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enjoying dark souls

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Oooh, that's a good one. It certainly doesn't feel good to be killed by terrible murder beasts over and over, but there's a weird sort of pleasure in there somewhere.

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I kid you not the satisfaction you feel from finishing it is amazing

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and even the stand up and cheer moments of killing every boss you inevitably get stuck on, pales in comparison to the awe-inspiring awesomeness that is putting the pieces of the story together.

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Except for defeating Sif. So much guilt. Poor bodyguard dog.

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never have I experienced such frustration purposely and felt so much relief when I beat smough and ornstein on my first dark souls playthrough

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I think the feeling of relief when someone cancels plans would be my complicated pleasure. I know I should go out and be social and I can't just stay in every night, but I love that feeling of knowing my evening is free with no responsibilities.

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The feeling I get when my girlfriends hand lingers on my back a little longer than it should... Leaves my body in tingles. It's awesome.

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When circumstances allow that for some reason;

A. Wife and kids have to go out of town B. I get sent home from work early because of down staff C. My favorite burger place has not yet closed (I work overnight) D. I have the option to get responsibly blackout drunk while binge watching shitty TLC shows (600 pound life anyone?) while eating greasy as fuck pizza-burger.

Happened twice. Was heavenly.

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If you binge like that frequently, it's terrible. If you binge like that once in a while, it's great.

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Yea, but they have SOOOO many terrible options to choose from! My Strange Addiction, Extreme Cheapskates, Intervention.

Sisterwives is a 24/7 fucking cringe fest. Goddamn.

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I can't get into the Sister Wives but all the other shows you mentioned are my guilty pleasure. Sometimes I just yearn for shitty TLC shows. I like 600-Pound Life, but only when they improve and actually want to lose the weight. I watched the two-part episode recently with the two brothers (spoiler alert, they don't lose any substantial weight) and it was just depressing.

Edit - a pizza burger sounds incredible, and I can only imagine it must be the perfect complement to trashy television.

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Learning a new song on the guitar. It takes more effort than most of my simpler pleasures, but it's pretty damn rewarding.

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I think the hardest part of learning an instrument is that, at the start, your skill level is so much lower than your taste level. When you have to keep practicing when everything you play sounds terrible at the start, it get so frustrating and difficult to persist.

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especially finger picking, so much more complicated but its the funnest and most satisfying thing to play later

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There's nothing for me really that can beat lying on a beach with a good book in one hand and a beer or cocktail on the table next to me. Getting up occasionally for a dip in the sea when it gets too hot or going for lunch in a nearby cafe.

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Playing an instrument. the skill and dedication to creating muscle memory is amazing, and what you can create when you understand the instrument is beautiful

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I'll always have a ton of respect for people who are dedicated to playing music! That's such a huge time investment, but it's worth it.

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I haven't played a concert base seriously since high school (in college now) but I am missing the feeling of accomplishment. Guess its time to dust off the Launchpad and get the musical juices flowing

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Last year I began learning pottery - it's been an awesome hobby, and I definitely wouldn't call it simple.

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Sounds fun, are you using anything you've made yet?

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Masturbating with a plastic bag on my head while plastic wrapping cheese on me

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That does sound complicated, I don't even want to attempt to unwrap that one.

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Once, I read a book ("La invención de Morel", by Adolfo Bioy Casares) and played Myst (based in the book). It was the closest to be drunk in culture I ever was.

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Sounds like a good experience though! Feelings like that are really hard to come by (outside of being actually drunk/high), where things have such a big impact on you that it feels like your perception is altered somehow.

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A 50,000 piece jigsaw

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I like that interpretation of complicated. Having a huge time-consuming task in front of you but enjoying it anyway.

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Hikes. Like, toting a 40lb pack on your back and camping for several nights. Went to Holy Cross Trail in Colorado last summer, and even though it was one of the more difficult things I've ever done (physically, at least) it was also one of the most rewarding.

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Huh, yeah, purposely making yourself uncomfortable just to see if you can handle it and feel the accomplishment afterward is a complex sort of happiness.

Congrats on finishing the trail! I'm not sure if I'd ever be up for something like that.

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I hear you, but the sense of accomplishment climbing to a peak and looking out over the mountains that you just climbed (also, some of the most beautiful scenery/landscapes you can imagine) is incredibly gratifying. And thanks, (wo)man! You should give it a go one of these days; it's pretty amazing.

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came in side her mouth, spit 1/3 out on herself, swallow 1/3, and let me see the rest of them inside her mouth.