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Welcome back to our weekly watch along of Arrow! We are currently on Episodes 11-20 of the first season. This is when things really begin to pick up for Oliver as the vigilante, as he is tested both in skill and in restraint. Along with testing his boundaries, we get our newest 'member' to the team, Felicity, along with our initial introduction to Roy Harper. Like the other posts, please keep the discussion sectioned to these ten episodes, the goal is to give attention to each group in detail. We will get to the other seasons and plot lines as time goes on. For those that wish to participate, I have some insightful questions below, and as always feel free to ask your own in the comments!

First off, how do you feel about the combo of testing each others blind side to those they care about? Initially with John being tested by his faith in his old commanding officer, to Oliver being tested when it came to his mothers involvement in suspicious activities. How did you feel each character handled the truth when it finally came forward?

Laurel and her Father. How do you feel about the entire situation that goes down in the first few episodes. Do you think Det. Lance was in the right to use his daughter to apprehend the criminal(in his mind at least). Was he just doing his due diligence as a cop? Or was it wrong to use family in such matters of manipulation? Is Laurel in the right for distancing herself from him as she does?

Oliver getting shot by his mother, expected or not? Also, following this we get our first introduction to Felicity as a possible new team member. In her humble beginnings, what are your initial thoughts? Do you believe he made a reasonable decision being she has been so trustworthy with him in the past?

We have our proper introduction to Slade by now as well. What do you think of Oliver's initial greeting? My personal favorite is when he fights to break loose of the rope and punches Slade, showing him he will fight to survive. Do you think it was right for Slade to test him so? How about Slades usefulness saving Oliver from certain death? Also, with the events playing out after that, the siege of the airstrip, his call to Laurel, and his choice to go save Yao Fei, thoughts on his actions? I personally love seeing Oliver's flashbacks, his time away is always so interesting.

Lance working with the Hood now? Thoughts? Also, how do you all feel about the idea of Oliver literally saving the man that is behind everything he stands for? Love the irony in those episodes. Also, how do you feel about how Tommy takes Oliver revealing his secret? Even to his later decision to leave Laurel due to him never being able to "compete".

*Insert Random Huntress Episode*

We then get our introduction to Shado, and we see her teaching techniques versus those of Slade. Initial thoughts on her as a character? Seeing the possible love interest for Oliver, how do you feel that plays to his character?

We also get our introduction to another character, a Mr. Roy Harper. We see his initial trauma played out again, being saved by the vigilante, and thus going a quest to find him. We also see the chemistry between Roy and Thea grow, thoughts on how everything first started out? Do you think these events played well to each characters development?

Posted by
I'm going to make him wish he was dead
6 hours ago

After that trailer i'm hyped as fuck, i know there's a possibility that the season might just leave me heartbroken again. But i'm hyped i can't help it


Posted by
FuckBoyRiotSquads President
11 hours ago

In the second trailer for Arrow S6, Joe Wilson says “there are no heroes and villains, only winners and losers”, and as he says this, we see Diaz for the first time...

The show was foreshadowing that he was a villain AND A LOSER! THE MEME WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE!


They didn't announce anything of the sort at Comic Con.

Posted by
Dark Archer Tommy
14 hours ago

I don't think the guy has real friends anymore. He has allies, yes, but on a personal level he's rather lonely, especially without Thea and Quentin.

Tommy is the only one who did not give up on Oliver and travelled around the world endangering his life just for a chance at finding his friend in Hong Kong. Also even when he was mad at Oliver for murdering people left and right he always protected his secret, even after the Huntress used him against Oliver and broke his arm.

Laurel put her personal feelings aside and often helped him whenever he was in deep shit when by all means she should have despised him and left him to deal with his shit by himself.

Diggle, Rene and co would definitely risk their lives to save Oliver but they don't feel like close friends, more like brothers in arms and allies.

Felicity provided good support in season 6 as opposed to seasons 3 and 4, I give her that, but it'd be cool if Oliver actually had a life outside of her and the team, something Tommy, Laurel, Moira, Quentin and Thea helped with.

Posted by
FuckBoyRiotSquads President
7 hours ago

The trailer looks amazing!!!!

Villains are Red Dart, Kodiak, Silencer, so those 3 casts were about these 3.

Red Dart = Leah, Kodiak = Dover, Silencer = Stealthy Woman.

I’m so hyped! This season sounds amazing so far!!!

I hope you all loved it as much as I did!!!

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