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Where are you from?

  • I'm from Hatillo, Puerto Rico.

Link to some of your artwork

What is your preferred medium (E.g Pencils, Paint, Digital etc.)?

  • I mainly draw digitally.

What are you working towards-What are your goals? E.g (The type of style (realism, manga, western), people-characters-landscape etc.)

  • My goal is to be an amazing character concept artist in which I can land an awesome job. I would like to have a mix of western and eatern art style.

Are you looking for a buddy of a similar level or something more advanced? (N.B. you can have more than one buddy, so if you feel like you want both then leave this question blank)

  • Replace this text with answer.

How often would you like to share work with your artbuddy?

  • Daily and/or weekly.

How do you wish to communicate with your artbuddy? (E.g Skype-IRC-Reddit PM etc)

  • Whatever medium they feel comfortable in.

*Extra info about yourself:I try to practice everyday, but sometimes I'm busy. I hope I can learn from someone and maybe teach someone here. I love video games and want to make something for which people will recognize me for.*#ARTBUDDYBUT


Where are you from?

England, but living in Japan.

Link to some of your artwork

Most recently

What is your preferred medium?

Either pencil or digital. Recently downloaded Krita, it's much better than Paint Tool Sai.

What are you working towards? What are your goals?

For now, improvement - grinding those fundamentals. Later, a web-comic and earning some money on the side with commissions. I've been actively trying to improve for about 2 and a 1/2 years and I'd class myself as "advanced beginner" - I've improved since I started but realize there's a whole lot more for me to learn. But ever since I finished "drawabox" I've found it difficult to stick to any kind of long term practice plan. For example I might start out trying to practice anatomy, but end up doodling the same variant pattern of anime waifu, over and over. Then the next day start doing environment thumbnails. So I'm hoping having someone to "report" to will keep me on the strait and narrow and I in turn can offer feedback on their work.

Are you looking for a buddy of a similar level or something more advanced?

Similar would probably be best. It's difficult to mutually offer constructive feedback when the levels are different.

How often would you like to share work with your art buddy?

I'm not fussed about a strict schedule, let the conversation flow naturally and people have school and work. But I do draw pretty regularly and if there's silence for a few days I'll start messaging you asking if your okay.

How do you wish to communicate with your art buddy?

Reddit pm or maybe Discord.

Extra info about yourself



I take myself way too seriously.

I enjoy terrible puns.

My Japanese is not great and it'd be nice to have someone to talk to in English.

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little drawing i did not too long ago, hope you like it :)

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Hey, I'm new to video animation but i'm interested to learn together with someone how to create animated videos such as on many youtube videos..

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Doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or even a professional. We all have days where we just forget or don't have the motivation to draw even though we know we probably should. Having a buddy system where there is someone else to motivate you and help you make progress together will ensure that you are not alone for any step of the way to getting better at drawing.

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