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Making beef consommé tonight. What should I put in it?


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Gilded CommenterModerator of r/AskCulinary, speaking officiallyScore hidden·1 month ago·Stickied comment

Per sidebar rules we don’t field recipe requests so this post is removed. You might try r/recipes or r/cooking.

Italian beef sandwich

Original Poster0 points·1 month ago

I don't have enough stock to cover my grandmother though

One of my favorites used to be to crack a quails egg into a hot bowl of consomme - it poaches at the table. Or some small cubes of cheese that go stringy in the heat, serve with bread, butter and roast garlic.

Original Poster2 points·1 month ago

Ooh, this sounds great. Gruyere and roasted garlic!

Roasting garlic like this you can scoop the garlic out and spread on bread/toast


Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

I am having guests over, and I can only manage a maximum of a few tablespoons a day. Regardless, the egg whites used for clarifying the stock already do a good enough job.

Some Doritos for that southwestern kick

I was hoping someone said this after I saw the title

My vote is tortellini and kale.

I'd go with beef for starters

I have nothing to contribute

Throw a bunch of Chile, lime juice and cilantro in there and braise a haunch of goat. Tacos de Biria are delicious and the consomme is a very welcome bonus

I just discovered Viennese beef soup with semolina dumplings and it's so delicious:

Hats off for actually making consomme at home! Haven't made it since culinary school and have no desire to ever make it again! But to answer your question, a quenelle of chicken liver mousse goes well with my opinion anyways.

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