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What are some of mans greatest achievements?

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Eradicating smallpox. That was a really significant moment in history where for the first time we were able to defeat a lethal microbe across the globe.

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Going to the moon was pretty cool.

The Green Revolution that greatly increased crop production in developing countries saved over a billion people from starvation.

The ongoing Industrial Revolution, although a mixed blessing, is amazing, and it likely averted a collapse of civilization due to overpopulation (the kind of collapse that brought down the Roman Empire, for example, and led to the Dark Ages). The $64 question is whether that collapse has been averted or deferred, and whether it will be even worse when it finally comes. But still, the Industrial Revolution is a great human achievement.

Similarly, agriculture itself was a mixed blessing, but it changed the world by sustaining a much bigger world population. So the Agrarian Revolution should be on the list of greatest human achievements.

Looking at the statistics of population growths, that growth is only happening in 3rd world countries now where there's many socio-economic reasons why they can't control the rapid rise of populations. Meanwhile the population in most 1st world nations are trending sharply downward. United States would be too if it isn't for the huge population boom brought on my immigrants and poorer neighborhoods.

Using "zero" mathematically.

I'm sure someone here will debate if this even happened; but, it has to be going to the moon. It's the most clear example of our insatiable desire to explore. Humans always have been and always will be frontiersmen, we want to find the next great journey! So much so, that we got out our calculators, and our computers (barely), and we attached rockets to a couple of brave fuckers hoping to land them on that thing we had been seeing in the night sky for a million years. We looked with our naked eyes for the farthest thing away and then we went there. That's pretty awesome.

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As amazing as the moon landing is, man's real accomplishment was bringing the crew home alive.

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Good point

The Standard Model.

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While I came here for the Moon Landing (and was not disappointed)...

I'm gonna say making a giant network allows instant communication and sharing of knowledge anywhere on the planet, and making it available to almost everyone.

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Beer (or at least drinkable alcohol) may have had a significant influence in creating civilization. Figuring out that rotting fruit/grain, when consumed, could cause a bit of an enjoyable, funny feeling, was probably no more than desperation in a time (or times) of need. But figuring out that if a nomadic tribe stayed in an area and cultivated those crops, that was genius. Because staying in one spot meant changing many things about how they lived. Tools needed to be invented. Experiements in planting and tending crops needed to be conducted. Ancillary tech and industry needed to be created to support the effort (textiles, mills, construction materials). And that meant that settlements needed to grow. More people means more innovation. The creation of laws and rules so that the settlement could continue as a whole. The rise of organized religion. Language. Writing. The wheel. And from there, countries, technology, the industrial revolution, powered flight, cars, computers, and the moon.

So go have a beer and get civilized!

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Utilities. Say what you will about all the flashy things, but nothing has done more for humanity than utilities. Electricity, water, sewage, and garbage service. The Internet might be a distant number 5 but there is a big gap.

Electricity allowed illumination, work at night, Freed thousands of woman - hours in household chores, and gave us the best aspects of the industrial revolution. To say nothing for air conditioning.

Having clean treated water in most homes has greatly increased life expectany, reduced disease, and reduced tooth decay.

City sewage has literally saved us from our streets being river's of shit, and also dramatically increased life expectany.

Garbage collection and general sanitation has been just as much of a disease saving miracle, but with the added benefit of not having garbage everywhere.

Unquestionably, man's greatest achievement is going to the moon. The fact that humans scrapped together raw materials and put together a machine that could take them from the Earth to the moon is honestly almost inconceivable.

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Pyramids ftw

As much crap as automatic transmissions get by manual transmission fans, that is definitely quite the feat that was accomplished and is becoming more advanced every year!

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While the moon landing was a great achievement, I think the transistor surpasses all other things that we've ever done. Without it, the world as we know it would not exist.

Establishing the numerous amount of forms of communication. The Diverse amount of languages there are, including sign language and codes.

Internet is the most important invention ever .

We just can't imagine life without the Internet.

Some of us don't need to imagine. We were alive before the internet and the world was still an amazing place.

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Surviving! How were we not beaten out.. I mean just look around at people.

Pissing with a boner

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The invention of instant ramen and Hot Pockets. My broke college ass will suck the inventors' dicks in appreciation

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