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Good Sunday!

Hraparak's Yerevan Municipality sources say that the agency's Taron allies are busy "cleaning things up" after his resignation, and preparing for their own resignations because the new elections will be held soon and they have no hopes of keeping their jobs. The leader of Erebuni District of Yerevan has also stopped collecting a AMD1,000 fee from garbage truck drivers entering Sovetashen waste facility, according to the drivers who are curious as to why the "garbage customs" all of a sudden has stopped making AMD 1mln/mo "out of thin air".էրեբունու-թաղապետը-հրաժարվել-է-օդից-փող-բիզնեսից-թաղապետները-հետքերն-են-վերացնում

First Deputy Prime Minister Ararat Mirzoyan will disclose the costs associated with his recent work visit to US. Says his wife used personal resources for the non-political visits within the US. Earlier, former police chief Vladimir Gasparyan's allies launched a campaign on social media to discredit the Minister by claiming his wife was wasting budget resources

Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan denies the rumors that Armenian economist Daron Acemoglu asked for $300,000 in exchange for services.



Defense Minister: Russia has finished supplying all the weapons purchased with the $200mln loan. Some of these weapons are new and aren't even part of the Russian army arsenal yet.

A 2.4km zip-line will be built in Armenia by Yell Extreme Park, making it one of the longest lines in the world. The tourism in the region has already been growing and they have plans to add 20 other services for the tourists

"Build Armenia" business initiative by diasporan Armenians has hundreds of millions of dollars ready for investment. Companies are deciding where to invest the funds. One of the investors is Vartan Sirmakes, the co-founder of luxury "Franck Mueller" Swiss watch, who will use dozens of millions of dollars to boost tourism in Artsakh and Armenia

Ministry of Diaspora creates a program encouraging young diasporans to visit Armenia on August. Hundreds of younglings and parents have registered. They will be hosted by locals home owners for several weeks. One of the hosts will be the First Lady

Watermelon festival in Yerevan. Livestream:


After spending some time in country, and having seen some of the conflict areas along the border here and in NKR becoming informed of the situation my curiosity has stemmed regarding if anybody knows of members of the diaspora volunteering to fight. Allow me to make it clear that I’m aware that doing that without experience would be ignorant. In short, does anybody know of this being done (aside from Monte) in more recent times? Also does anybody have information regarding the legality of doing this, both in terms of U.S law and the laws here?


More details emerge from the terminations of 7 high ranking regional police chiefs few days earlier. It appears that this was done to combat the practice of obtaining driver's license in exchange for bribes. All the terminated members were officials from driver's license issuing departments. Around 70% of Yerevan license exam goers pass the tests from the first attempt, while that number is close to 100% in the regions where the dismissals took place. Many Yerevan residents know that in the event of failing the test in Yerevan, you can go to the nearing province and buy the license from them

Dozens of business deals were issued to private companies to do works in provinces. Some of them had shady practices. One company ("Shahart" Inc.) embezzled AMD 43mln. Criminal case is launched

H1 news administration denies the claims that 7 employees were fired for their political views. Points out that no one was hired in their positions. They were terminated for saving resources.

A citizen informed the police about a corruption in Yerevan school N46. Investigation discovers that the former director abused his powers and embezzled AMD 7.6mln, registering relatives as employees and paying them salaries, without them working at the school. AMD 4mln has been recovered so far

13 high ranking judges, prosecutors and citizens will be tried in a corruption case in Gegharquniq Province. The citizens bribed the judges with large sums to prevent their relative from going to jail. The case was launched earlier but was under closed doors. It will re-launch on August and it will most likely be open for the public

Police uncovers another abuse of social security resources in Vardenis, Gagharquniq. Employees of social services and postal office conspired with residents to embezzle AMD 6mln

😔 PM Pashinyan 😔 has 😔 instructed 😔 the 😔 police 😔 chief 😔 Osipyan 😔 to 😔 revoke 😔the 😔 "gold plate" 😔driver's😔 license😔 numbers😔 that 😔the😔 former 😔high 😔ranking 😔policemen 😔gave 😔themselves.😔 It's 😔done😔 to 😔combat😔their😔 ego 😔and😔 the😔 atmosphere😔 that😔 they 😔are😔 "special or above the law". 😔The😔 former😔 police😔 chief😔 has😔 confirmed😔 that😔 his😔 99 II 999 plates 😔were 😔taken 😔away 😔

Thank you Kanye, very cool!

----- Business ---------

The American University of Armenia organizes the first ever large scale student-employer meetup. Hundreds of students will receive an opportunity to get job offers from dozens of corporations, mostly from the tech field

Solar industry investments by French companies in Vardenis. Dozens of families, schools and public buildings have installed solar panels.

------ Culture ------

Public Survey: What do Armenians think about the affordability of healthy food? Most believe that in average of AMD 4,000 is needed per day per person

Tourists and locals in Yerevan talks about their impressions and what they like the most

Smithsonian Folklore Festival about Armenia, in Washington DC

----- Foreign -----

Increasing number of people now believe that what took place in Ganja, Azerbaijan was not a radical religious terror, as the Azeri government tried to portray it to be in order to hide the true nature of the situation. The shooting of the mayor (Elmar Valiyev, Azerbaijan's Manvel Grigoryan but hundred times worse) was an act of a desperate man who found no other solution to end the corruption and unlawfulness in Ganja. The residents of the city have long complained about the illegal actions and bad management of the city administration. There is no evidence that the shooter was trained in Syria, had radical religious views, nor was trained by the Armenian or Russian secret services. Parallels can be drawn between that incident, and Sasna Tsrer's hostage takeover of a police station in Yerevan, and subsequent march by dozens of thousands of Armenians to end the regime.

The protests that took place in Ganja few days after the assassination attempt were organized by ordinary citizens who were also fed up by the corruption in the city. The policemen were killed during a confrontation after they attempted to disperse the crowd. No evidence that the protesters went there with the intention to harm anyone or destabilize the country. The Aliyev administration is afraid of this form of uprising, which is why the protesters were portrayed as terrorists and foreign agents.

Material related to events: ------ --------- ------- -------

The electricity issues continue in Baku due to extreme heat and improper management of the country's largest energy source. Several districts of Baku went dark again

Armenian Defense Ministry spokesman reminds Azerbaijan that Armenians also monitor Azeri cities in Nakhijevan, after Azeri media spread propaganda last month about being able to see Armenian villages from the border. Spokesman shared a photo of Ordubad city of Nakhijevan, which is 9km away from the official border. -----


---- END ----

All the accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


I'm 14 and have a 6 year old mentally disabled brother. His development level is equivalent to a 1 year old (he doesn't speak anything except random groans,moans and “mama) and while his development didn't stop,it doesn't go fast either. Granted,my parents are in their 40-50s and (hopefully) I don't have to worry about them passing for about 20 years or so. But once they do and if I won't be able or won't be willing to (I don't really love him and certainly won't let him impact my life badly) care for him, what will happen to him or what can I do to ensure he is fine but out of my life?


Criminal case is launched in the mining industry for illegal anti-competitive practices. Few individuals purchased most of the shares of 19 leading mining companies, then sold them to an offshore company located in Cayman Islands

Criminal case is launched against employees of Environmental Protection Ministry for deliberately hiding from public the environmental impact study results about "Lidian Armenia" mining company's activities

A criminal investigation is launched against a psychiatric hospital for illegally demanding fees from patients, after the human rights ombudsman's office conducts unannounced visit to check the conditions

A lawyer's office releases an undercover footage of Northern University administrator. Accuses them of giving diplomas in exchange for moneyարա-խաչատրյանը-մեղադրանքներ-է-ուղղում-հյուսիսային-համալսարանին-տեսանյութ

"A and G" liquor company (owned by Samvel Arakelyan aka Lfik Samo) is fined AMD 10mln for selling fake vodka under false NEPIROFF labels -------

"Araratyan Avtokayan" company, which abused transportation licensing and falsified documents to underpay taxes, has paid AMD 30mln in penalties

Military will give new clothing and shoes to soldiers more frequently; more comfortable ones will be made. New types of foods will be distributed, total of 4000 Cal/day ----

After moving their residence to Prime Minister's building, Pashinyan family gives their apartment to a homeless family

Corrosion-free material producing factory will be built in Aramus, Kotayk

The former president of South Korea sentenced to 8 years in prison for large scale corruption and abuse of power. She'll have to repay $3bln in damagesՀարավային-Կորեա/1444977

Two more members of Sasna Tsrer are released from detention while their trials continue. Vachagan Ghazaryan, Serj's bodyguard, can also walk out for now if he pays an AMD 1bln bond. -------

All the accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


Hey guys. Am I expected to leave tips in the hotels in Armenia?

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