtaking.

Not sure why you’re being downvoted. How is motor sports in the proper context bad?

Comment deleted2 months ago(1 child)
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It appears that some people here clearly don't understand the difference between street racing, and sanctioned legal track racing. Any street racing is illegal. There is no legal form of street racing, or going somewhere on a public roadway at midnight in a rural area to be "safer."

Anyone who breaks the law street racing should receive a "go straight to jail" card. If you or your friends want to measure anatomy, take it to Sandia Speedway or similar private venues.

It kills me people in here are pretending like street racers don't know of any legal venues and that we need to spend police resources "informing" them of alternatives. Maybe if we were second in the nation for auto theft or maybe second in the nation for property crime but till then... IT'S ILLEGAL

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