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Hire a documentary filmmaker and in Michael Moore style show how he singlehandedly destroyed the police dept, central avenue, the safety of the city ect. Pay for it with a go fund me campaign, play it on pbs, make sure he is a laughing stock of mayors! How's that for your legacy diggleberry!

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This - put just get Netflix, Hulu or Amazon to publish it

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Yeah. Just do all those things.

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Pay for play in New Mexico is still very real and alive. I would be highly surprised if he faced anything.

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I mean, I'd be astonished too, but I'd at least like to know the proper channels to voice my concerns over an issue like this.

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I think that learning the lesson from Berry is probably a better use of your energy and not allowing another one to come into power. Voting is a huge power even though it doesn't seem like it. Doing anything like YouTube videos about it will prob get you a defamation lawsuit.

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Tar and feathers?

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Give all the homeless and thugs a ride in the back of the truck to his neighborhood, that’s the best we can do.

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Does the county have enough trucks?

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Unless an investigation shows him guilty of fraud or corruption, there's little chance of holding him accountable in terms of any legal or fiscal action.

What you can do thought is work to oust those council members who voted the project thru, and approved the contracts, and also keep an eye on the city manager's office.

You can also work to stop Berry or any of the other council members from seeking higher offices. Congress, Senate, Governor -don't let them even think of running for those offices, where their incompetence will be more lucratively rewarded.

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        I thought it was a bad enough idea to take away a traffic lane (or obliterate the median, as the case may be) on Central.

        But I was unprepared for the sheer annoyance of the reduction in places one can cross or U-turn. As you've explained, this makes it a real pain in the ass to visit a business on the other side of the street.

        It wouldn't shock me if people simply ignored the signage, anywhere an ART station doesn't physically block crossing Central.

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        At least the BRT stations provided shaded seating for the Pride Parade.

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        The worst part is that people will continue to turn from the bus lanes even when the busses start running

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        I would recommend writing to your city councilor. There probably won’t be any legal recourse for this, but just letting your representative know how you feel about what’s going on in this city is never a bad idea.


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        Keep in mind this project was passed by your city council with a 7-2 vote, regardless of what Berry wanted. Same people still sitting on the council by the way

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        This right here. Only Councillors who voted against this foolishness were Lewis (no longer serving) and Pena.

        Find your Councillor here and make your unhappiness plain:


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        Thank you for taking the time to point me in the right direction!

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        It might not do any good, but you can also try contacting your state legislators. https://nmlegis.gov/Members/Find_My_Legislator

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        Sure thing.

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        Throw some bologna on his car during a hot day. Or find his mailing address and sign him up for a bunch of magazines

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        Talk him into selling one of his cell towers he has APD guarding?

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        I haven't heard about this. Would you elaborate please?

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        Can you provide some specific examples of the crime or corruption you believe Major Berry has committed?

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        73 page report about the ART project was released by the Keller administration. The Journal has been covering it extensively. In sum, Berry pushed the ART project without securing funding and cut a lot of corners in trying to rush the project through. As a result, the City could be really fucked financially in the next coming decade.


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        FYI, it was pointed out here on reddit last year, by several people that the funding wasn't secured. However, others, assured by the sure quick drum roll of the city and the promises Berry had made to his contracting cronies, overlooked it in favor of short term gains (jobs that started immediately) and some vision of the city that wasn't quite right.

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        As long as we keep electing the major party players it will be business as usual. The system protects itself.

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        So in theory.... if you had several tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of dollars laying around with no use for it....

        You might be able to hire an attorney, and file a civil suit against Berry and the City for some kind of damages. You paid tax dollars into bonds, and the city misappropriated those bonds. You'd have to prove that the former mayor and/or city managers acted willfully or negligently in doing so. Hind sight review does not prove negligence or intent. So you might be able to show that someone in the pipe said "look, I know this money is for rebuilding city drainage infrastructure, but we would rather use it for this project so I'm going to knowingly use it for this project, the law be damned" or "I'm not at all qualified to hold this job, my uncle got it for me, I intentionally lied on my resume, I lied to my superiors about my ability to manage city finances, and went ahead and tried to fake it, and screwed up" .... at that point you MIGHT be able to claim whatever portion of your taxes went towards the payments on those bonds. Get ready to go to the bank with a $0.50 check!

        Now, if you're one of the people holding those bonds, you may have more damages - still probably not enough to go to court on unless your damages are in the 6 figure range. These kinds of trials are stupid expensive to litigate and only serve to make lawyers rich.

        Other than a civil trial, you as an ordinary citizen are powerless to hold anyone in government personally accountable for political snafus.

        But you DO have power. You can vote. You can vote for laws and policy makers who represent your agenda.

        You can run for office. You can set the agenda.

        You can engage other voters, and lobby on your own behalf or on the behalf of a common cause you believe in. Mayor Kelly has been calling for more volunteerism, and that's where the grass roots start - in the community.

        If, for example, you're into how city money is spent on public infrastructure like roadways, get with the city and find out how you can help the city traffic engineers office. Chances are they don't need you just yet, only because they've never been approached by a volunteer.... but they can almost certainly get you in with a community that needs help keeping their streets free or litter.... you work with them for a while, get to know the salaraied city staff who manage those groups, attend city functions that you'll get invited to (or asked to pay for a plate at... as /u/s0d says it's a pay for play system for now), network, glad hand your way to the top, get to know the mayor and his people.... if it sounds like a lot of work, it IS. It's the job politicians do. Many politicians get their start in community activism and volunteerism (as opposed to the ones who family bought them a senate seat....).

        So there you have it.

        Also, if there is enough indication of any kind of fraud, negligence, or other foul play, the city and state have lawyers that look out for that stuff. Still, that said, no one of any substance is suggesting Berry committed any criminal acts... being a shitty politician isn't criminal (nor should it be, imagine the chaos...) just stop voting for the bafoons.

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        Woo quoted again. Thanks. Lol

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        You want to hold one of America's royal class accountable? I understand your frustrations, but unless we literally catch a politician with their dangly bits somewhere they shouldn't be, we can't touch em. I would recommend annexing D.C.

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        so every mayor in every city in America is considered 'America's Royal Class'?

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        No, politicians are.

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        well, then isnt that a good thing? a democratically elected 'royal class' aka democracy?

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        Except that they build their own dynasties, immune from prosecution, and separate from the world they shape. Congress, for example, voted themselves the benefit where their kids get automatic admission to any higher learning institution, free of tuition. So they groom their offspring in prestigious schools, where old family connections are strengthened, ensuring the continued power of the family.

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        hm. I definitely agree that the immune to prosecution part is not good, I was unaware about the 'college admission/tuition' which I was unaware about as well.

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        By immune to prosecution, I was speaking effectively, not legally. They are powerful, with powerful friends, so their crimes just kind of disappear.

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        Soooooo....they give their children the best opportunities they can? Sounds, I dunno, like they're being good parents? I hope you do the same for your children.

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        They give their children free school on thetaxpayer's dime. Their children weren't elected, first of all. Secondly, if you don't see how this is used to maintain an institution of inequality, then no further conversation will be helpful. You need to understand how the world works, and I'm not your teacher.

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        Uhh...of course it is used to maintain an institution of inequality. I'm just saying that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Equality isn't necessarily the goal.

        They give their children free school on thetaxpayer's dime

        Yeah you just said the thing I found no evidence for over again without giving any evidence. If you're talking about, like, the actual elite then you're talking about universities that are free because the endowments are so large, not because the government is paying for it. If I got into Princeton it'd be free, same for you. 'Free' college is usually community college.

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        Look at restate along the ART route. So many bussinesses that have been in the same spaces for ever went under leaving the prime space open. Also what's up with doing road projects backwards? Resurfacing then tearing up the same stretch of road right after to get to the utility underneath, then resurfacing again. That's some wasteful bullshit.

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        He was JUST elected in December... The ART project is from the previous mayor. Look at your past votes if you want to find where this all stemmed from.