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Basic information

What does AppCoins stand for and what is it?

AppCoins is an open and distributed protocol for app stores. It proposes to move to the blockchain three of the most critical flows of app stores: advertising, in-app purchases and developer’s approval. By redesigning the transactions inside an app store, creates efficiencies by disintermediation and redistributes the value released in a way that create incentives for the AppCoins supported stores dissemination. A cryptocurrency will be created to enable transactions based on the AppCoins protocol: AppCoin Tokens.

What is an AppCoin Token?

AppCoin tokens (“APPC Tokens”) are ERC-20 compatible tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC-20 smart contract. AppCoins is meant for use in the AppCoins blockchain platform to perform transactions in the app store ecosystem.

What can AppCoins be used for?

AppCoin tokens can be used to obtain services on any app store that supports the AppCoins protocol as well as to reward users. Some examples: Developers can invest on advertising to promote their apps; Users can be rewarded with AppCoins by installing and using sponsored apps; Developers can sell and users can buy digital goods using in-app billing;

How do I buy AppCoins tokens?

Currently you can purchase AppCoins at Binance.

What is the circulating supply? The circulating supply is 98M.

What is the total supply? The total supply is aprox. 246M as you can confirm on Etherscan:

I've purchased AppCoins during the ICO, but I can't find them in my wallet

You probably need to configure a custom token on your wallet. We have made a few guides for the most used wallets. We have one for MyEtherWallet (, MetaMask (, Parity (, imToken ( and Mist ( If you're not using one of these please contact us on Telegram:

Where does the value come from?

Because AppCoins is blockchain-based, and the AppCoin tokens are ERC20 based, they can be traded from and to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum and to fiat currencies. People can freely buy and sell these tokens, and many hold in anticipation of increased purchasing power for various AppCoins related services. Can I transfer APPC from my wallet to a peer’s wallet? You need to store the APPC tokens in ERC20 compliant wallets. With these you can transfer AppCoins back and forth to your peers.

What is the Roadmap?

Please check our Medium for updates on the roadmap. Every two weeks we post an "AppCoins News Update":

AppCoins protocol in practice

What problems does AppCoins solve?

AppCoins was created to solve the three main inefficiencies in the app economy which are (1) more transparency or trust, (2) Circular and efficiency, (3) shared with network effects.

I want to buy digital goods in a game but I don’t have a credit card. Can I use AppCoins?

Yes. You can earn AppCoins by installing sponsored games, ask a friend or relative to directly transfer you AppCoins and then use them to buy your digital goods in an app store with support for AppCoins like Aptoide.

How can I earn AppCoins by using an AppCoins-enabled app store?

If you want to do in-app purchases and you need to earn AppCoins for that purpose, there is a way. You will be rewarded for your willingness to try new apps that are being promoted by app developers. You spend time using these apps and you can earn 85% of the amount invested by the app developer to promote the app. This is based on a proof-of-attention defined in the AppCoins protocol.

How secure is AppCoins protocol and Blockchain?

AppCoins’ security is accomplished by design. The blockchain that stores the transactional data ensures that it is protected by strong cryptography. You can feel safe whenever you see the AppCoins Compliant logo we are following a safe and private protocol.

I am a developer and I want to know what is Cost-per-attention (CPAt) and how is it better than any other Advertising model to promote my app?

CPAt is AppCoins’ Advertising Solution, which converts in users’ attention. Not only it reduces fraud and intermediation, but it also guarantees that the users at least try the app, increasing the chances of retention. With AppCoins, 85% of your advertising investment is transferred to the users so that they can use it to purchase digital goods in mobile apps with IAB.

Being a top developer, do I still run a risk of losing market share and how does AppCoins help?

With AppCoins users have more financial power. Every time a user installs an app that is being advertised, they are awarded with AppCoins which they can spend inside the platform. This means that popular apps will have a massive boost in the revenue because of more user purchase capabilities and engagement.

How can I check if developers and their apps are trustable?

AppCoins allows any user or app store to check the blockchain for the current reputation status of the developer. This is based on the success of past transactions within the platform. If it’s a new developer on the system, it initially joins with an unknown state. After some time, as this developer conduct transactions, more information is gathered. Then, the system can automatically move his record to the Trusted or Warning/Critical state in the blockchain based on its score.

How can I distribute and monetize my app in different app stores?

Developers don´t need to create different versions of their app to support IAP for different app stores. AppCoins provides a standard interface for developers to receive payments in any app store. Top Developers now have a reason to trust any app store adopting the protocol. All AppCoin based payments will be immediate and transparent so the risk of distributing to different app stores is minimum.

What do OEMs gain in being part of AppCoins?

With AppCoins, OEMs have a transparent blockchain based solution that ensures their 5% share revenue of all advertising and in-app purchase transactions occurred in their devices, when they pre-load a AppCoins based app store.


My question is why should I pay with appc as a customer what do I have for real benefits ...but more important how they will solve the problem of declaring a worth per appc...

For example I want to by gems for clash of clans on Monday I need to pay 30appc coins for 1000gems that's 15$ on Friday I need to pay 60appc coins that's worth 15$ so if the developer didn't turn his appc coins into $ he lost 50% of money in 5days...hope u understand my question I don't try to make fud it's just a question that is interesting for me and I think for the whole community :-)


I am happy to see weak hands, and frivulous short-term mentalities getting rekt by this market. I am happy to see people that don't do their research, that don't analyze fundamentals, have their investments ruined.

All the trolls that flood this forum and spread baseless FUD are bitter, short-sighted and narrow-minded losers that invested in this project, got rekt by 50-90%+, sold at a massive loss, and made it their life mission to try and harm this project. Their trolling is their tears acted out online. I love it. It's life giving nectar.

This project was barely out of ICO when the market plummeted. So many people are whining and complaining that this project hasn't made them a millionaire when it's BRAND NEW. Many of the lead crypto projects were around for YEARS before they finally gained any traction and took off. I am in this for the long haul.

So many projects in the top 50 and top 100, hell, even the top 10 don't have any sort of working product, they don't even have a clear use case. Yet here we have a crystal clear use case, for a sector of the economy that is growing at break-neck speed (applications and in app purchases), with a pre existing user base of hundreds of millions of people (that's also growing very quickly) and a working product on the horizon.

So, sorry lambo kiddies that you didn't make 5 million dollars in three months from your very first investment. Investing is a game of patience, you didn't have any, and I'm glad you got rekt. I only want true believers on board this money train. I don't like seeing undeserving people get wealthy. I'm glad you invested daddy's money, lost 90%, and sold at a loss.

Heed my words: accumulate as many Appcoins as you can at these prices. In 3-5 years it may likely be one of the wisest things you've ever done.



will there be a Token Swap in the future?


Please clean up this place. I am not reading any articles here anymore because of the trolls. Ban them so this place can get some positive vibe going again.

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AppCoins is a blockchain-based protocol for the App Economy. Covering the financial transactions, as well as the apps approval flow, the protocol is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum ERC 20 tokens. This subreddit goal is to discuss the white paper, the ICO and other questions related.

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