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What is the most overrated thing you have ever tried?

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336 points·3 months ago

Being an adult. Used to want to grow up so badly as a kid, but it's overrated as hell.

No more free time.

Now i think about cleaning, laudry, house repairs, making complete meals for dinner, paying bills, making sure the car is taken care of.

I dont even have kids and i have almost no free time.

What is the point of living then? I'm not trying to advocate suicide, I'm just asking, if that's what adulthood is like, what makes that life worth living? If literally all of it is stress and responsibilities, why is that worth it?

Watch this. Best damn explanation why to pull through life without seeking a purpose or some MacGuffin that makes it all click into place.

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Life doesn't need worth. Life just is. Or it isn't.

Yes but you as an agent with independent thought get to decide if having to go through it is worth the effort or stress. Saying it just is is a cop out.

Being an adult has some perks like finally not having to mute porn.

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Eh. I was always pissed I had no control over my own life. My decisions aren't always the best but they're mine. All I ever wanted was the freedom to make my own mistakes.

Same. Grew up with authoritarian parents who got their rocks off by lording over their offspring. 10/10 would never go back to being a kid.

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Parties. Not my thing. I prefer small get-togethers.

Small parties are the bomb. Quiet cards while getting black out drunk? Fuck yes.

Gotta be in the mood

Sliced bread. Get over yourself already.

But it’s the best thing

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You suck, Sliced Bread. All you did was make sandwiches smaller.

No just add more filling to keep them the same size overall

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Dollar shave club: I got what I paid for.

But my video was sponsored by Dollar Shave Club! The best blades around!

I saw someone on Reddit saying they just googled where dollar shave club buys them from and just buys them for the manufacturer for like .19¢ off amazon IIRC

They also sold themselves to Unilever, the same company that bought Bryers ice cream and turned it into a frozen dairy dessert.

I can't believe that business did as well as it has launching during the biggest beard revival since the 1860s.

Especially since they just sell Dorco blades that you can buy off amazon. Why the fuck would I need a subscription to buy razor blades? Buy a pack once every 6 months and be done with it.

Also, I know a lot of people like dorcos, but I've tried 2 different kinds and both sucked, pulled the hair and didn't give a close clean shave.

I like them, I'm also bald so I wear the shit out of razors though and price per shave is pretty important to me.

They aren't the closest shave I've ever had, but they are smooth in my experience.

Old school safety razor and Feather blades made in Japan, you're welcome.

Buy them by the 300 pack and they last quite a while.

Safety razors take forever to shave your head. Just bought one. It’s a little closer, but the time isn’t worth it.

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I switched to Harry's razors and love them.

Hmm, I tried that too and thought it was garbage as well. The blades were virtually useless after a week and I'm far from picky: I use the Gillette blades for 6 months.

I switched to schick (5 blade option).... slightly cheaper than the fusion, and i like them more.

I also use my razors way too long. But i gotta get my use out of them.

Since you're as scroogey with the blades as I am, you can hone the blades by rubbing it the other way a few times on a leather belt or even your thigh. You probably knew that but just in case you didn't because I sure could have used that info much earlier.

I read somewhere that rubbing it on a towel is important as soon as you finish shaving, as it's not so much the blade dulling as it is the water mineral deposits hardening on the blade.

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Your thigh with pants on or just your thigh?

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I agree completely, we switched back to disposable twin blades

Safety razors?

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I mean... if you want top quality espresso and careful attention paid to your drink while it’s being crafted, please go support your local cafés. If you want a consistent, decent coffee house experience, Starbucks is still really decent.

Plain coffee is only around $2 most locations, a dollar or two more for a latte. The thing is, people tend to add all sorts of things to their drinks, and that adds up quick, so all of a sudden your venti vanilla coconut milk latte with caramel drizzle costs $6... and you’ll pay nearly that much at base with a large seasonal frappuccino (they’re fucking milkshakes).

As far as the coffee tasting burnt- the urns get rebrewed at least once every half hour, but there’s only a small selection of coffee available on tap. So, if you don’t like Pike Place (the ol’ standby) you may think you just don’t like any of the coffee Starbucks offers. The dark roasts rotate weekly, and about half of them are really good, the others are meh. The beans they sell are actually very good, especially if you take the time to brew your coffee in a French press. You can ask for a pour over of any coffee for sale too!

It’s good for what it is, but world class it is not. It also provides my paychecks, so there’s my bias. ^(ask me about how Starbucks treats us)

How does Starbucks treat workers?

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What, you don't like coffee that tastes like burnt toast?

Right? And you get to pay $5 a cup! What's not to love!

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Tried it once, it's crowded AF, everything smells like smoke, I don't even like booze, WHY DID I PAY FOR THIS EXPERIENCE????

Don't forget all the shit in the bathrooms. How does so much shit end up not in the toilet?

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caviar tastes like a mouthful of ocean water

Wine over $50, especially wine over $100.

For me it’s wine over $25 One of my most favorite holy crap that was amazing tasting wines retails at $23

Except Duckhorn, that’s usually about $44 and is always amazing

In italy the 2 euro stuff was still really good.

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My favorite wine comes from Dollar General and costs around $3. I'm not an experienced drinker and it's basically koolaid so my opinion doesn't really count, but it makes me happy.

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I’ve had vintage wine from the 80s. It tasted like normal wine with tons of sediment. I guess I’m a cheap date.

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3 points·3 months ago

Good bourbon can be had for around $50, good wine can be had for under $15.

True but I can finish a bottle of wine in a night, I would probably die if I finished a bottle of bourbon by myself

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Tide pods

Worst candy ever.

I mean I was told they would kill me but all I got was severe damage to my stomach lining.

Great for college students living in the dorm with shitty washing machines! :(

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Voodoo Donuts

I live near Portland. They're tourist trap garbage.

If you want a good donut go elsewhere, even Safeway is better but if you want pop rocks and capn crunch glued to a day old stale donut shaped like a dick then go to Voodoo and stand in line. You might as well just throw your money in the street for the Chinatown bums.

Use to live in Austin and had some. Overpriced and really not that special.

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122 points·3 months ago


It basically makes you feel really annoyed and anxious whenever anyone else is talking, sobers you up from drink instantly, and wears off really quickly.

If you want value for money from illegal drugs, choose weed, ecstasy or psychedelics.

Obviously do your research first though.

To each their own. I thought cocaine lived up to hype. Expensive for sure, but an absolute blast.

Agreed. To quote Mad Men

I feel like someone gave me some really good news!

Hate to be "that guy", but maybe they just had bad coke. Maybe it's just not for them.

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This person didn’t have enough coke or had some really bad shit. There’s a reason why coke is priced the way it is and meth is pennies on the dollar compared to coke.

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TIL cocaine is like drinking 48oz of coffee.

Nah, the sobering effect is much more.

The anxiety is about the same, maybe up two notches. Similar though.

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I had cocaine. It was awesome. I felt amazing. I had e once too and it was really bad. I just got really sleepy

Coke is fun until you wake up the next day and want to die.

It’s not the cocaine, it’s the 28 vodka sodas you drank while chatting up a storm and not slurring once.

Did it once, never again.

And staying awake talking until the sun comes up and you've been thinking you should head to bed for the last seven hours.

Interesting. I can’t sleep on either coke or e.

The downside of e is the comedown - one reason why that’s the next worst drug I’ve tried after cocaine. Well, maybe salvia is bad too, but salvia is more of a “it’s awful, but you should do it at least once” sort of thing.

Good e leaves me with an afterglow the next day. If you cant sleep and feel shot the next day its probs cut with speed

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Then it wasn’t real mdma

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But rick James told me Cocaine's a hell of a drug.

I came here to say heroin. Completely boring.

I swear there was a comment here on reddit that explained why heroin was so dangerous because it just made you feel slightly better

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Damn. Guess I gotta go with meth.

I guess you are different than me but I always think coke is overrated until I do it again (only every once in a while this isn't an everyday thing) and then I'm like fuck this is the shit.

I have to agree with you on this one, Pepsi is truly way better

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Fine I'll say it.In and Out.

I like 5 Guys more.

Funny, I came here to say 5 guys, but I’ve never had In & Out

Its... alright. So is five guys. Im not a fast food burger guy though

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With 5 guys, there will always be lots of in and out.

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In n out isn't the best burger ever, but it is the best burger at its price and that is what's really important.

Consistent quality at great prices. Also, shakes.

As a Californian, I enjoy the occasional in n out, but 5 guys is overpriced and unwhelming.. I'm never going again

In-N-Out is fast food at fast food prices. A hamburger costs $2.10. Five guys is a fast casual restaurant with fast casual prices. A hamburger there is $6.70.

They're not really comparable IMO.

I will admit that hella Californians oversell In-N-Out and act like it's an amazing burger instead of blowing the likes of McDonald's out of the water, especially when it comes to the shakes. But the reality is that your local burger joint that has larger patties that take longer to cook is going to be better (and should be better than Five Guys too).

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I don't know which country you're from. But this sounds VERY wrong to me.

5 guys is way better. Im dead serious.

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I live near a 5 guys so I have it occasionally. I recently got a chance at the fabled in & out. It definitely wasn't as good, and the fries weren't even close. I was super disappointed.

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Watching Big Bang theory

Kill me now please

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Denny’s. Went to the first one in Europe the other day. Meh. Overpriced and very average. Support your local businesses.

Denny’s is hyped? Denny’s is just hangover food in America.

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Wait what? People joke about Danny's being mediocre or even "canned food" here haha. It's not even that popular here or anywhere in the U.S.

Yeah I would agree with you after eating there, but the hype over it opening here was tangible. I guess Denny’s is a brand that most people have heard of in the UK, though know little about. The city I live in is going through some huge changes at the moment and Denny’s coming there was an actual ‘thing’. Hard to believe if you have one in every street corner in the states but we went and it was shit. Will not be repeating that experience any time soon.

Well, at least you had an authentic Denny's experience?

It isn't an authentic Denny's experience without a super drunk girl cry puking in her booth.

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Denny’s is late night and bar food. It’s great for studying, or for insomniacs who dont want to wake their partners or a meeting place with friends for late night pie and coffee. It can be super cheap and the food isn’t that bad for late night sit down fare.

It has its place, it is definitely not for everyone but then again not everyone needs a place to chill for an hour.

Denny's is a great place to go at 3 am after a night of drinking or when you're plowing snow for 48 hours straight and it's the only goddamned thing open because everyone freaks the fuck out over any amount of snow, so you park your plow in the lot, trudge in, collapse exhaustedly in the booth and bask in the warmth, coffee and shitty food for a few prescious moments before going back out to move more of that accursed white gold.

Other than that though, I have no idea why anyone would eat there.


Agreed. It just feels like you’re taking a shit and it keeps going back in. I imagine it’s much better if you have a prostate.

Username doesn’t check out

As someone with a prostate - it can pretty fucking amazing.

I've actually been underwhelmed every time.

I've finally broken into 5th base with my current girl, and while mentally the act is very erotic and exciting - I couldn't help but notice that it actually felt better in the normal hole.

I think I might just stop chasing that dragon all together.

7 points·3 months ago

Giving or receiving?

Isn’t the person that’s receives truly the one that gives??

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I'm generous.. I gave

Relevant username

Tinder. The few girls I matched with weren't my type or disappeared without a trace after 4 messages.

Shouldn't you be swiping right for girls that are your type?

Descriptions are all shit, it's hit or miss

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i got bad news for you buddy....

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You're doing it wrong. Do it naked but whilst with someone you find attractive, who is also naked. Maybe give each other an oily massage.

It's much more exciting that way.

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Lickin my SO's asshole

Sounds pretty shite mate

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Could you elaborate?

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Apple products. I just don't find them user friendly. Probably a great product but I tapped out after the cost of the first iphone.

Really? I'm an android/Microsoft user but I've always found Apple products to be very user friendly

They work really well if you want to use it exactly how Apple thinks you should use them. If you want to do things any differently you're going to have a bad time.

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As someone who is relatively technologically illiterate and ignorant - I find Apple products great because they're so stupid simple a monkey (this guy) can use them without issues.

Androids piss me off to no end, but, people like my brother LOVE Android products. He finds Apple products too simple for his liking and that's what trips him up.

It's like the difference between automatic and standard transmissions. Some people prefer having a more engaged experience while others just need a simple easy to use appliance.

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After owning a few androids and a few iPhones, I like neither but I stick with iPhones as the androids display gives me a headache.

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Filet mignon

Don't get me wrong, it was good but nowhere near as good as the price. I'd rather have a porterhouse or T-bone personally.

You do know that both of the cuts you mentioned have an actual filet mignon in them, right?

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Yep, give me a ribeye or even a New York Strip any day over a filet.

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College/university. It was DEFINITELY not how they showed it in the movies.

Player Unknown: Battlegrounds, I just don't get the hype surrounding it, was 'meh' at best.

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Pumpkin spice latte

A haircut from a chain of hairdressers in the UK known for being more expensive.

I hadn’t had a haircut in over 2 years because I used to just trim the ends of and always have it tied it. Because I was going short I decided to fork out the extra money to have “a professional” do it. Not only was it no better than a budget barbers, I ended up with red marks of my neck from very rough use of clippers.

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Night clubs/clubbing.-You put in time and effort dressing up/looking nice (more time if you're a female for make-up, hair, etc).-Once there you gotta wait in line up to an hour or more.-Depending on the place and time you get there, you may have to pay a cover.-Once inside you gotta be on your feet the entire duration unless you're fortunate enough to purchase bottle service at about 20x mark-up.. You are literally paying hundreds of dollars to get a table to sit down at...-If you're not fortunate enough for bottle service the bar is usually always overcrowded and understaffed.-Drinks are absurdly priced... like $10 for a regular beer or $20 for a cocktail.-If you choose to pre-game hard enough to maintain a buzz for the duration of the night you will need to pee while you're waiting in that 1 hour long line to get in to the club.

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Opiates. I’ve told this story multiple times.

When I had my wisdom teeth removed, I was given Vicodin for pain relief. My boyfriend had Vicodin for his wisdom teeth and he said it was awesome. He went loopy on it and told me about how it makes you feel so good. This was also when House was huge so I thought “yeah, this’ll be awesome.” I took one of those horse pills and expected it to be like when I had morphine.

I felt nothing. Took the edge off my tooth pain, but I felt perfectly normal. No different. Felt no different than taking Tylenol. Not even that supposed “nice” feeling you get with opiates. Completely underwhelmed. Boyfriend said it’s because I didn’t take enough, but I was so underwhelmed I didn’t bother trying to abuse it. I finished my course and haven’t had any since. I don’t see what the big deal is. I guess I just don’t have an addictive personality.

Consider yourself lucky. Addiction sucks.

You didn’t take enough. I had the same reaction. Wisdom teeth out, was prescribed some for pain relief. Worked fine for that, but otherwise wasn’t any different from Tylenol. When the first does was up, I was still in some pain, so my Dad had me take two instead of one. Holy crap, that drug is magic. Not only was all the pain gone, but I just generally felt super good about everything and was super happy and energetic. He took them away after that. I never used any again, but I could totally see why people abuse that drug.

I was even told by my doctor to not take the painkillers I was prescribed unless it was absolutely necessary (said that the side effects just weren't worth it). I just took tylenol or advil instead and was fine.

When I had my wisdom teeth removed, I was given Vicodin for pain relief.

Similar experience, with some dental work and was given Ibuprofen and Percocet pills. I was to told to stay up with the regular dose of Ibuprofen and use the Percocet "as needed". I was doing fine with just the Ibuprofen. I took a long nap and "got behind" on the Ibuprofen and was starting to experience the a moderate amount of pain. I took one of the Percocet.

What I discovered is that it didn't actually dull the pain, it just made my not care about the pain. I was still lucid and not euphorically "high" at all. I was watching a TV mystery and was really annoyed that I could not longer follow the plot. I was quite annoyed as this wasn't the experience advertised! That's the first and last opiate pill I've every taken. I have no need for them. Some years later I had some more dental work and was prescribed Vicodin. I didn't even bother getting the prescription filled.

My experience was no difference in pain levels but some of the worst nausea I've had in my life + pain from surgery, it was actually kind of funny because I felt better after puking than I did from the meds themselves

You could be like me, my family pretty much all have a genetic profile that means we lack the liver enzyme to metabolise synthetic opiates (endone, codeine, whatever) into morphine. They do nothing, actual morphine does work though.

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The dole whip at Disney world

The ones at the Dole Plantation on Oahu aren't any better.

thank you!

I thought I was alone.

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Coconut water. What a disappointment...

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Oxiclean .. Really disappointing


Shower sex. I was expecting it to be great but it was not, much better to have sex and then shower together after

Downhill Skiing

It's the NFL of participatory sports: 8 minutes of action and 3 hours of waiting around.

I am with you .... freezing cold squats that are expensive

Pumpkin Spice Lattes. They're shit. That's right. Fight me, basic white girls!

Shake Shack. There's always a massive line and people have orgasms when talking about the burgers. I had one. It was fine, pretty tasty burger, but all in all I prefer Five Guys.

Their shakes are better than those at Five Guys though.

Dumb question - are people actually ordering shakes there, along with burgers and fries? Is that really a meal people get? It sounds like a gastrointestinal catastrophe waiting to happen.

3 points·3 months ago

Milkshakes and burgers have definitely been a thing for a while. Of course, when it started, the average portion size was significantly smaller so it wasn't so bad.

But it really is a great combination. Savory, salty, and sweet, all in one meal.

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Shake Shack is good, but so expensive.


Las Vegas.

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Ben & Jerry's icecream. I know most people really love it, but for me it kinda tastes weird, like synthetic? It just isn't my thing. Maybe it's just too many flavours in one for me.

You shut your whore mouth!!


Not to mention it's like $4 for a single half cup serving. Who the fuck is gonna pay for that? Just buy good vanilla and add your favorite mix ins, or go to cold stone.

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Phantom of the Opera. I didn't see it until I was an adult, but in high school some of my friends swooned about it constantly. It just felt like it was romanticizing an uncomfortably inappropriate relationship.

Cruises. Maybe I took the wrong one, but for my first/only cruise, I was expecting something out of a Sandals commercial... instead, it was a floating trailer park that smelled vaguely of cigarettes no matter where you were. Never again.

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Star Wars

Lies! Deception!

Nope, I'm prepared for the hate , but I've always found the movies pretty average or boring.

Then you are lost!

I think for a lot of people nostalgia carries you most of the way through them

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Foie gras

3 points·3 months ago

I read somewhere once that foie gras isn't very good in a lot of countries because it isn't actual foie gras because of laws regarding the humane treatment of animals.

I am ashamed to admit that when I went to fairly nice restaurant in a country that didn't have those laws, I ordered some foie gras. I am even more ashamed to admit that it was fucking delicious. Probably one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten, and it makes me legitimately sad that something so good can be so evil.

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Edible cookie dough, it didn't taste that good

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Nightclubs. Leaving the place with half your friends, half your savings and half your hearing just isn't my cup of tea.

Food: Lobster Drink: Blue Moon Drug: cocaine Life: Fucking work

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Reddit karma.

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Viewing a solar eclipse. I was near the path of totality last September and the hype and traffic problems it creates for an event that lasts a couple of minutes is ridiculous.

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I dunno man, I've been enjoying it for the last 20 years. I'm also an abject failure, so there's that. Surely there's no correlation.

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Going to a luau in Hawaii. Overpriced, subpar food at a boring show.

Edit: Poi is horrible.

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watching the movie IT

9 points·3 months ago


You missed the last part of the qustion bud

Wooooooooooo!!!!!!! That burn was so intense that Hawaii tried to warn its people a few hours early.

Well that explains the answer.

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8 points·3 months ago

Rap and hip-hop. I just can't get into it, it's really boring to me.

NF is one of the best rappers alive plus all his songs contain no profanity. It really showcases his skill not using swear words as fillers. Rittz is also one of the best rappers out right now too.

I'm listening to NF now--thank you so much for this!

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I can't take it seriously. It was nice to listen to and get hyped up with the bros in early college, but can't do it anymore.

Sounds like you're listening to the wrong stuff then. If you can't take Aesop Rock seriously I don't get how any music could be serious to you.

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I mean I can say for me personally it's one of those genres that I'm much pickier with but there's definitely songs/groups for everyone. What have you listened to and what's your other usual taste in music?

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In and Out Burger

It's just a burger. Meh.


I mean in reality it's good for fast food if your comparing it to like a bomb $15 burger your probably going to be disappointed.

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Toilet paper in the freezer. If you have a heated situation it just doesn't seem to hold the temp for long enough!

Toilet paper in the freezer

I.... I didn't even know this WAS a thing to be overrated. Wow.

Wait... What?

This will explain it all

Wait... What?

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Fugu, the Japanese fish that can kill you if they prepare it wrong. It doesn't really taste any different or better than any other fish, and honestly it didn't have much flavor at all. Not even close to being worth the price.

Traditional dating.

It took me a while to realize the appeal of a date was that it was just an expensive version of things you do with friends (go get food, go see movies/plays, etc). If your example of fun with your friends is anything besides that, your example of a fun date is too.


The Eiffel Tower. It was a mob scene.

Frozen oak. It's like a chocolate milk slushie that was hyped all over social media but was pretty gross and doesn't compare to throwing some oak and ice cream in a blender.

Going to Disney World in Orlando.

Very few rides and most are boring, everything is unbelievably far apart, the crowds are massive, the Castle isn't a castle, Main Street is just a row of shops with the same overpriced merchandise, you have to wait in line to meet and take pictures with every cast member. There was nothing magical about the experience.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Universal or Six Flags over Disney. I feel sorry for families that plan trips from around the world and spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to go. It's a subpar amusement park guys.

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