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I tried .5 of moroccan opium. I ate it with some tea on a partially empty stomach.

I was sitting on the couch with my dog curled up jext to me qatching tv, feelin' good. All of a sudden out of nowhere, projectile vomit all over the wooden floor.

Now opiates whilst sedating give you a weird energy. I started cleaning up the vomit really half assed. Then I got into it. I spent abount 30minutes cleaning the ground level floors to perfection, then the upstairs rooms, then the kitchen. 2 hours in I found myself wielding a strimmer cutting into waist high grass, out my nut on opium.

Had the best sleep ever thay night

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Never ingested it, smoked it though and was immediately transported to giggle town.

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I tried skydiving once. Threw up all over myself and the poor guy attached to me. We did these hard turns to increase the speed of our descent, once the parachute opened.

When I told the guy I was gonna throw up, he did more of the turns to keep vomit away from us. This led to more vomiting. It was a vicious cycle.

I should have taken dramamine.

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I tried escargot. Tried it again a few years later.

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I haven't pooped the same since

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No thanks

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I'd like to think of myself as a generally open person. This is why I tried Durian. A good friend of mine spotted one at an Asian market and was super excited try it. I had never heard of this devils fruit before, and I am surprised I wasn't turned off about the inch long spikes coming out of it sooner.

Me and my wife and him and his went about our day shopping, and left the Durian in his car during. Durian during. Anyway, we finished shopping and we rode with them so we all headed for his car.

It was a hot day, and I remember the smell. We could smell the Durian outside of the car. It smelled like someone or something died in there. After all this we decided to eat it.

Later on that evening we had a small get together at his place. He pulls out the biggest chef's knife he has for carving this thing open, and at that point both of our wives opted out of the self afflicted torture. The rest of us being masochists, waited patiently for him to gore the "fruit" and hand us a bit.

After much deliberation on how to actually open it, then moving outside because the thing stunk up the house do badly, we had it open. Han solo would have said, "I thought they smelled bad...on the outside". We each scooped up a gross custardy pile and began eating.

One of the guys had totally lost it and puked in the small planter outside their apartment, filling it with bile and Durian. Us manly men took more bites and grimaced through maybe half of the putrid thing. We all gave each other that look and decided it was best not to attempt eating any more.

I told my friend from Vietnam this story and she couldn't believe it because she said she loves Durian. Different palates I guess.

Tl;Dr: My friends and I tried Durian. Some puked, some cried, and maybe one died.

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Obligatory "OP's mom"

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Cousin told me how great it was when he put his dick in the vacuum cleaner, Ok, I'll try anything once ...OUCH !, my dick..my dick....ouch