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What's a depressing fact that will happen to everyone?

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337 points·2 years ago

You'll have many "lasts" that you'll never know. Last kiss, last dance, last time seeing your Aunt alive, last slice of peach pie, last time catching a falling leaf, eating snow...

You might have already bought the clothes you will die in.

Oh Fuck. I didn't like that one.

I'm getting on a plane in an hour... I don't like that one either.

Comment deleted2 years ago(13 children)

About to hop in the shower, I don't like that one either.

Comment deleted2 years ago(0 children)

What's with you fuckers hopping in the shower? No wonder the chances are so high. Idiots.

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Yea but I won't fall from 30000ft in my shower or on the way to work.

You only need to fall 5ft with a bit of bad luck and your head cracks open.

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And you don't always remember some of your 'lasts' that you probably should. You just remember the good times, or the worst times.

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The aunt one hit me hard. My aunt died recently and I hadn't returned any of her calls in the month beforehand. The most recent time she called was six days before :(

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You've already had a few.

Last time your parents picked you up. Last time they tucked you in.

Fuck you. Imma get my mom to tuck me in on Thanksgiving.

3 points·2 years ago

My Dad picked me up from the airport two hours ago.

One of the most difficult things about being a life form with sapience is knowing that it will all come to an end, including yourself. It is very difficult to know that once you are born you are slowly marching forward in time to your last breath.

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10 points·2 years ago

last slice of peach pie


Bright side... Once you are dead you won't care

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Who wants to live forever?


Who waits forever anyway?

Who dares to love forever?

no, it's


Comment deleted2 years ago(1 child)

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Under certain conditions (decent health, resources, etc) a lot of people including myself.

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But you'll also have many new things.

As someone who hates good-byes, I prefer it this way.

Fuck, I haven't even had my first slice of peach pie yet

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Somewhat relevant Song

Gives me chills everytime.

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A successful marriage ends with you watching the other die.

129 points·2 years ago

All marriages either end in divorce or death.

Comment deleted2 years ago(7 children)

I had a friend named Will and he and his wife got divorced after two months. Thought you might like to know.

Thanks! Really turned my day around

You're welcome! :)

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A successful marriage is when you are aware of the fact and find that it's worth it.

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"Love is watching someone die"

Goddamn Sarah, such a buzzkill. :(

"So who's gonna watch you die"


What if you die first? Or die unexpected at an old age. Just because you die unexpectedly, doesn't mean it was an unsuccessful marriage.

Still the same thing but from the POV of your spouse.

I see, but you could both die instantly in a car accident or nuclear blast and your marriage could have been great until North Korea had an unintentional detonation.

Comment deleted2 years ago(1 child)

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12 points·2 years ago

It's okay, I've talked this over with my husband. We both agree that he will die first.

Lol. This thread is so depressing and this just made me smile. It reminds me of my dad and how he has decided that he is going to go ahead and skip cancer, diabetes, and an array of other illnesses.

But what if you die together?

Facing away from each other...


No one likes Tammy.

6 points·2 years ago

Murderous deceitful bitch

It was considered a dick-move.

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Revolver Ocelot

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Your body will eventually betray you and start malfunctioning.

40 points·2 years ago·edited 2 years ago

27 and this is already happening. Been big into endurance training, running, events, anything that pushes me endurance-wise.

I've just started to get injured all the time. I haven't changed much in intensity of training, so I don't think it's that or over-training. I NEVER got injured.

First it was an ankle - 6 weeks. Then it was a knee- 3 months. Then it was the other knee- 6 months. Now it's the glute- looking at a 9 month lay off.

There's a lot I'm looking forward to going forward but this trend is not one of them.

Just remember, you're only as healthy as your joints and at this point in technological advancement you only have one healthy pair of knees\ankles and a single hip. It's a hard truth but training to be the most athletic version of yourself might not be a worthwhile pursuit for maximizing your quality of life, especially if you're not getting paid for it.

Or laid for it.

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you should research form. over extended strides or striking the ground with the heal of your foot may be causing some of these injuries. you may be able to fix this stuff on your own, but it also may be worth it to meet with a personal trainer or physical therapist to focus to help you improve your form.

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You're going to lose touch with a lot of people, maybe even people you truly care about.

That said, you're also going to lose contact with people you hate!

Always look on the bright side of life!

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Everybody, at one point in their life, will wake up for the last time. They will go to the bathroom for the last time. They will make breakfast, use the skillet, toaster, or blender for the last time. They will shower for the last time.

It's because, no matter what, Fallout 4 will be upon us.

Man i love this happy end

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62 points·2 years ago

Everybody you know, has lied to you. More than once.

Except my dog.

My beloved dog passed away in February. He was my best friend, the best thing that has ever happened to me to date. I miss so, so many things about him but this is definitely one of the things I miss the most about Chance. I trusted him more than any human I know. He was the greatest dude ever, <3.

I'm sorry for your loss. Animals are so honest and trustworthy. I guess it is because they have nothing to gain from betraying you.

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someone you love with your whole heart will leave you.

It will crush you - you will not know how you'll ever survive. But you will.

Unless you don't.

Can't argue with that.

unless you can

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I really needed that, thank you.

for sure. I'm sure it'll happen many times throughout everyone's lives. not just with a SO but family too. my aunt who was like a second mom to me passed away coming up on three years now, and it still is a struggle for me. but. you get through it by surrounding yourself with good people. you can't shut yourself out.

That kids is why it's called a crush... They crush your damn heart.

This thread is slowly devolving into lyrics of Queen songs.

It'll drain the power that's in you
Make you plead and scream and crawl
And the pain will make you crazy
You're the victim of your crime
Too much love will kill you every time


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20 points·2 years ago

I lost my dad just over two years ago in an accident and although reality has sunk in a lot since it's still kind of...weird? You know, I mean, that happens to people on TV and in movies and everyone else but not me, right?

It only takes the blink of an eye to have your entire world shattered, and it will happen to everyone at some point. It's a roller-coaster to say the least. At one point I was numb. At another point I was just content like it never happened, and then a little later on I was pretty ready to die. Here I am though and I'm doing fine. I can actually say that I'm doing fine. Wow.

I love you, u/jbtk. I am so sorry for your loss but hearing you say that you are doing well really makes my heart happy, :).

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The solution is to never love anyone with your whole heart.

this works for me quite well, I don't even love myself

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There is a moment when your mother put you down for the last time.

There will be a moment, after you've died, that the last living person to have seen you alive dies.

There will come a time, after that, when your name is last spoken. Your memory will be forgotten, and your existence will be erased from the fabric of the universe.

I've always thought about that last one.

One day I'll be known only as "My Great-Grandpa."

No name. No picture. No memory of who I was or what I did.

I want to say "that's okay, because I really am just a small speck in the universe." But I can't without a small sense of fear, and hopelessness.

Your memory will live for as long as reddit has an archive of posts.

We shall forever know that great-grandpa u/wanderingrurouni carried a big stick.

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I always figured that you live on through your kids. It could very well be that one of your great-great-grandchildren will be a person of great importance and without you he would've never existed.

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There is a moment when your mother put you down for the last time.

Or your Father. I make a point of picking up my kids every now and again, just so this isn't true. The fact that they are in their twenties makes this a little tricky, but I will keep going until I'm too old.

14 points·2 years ago

Even though I'm much taller than my dad, he still picks me up like I'm a leaf.

The last two are the reasons i don't care what people think of me which allowes me to live life the way i want to live it.

I don't even know who my grandparents parents are.

That'll be me one day...

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Makes me want to ask my mum and grandfather so many questions. I know my mum traveled Europe in her 20s with her lifelong friend, she talks about it every now and then. Went to England, France, Greece, Italy, all kinds of places. I really want her to write it all down, everything interesting in her life, so we can make sure we always remember. I know my grandfather was a massive fan of bikes back in his teens and 20s, rode them all the time with his mates, he tells stories about it occasionally too. On a trip down to Sydney one time he told me about one of his naive misadventures - I don't remember many of the details, but one of his mates ended up flipping over his bike and landing badly. He never really said how badly he was hurt or whether he died, but I suspect that may have been the case.

My grandfather is approaching his mid-80s now and my mum's almost 60, and I have one aunt, who I know comparatively little about, though I see her a few times a year. That's my family on my mum's side. From what my grandfather said, he had loads of siblings; his parents were from Scotland, I think... but I only heard that from my mum, maybe as long as 10 years ago now. Occasionally he'll wistfully talk about how he's the only one of his siblings alive... it's really sad.

I'd be so willing to get a camera, my phone, laptop webcam, whatever, sit down with them and talk about everything like this, type it all up, store it on every computer we own, USB, hard drive, google drive... just to make sure we keep it. Knowing tantalizingly little about my family, even my own mother, really hurts me, and I really want to know how I'm the only child of the family, considering the size of it a few generations up. It interests me so much, and I know I might only get a few more years with my grandfather... honestly the risk of not being taken seriously, if only at first, is absolutely not worth avoiding for this kind of thing. Sentimental value at the very least.

As a side note, my father's side of the family - don't care. He left my mum before I was born. Never been there for me. Got two kids in their 20s already, they can document their family history if they want. I'll keep record of the people I care about.

Sorry for rant.

Oh don't worry. I don't count on my mom to ever stop letting me down!

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Your parents will die.


I guess that's the Cyanide part.... cause it certainly wasn't happy.

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Wow, that's heavy.

I wish I hadn't opened that. I'm crying really hard now :(

Comment deleted2 years ago(1 child)
3 points·2 years ago

Crazy ride isn't it?

That hurts just thinking about it.

It hurts so badly just thinking about it. This is by far the most depressing thing in this thread to me.

My mother passed away from me when I was young. My best advice is spend as much time as you can with them either by visiting or calling or helping out. I would love to switch places with you more than anything

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for 99% of us. You will be forgotten. There will come a time when nobody remembers you even existed.

100% - in the infinite path of time, regardless if humanity is still present, everything from today will become nothingness at some stage, like it never existed. However, the legacy/butterfly effect lingers on.

Michael Jordan will never be forgotten, ever.


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What about the people that have their own wiki pages? I honestly think that anyone/anything that has an internet presence right now will forever exist in the caches of backups or current pages that make up the internet. At least as long as humans (or their technological AI offspring) record the past, there will be records of us.

Will anybody bother reading them? Or more likely will anybody remember them a week, day or even hour after reading it?

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You will shit your pants one day when you get older.

Might even happen in public.

13 points·2 years ago

Relevant username

Done this last week while I was laying in my bed

Already almost happened to me and I'm 16.

What do we say about soiled underwear?

Not today.

One day, your parents will no longer be in any condition to support you. Eventually, they won't even be able to take care of themselves. You'll have to start caring for a couple of people who are completely unfamiliar because they used to be so strong -- so full of life. They are mere shells of who they used to be. When you aren't there for them like they were there for you growing-up, the guilt consumes you. But either way they still love you and you still love them, and this will be true until the day they eventually die. Then you will bury them.

Brb time for a toaster bath.

5 points·2 years ago

Last toaster bath :/

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21 points·2 years ago

When you fall in love, you can't be certain that you would be caught

At some point in your life you are going to completely forget about a person who had an incredible impact on you and shaped who you ultimately became.

There is a good chance you'll never even realize how important they were.

This is why I write all the time. It makes me good at remembering.

People change and there's nothing you can do to stop them.

And some people will never change no matter how hard you get them to try

4 points·2 years ago·edited 2 years ago

This isn't depressing for the most part. Friends moving on because of change can be depressing.

I just had a conversation like this with one of the few childhood friends I have left. He's marrying in February, and asked me to be the best man.

Asked him about anyone else from the old gang coming to the wedding (since its just like 30km from where we all grew up), and he refused cuz they all changed and we have nothing on common wi them anymore. Sucks but its true.

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Most men will have to push out a kidney stone. Its this shit that keeps me awake at night

I've had two (at age 16 no less), and as painful as they are, this post was the shimmering ray of hope in a mostly depressing thread.

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The season of exposed skin is coming to a close.

But the season of tight black pants is beginning!

37 points·2 years ago


Death is the comforting embrace of an old friend.

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3 points·2 years ago

I've learned not to fear it. I figure when I'm old and wrinkly I'll want to be dead anyways.

What? I'm not saying, like, people should want to die. I love life; it's quite an adventure. But knowing that no matter what you do, no matter how insane or sad or happy or busy your life is, it will all just end in quiet nothing...isn't that comforting? Or am I just crazy?

I don't mean the be a downer but your forgetting the other side of it. Death is watching your father succumb to cancer, or your sister from a car crash, loosing a close friend, your spouse, maybe even your child. The most frightening reality of death is that all these people in your life that made you, will one day cease to exist.

We all die eventually, but rarely together. It doesn't matter if your religious or atheist, whether you believe in an after life or drift back to nothing, you will have to go on with out the people you cared about and you will hate the fact that they will never influence the world again.

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At some point, you end up an orphan.

Tell your goddamned Batman's parents jokes then.

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The luckiest people will either die before having to attend the funerals of the people they love, or live to attend all of the funerals of the people they love.

Every time you try to do ANYTHING, you will fail multiple times along the way. This is depressing in it of itself but knowing that everyone has that struggle makes it all the more bearable.

Reminds me of that quote...something like "The master has failed more times than the apprentice has ever tried."

5 points·2 years ago

Or, as Adventure Time puts it, "Sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something."

7 points·2 years ago

You will probably lose at least 1 loved one to a traumatic accident.

Tooth decay

You're gonna step on a lego, and when you do, it's gonna hurt.

And when you do, you just gotta lego the pain.

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Or worse, d4 die.

Or much worse, a UK plug.

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8 points·2 years ago

Wear shoes

What if it's inside the shoes?

21 points·2 years ago

You are doomed

7 points·2 years ago

Wear the Lego, of course.

Shoes made of legos. Brilliant. And painful.


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Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs and when I'm down I hold out because I know there has to be another up. But sometimes it occurs to me that there might not always be another up.

Also, that death isn't something that "happens to someone else" Car accidents, homicide, cancer, heart attacks, they aren't just tragic things that happen to people you barely know, the only way you can be immortal is to leave something behind, no matter if it is recognized by the world or recognized by your-well raised children.

But what do I know, I'm 17.

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18 points·2 years ago

Completely unrelated to your comment, but I've noticed everyone is posting about depression and depressing things.

I think this is the time where everyone feels fall onset.

Implying fall isn't the best most comfy season

9 points·2 years ago

Fall's a melancholy time of year for me. I'm sensitive to seasonal change, and I felt the change about 12 days ago.

But I do notice when everyone's demeanor and behavior changes to the season, and this year's change began about three days ago.

Actually I agree with you about the melancholy part. I feel it too in myself only though

What you all need to do is wrap yourself in a huge ass sweater and drink some hot cider while watching an Olsen twins movie.

Edit: Olson?

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You will often loose many matching socks in the laundry

and experience heartbreak

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Being at your job and asking yourself "Can do this for the rest of my life?" If the answer is yes, then GREAT! But if it's no, then you sink into a bit of depression before you find a way to do what you at least can tolerate for the rest of your life.

Original Poster48 points·2 years ago·edited 2 years ago

My fact is once you graduate High School, chances are you'll lose most of your friends and almost never see your buddies again. Even the ones who weren't exactly your friend. Thinking of that makes me dread the day I graduate and makes me feel super depressed :(

You're young yet. The friends I had that I really care about are still part of my life at 34.

That's not to say that it will happen the same for you, but it's not necessarily a death sentence for your friendships. Just be the one who keeps in contact. Friendships fall apart because neither friend makes the effort. Be the exception-- make the effort!

Aye I'm 29 and still hang out with around 8 others from high school. Every 6 months or so the stars align and we all manage to meet up for some drinks.

The two guys I hang out with who are total insensitive cunts and find tormenting me hilarious? I will welcome the moment when they disappear from my life.

Dude. That could be tomorrow if you wanted it to be.

Surround yourself with people you like now, because it's fucking hard to once you're in the workforce.

Yea, life is way to short to be fucking around with people you don't even like.

I really think it would be better just to surround myself with no people and really just hang with one or two guys who I know are actually my friends. That might not be for everyone but it works for me.

I really do need to ditch the assholes though. Once I ignore them long enough they'll probably leave me alone.

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Fucking shit... I graduate this year. I'm truly dreading it.

Graduated a few months ago. Just keep in touch with the people you want to stay in your life. Its not that hard

It's the truth. I haven't so much as spoken to more than four or five people in my class since I graduated, which was about five years ago. Only one of them was on purpose at all, the others I just ran into at the gas station. We kinda said 'hey' and told each other our jobs, and finished filling, then left. No earthly idea what they're doing.

If it makes you feel any better, my true best friends and I still talk and hang out. Some of them moved away but I still get to talk to them since we like to play on PC together

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Don't fret too hard man. The one's that matter will always be there. All of my good friends I've known 20 years. We were teens together and have now had our kids growing up together.

I can understand because there are people I miss from the old days that I no longer speak to. However, they were just people that played a part that stuck with me and taught me something.

It's the song of the universe. You'll get old, think back on those you used to know and miss them for the parts they played but then you can look at the life around you and, hopefully, be thankful for the person they helped you become. Just keep in mind, it's all a ride.


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Im still best friends with 3 gals i went to high school with - we graduated 24 yrs ago and havent lived in the same state for 17 years. You can make it work.

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Your parents will die in your life, and if you don't see them die then they will see you die. Granted you have parents... This got real dark, real fast....

There was a point in your life when your mother put you down and never picked you back up.

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Do you realize?

that everyone

you know


will die

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Comment deleted2 years ago(2 children)

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You'll sag.

You'll go and look in the fridge for the 50th time tonight and there will still be nothing to eat

Eventually your body will stop working properly. And you won't be able to do anything about it.

At some point an ideal about a person or system will disappoint you.

That you will never get everything you want just because you want it.

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3 points·2 years ago·edited 2 years ago


You, everyone you know, and everyone you ever will know, is going to die. The worst part is it probably won't be in that order.

Everybody's talking about relationship to other people. That's not a big deal, make new connections.

Eventually though, you're going to have more of your life behind you than in front of you.

3 points·2 years ago·edited 2 years ago

You're gonna fart at the least convinient moment possible.

Might be a silent one that will stink up the room at an important business meeting.

Might be a loud one at your grandma's funeral.

You never know.

But it will happen when you least expect it.

We will never know why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch...

We are all born too early to explore space, born too late to explore the world.

At some point in life, everyone gambles on a fart and loses.

Where's a high, there's a low.

Enjoy moments, embrace it, dont try to hold onto it. Because the low gets lower if you try to hold onto it.

This goes for so many things, even if its friendship, loved ones..parents..

This goes hand in hand with

Nothing is forever, what makes love an exception?

Everything comes to an end, the bad and good things in life.

Which leads me to

Change is the most constant in this universe. Embrace it

You'll be just reaching that age where you develop humility. And you'll tear up when something that 'totally shouldn't make me cry,' does, because you learned how to put yourself in other people's shoes.

Your life will be an endless cycle of laundry

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You'll get old and, suddenly, smiling at random strangers goes from cute or kind to plain creepy. Sucks.

3 points·2 years ago

ALL your relationships will either end in death or a break up

We won't know about how advanced the world is after the year 2150.

Comment deleted2 years ago(8 children)

Was just going to post this. It sucks. 20/20 and then hit 40, and it's been cheaters ever since.

I don't even have my near vision! I'M GONNA BE BLIND! (er)

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You gonna get me, you gonna get titties

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