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Hey guys! I’m so glad to see that we have our own little community on Reddit, I would love to be able to get to know you guys (feel free to dm me if you feel like it)! This makes me so proud! Saha ramdankom :)


I'm an American with an Algerian wife, and Algerian in-laws.

I'm interested buying a villa in Oran (Near Akid Lotfi or near Es Senia) and am currently wondering 1, what's the typical price of a villa (I plan to buy it in full), and 2, what would be the process of buying real estate if I'm a foreigner? Would I be able to put it in my name, or would I have to put it in my wive's name?

I just want a place that my wife and I can stay when we visit her family, and maybe somewhere we can stay over summers while raising our kids etc. so they can get exposure to where their mother is from as well. Is this type of purchase even allowed within Algeria? I know citizenship is near impossible to obtain, so I was curious whether this was a possibility for non Algerians.


i feel so distanced from reality in this shithole, anyone feel the same ?


Is there a limit to comments? I commentend on a post (only one) and now i have to wait for a few minutes before commenting again, can someone please explain ?


I've been having a few discussions line with people in regards to Morocco and Algeria; and I get conflicting answers. Moroccans say we were the conquers and that Moroccan culture spread through out the Maghreb because of the conquest. Algerians say they dominated the Mediterranean and that Morocco was never a great power only colonized by Iberia.

Someone guide me, I find conflicting answers online as well.

Thank you! :)

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I love u ppl, ur country, revolution, everything. Hope I can visit one day inchallah xoxo


So my wife is going to be coming to the US, and she needs a vaccination record. Does anybody know where we can get this?

Secondly in the event that she needs a specific vaccination, where can she go to get them?

She for sure needs a vaccination for the following.

Rotavirus, Meningococcie, varicelle, grippe. Where can we get this? The full list of vaccinations is as follows. Can all of these be given at the same time?





Le tétanos et la diphtérie


Haemophilus influenzae de type b

Hépatite A

Hépatite B




Streptococcus pneumoniae


Can these be obtained in a hospital or does it have to be a private doctors office? Where can I obtain records to prove I already have these (if I already have them)?


Well, hi, I'm Ilyas (20yo) from Constantine... My current "friends" are emotionally/psychologically/intellectually killing me. With them, I always have to act like as if I were a "normal" person. (I'm non-Muslim and not straight hehe)

I am tired of that. I came here hoping to find some interesting, educated, and open-minded guys around my age, to spend time with...

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