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What's the dumbest thing you've ever heard anyone say? by Axle_Log in AskReddit

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"I came up with the idea, the hard part is done. All that's left is for you guys to code it."

What item do you own that is ultra rare? by xholdsteadyx in AskReddit

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Picking my 18 month up next month, same chemical. Keep it up!

What item do you own that is ultra rare? by xholdsteadyx in AskReddit

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A one year tag for Narcotics Anonymous.

More than 80% of heroin users don’t even make it 6 months out of rehab.

Edit; Thank you all so much. Trying to reply to everyone as I can while at work today.

My birthday is tomorrow, and you’re making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

If you need help you can message me. You’re not alone.

What item do you own that is ultra rare? by xholdsteadyx in AskReddit

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As a lover of caecilians, I'm really, really touched that this comment got so much attention. I've enjoyed reading some of your reactions and caecilian-related stories. I remember my own sense of wonder upon realizing that these creatures share this planet with us.

For those who are interested, here are some really cool caecilian facts:

*There are many species known to science, and many probably await discovery.

*Most are terrestrial burrowers, but some (like this species) are aquatic. They range in size from the length and width of a pencil to a good yard or so.

*Most species are dull and earth-toned, but there are some really awesome colors out there. One species from Southeast Asia (Ichthyophis) is a lustrous purple-black, with lemon yellow stripes down the sides. Some are bright blue or purple. Another, native to the West African island nation of Sao Tome and Principe, is entirely banana yellow. Locals call it "cobra bobo", or "stupid cobra".

*Some caecilians (again, Ichthyophis) have rows of scales embedded deep in their annuli (body folds). This makes them the only amphibians known to have scales.

*Most caecilians have a lung, while others breathe entirely through the skin. Like other amphibians, this makes them very susceptible to die-offs caused by pollution. They are a good indicator species, because if the caecilians start vanishing, it likely means that something is wrong with the quality of the water or soil. The problem is that due to their secretive nature, it's really hard to keep tabs on this. Many species have probably gone extinct in recent years without us even realizing.

*One species, the blue-ringed caecilian, actually feeds its young with a secretion leaked from a gland at the base of the body. This makes it the only amphibian known to "milk" its offspring. The same species allows the babies to feed on its dead, peeling skin, which has a high fat content. David Attenborough has captured and narrated some of this behavior for the first time in his successful "Life in Cold Blood" series.

*The sensory tentacle is a mysterious organ that might be able to pick up electric impulses or process smells in ways that we don't fully understand. It sometimes grows as the caecilian does, slowly protruding through an opening under the eye socket.

*Some caecilians have a very unusual process of giving birth. The babies hatch within the mother, rasping away at the nutritious lining of her uterus until they have become large and healthy enough to slither out of the cloaca. Others guard eggs in hidden underground burrows. Still, other babies hatch underwater with temporary gills that eventually fall off.

My guilt at keeping these animals comes from our lack of knowledge regarding what they actually need to live healthy, happy lives. Many were captured from their native habitat, shipped off as cheap novelties. It should never have happened. Anyone who has ever maintained an aquarium knows how much work goes into things like monitoring water quality, adjusting temperature, providing oxygen flow etc. Now imagine doing that with a poorly-known group of amphibians. Tricky indeed. Caecilians seem unforgiving when it comes to mistakes.

Since I was ten years old, my ambition has been to study wild caecilians and discover more fascinating things about them and their lifestyles. I'm sure there are plenty. Unfortunately, they don't get much attention, even from herpetologists. Funding is severely lacking. A lot of people dismiss them as "boring", "stupid", "gross" creatures that don't have much significance. But I beg to differ.

Thanks for your interest. It's really inspiring me to make my dreams into a reality. Caecilians are worthy of our attention.

People who work with dead bodies, what's something we really don't want to know about what you do? by ParameciaAntic in AskReddit

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This is actually a part of that situation that never properly came to mind. I saw something someone said on reddit that was "When you commit suicide, you wrap up all of your problems into a ball and throw it right at your loved ones". Which is very true emotionally, but financially would be a whole other problem and burden. Thanks for the insight!

Edit: Awww, ty to whoever gilded me. It's my first time =D

People who work with dead bodies, what's something we really don't want to know about what you do? by ParameciaAntic in AskReddit

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This is obviously going to be pretty morbid for some people to read, so please read with caution. One of the hardest things I've come across working crime and trauma scene clean up is that there is a very upsetting amount of people that commit suicide thinking it's going to spare their families the grief of having to see them. It's one of the hardest parts of my job, knowing that this person tried their best to spare their families the trauma of seeing them. This is obviously the last thing this person wanted. Almost every suicide I've cleaned that happened in a remote or different area, the family had to come in and see the body beforehand to identify it, sometimes without the actual face intact. Gunshot wounds are some of the worst ones to deal with because your family isn't going to be able to properly mourn you. If the person chose to commit suicide in a hotel room or somewhere else, by the time someone finds them, their body is typically heavily decomposed or decomposing. Depending on where you die or what you die on, such as wood, carpet, or a lot of tiling (anything porous), your body is going to decompose and body fat and blood are going to essentially melt into the flooring and the people cleaning that up are going to have to remove the flooring to properly make it not a biohazard...this means the cleaning fees usually get thrown on your family, and this can cost them thousands, sometimes more.

So not only are families typically traumatized by the loss of their loved one, but they're usually dealing with massive cleaning fees or debt on top of their mourning. If your family can't afford to have your body cleaned up, sometimes they're going to have to clean up the aftermath and this can actually cause an extreme health hazard risk. I had to clean up my grandfather's suicide and I can tell you that it follows you forever.

Besides medically assisted suicides that allow the family to properly mourn, there is no such thing as a clean suicide.

How do you survive working in a job you hate? by Sugarpinkloz in AskReddit

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I take what I can
on this journey of mine.
Success is perception,
and life's looking fine.
See some things are easy,
and others are tough.

I'm doing all right,
and for now...

it's enough.



If they made a show called "White Mirror" that was about all the positive aspects of the human/technology relationship, what would be the plot of certain episodes? by roge_podge in AskReddit

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I think it's more that these are all prerecordings. She can't get a word in because she's watching them as her father taped all these stories, advice about life, and celebrations he missed because he knew he had a terminal disease and wanted his daughter to have something from him.

To be viewed: January 13th, 2030: "Happy 10th birthday, Samantha! You're growing so big! Why, just last year you were only half that size! Haha, OK, maybe that's not completely true, but you were a little string bean back then! When I was your age, I really liked the Ninja Turtles! I bet your favorite show is even cooler! I'm sorry I can't be there today, but I'm so proud of you! I love you soooo much!"

To be viewed: December 25th, 2033: "Merry Christmas Samantha! I hope it's not too cold where you're at, and hopefully it's not too hot where I am! Hahah, OK, OK, just kidding Margaret. Anyway, I always loved Christmas growing up, it was my favorite day of the whole year! One time, Uncle Rob and I went sledding and ended up getting so lost, by the time they found us in the woods we had hypothermia and had to spend Christmas Eve in the hospital! If your Uncle Rob is there now, ask him about why he only has nine toes. Eww, gross, right? Hahah, well I don't want to hold you from opening your gifts, so have a Merry Christmas, and remember I'll always love you!"

To be viewed: Broken Heart: "So you just had your first break up? I'm really sorry that it hurts so much Sam, but remember that the pain will go away eventually. The next few days will make it seem like you'll never get better and everything is awful, but I promise you'll make it, you just have to live day by day and eventually it will just be a little scar in your past. I know that sounds impossible right now, but I promise it will get better. You're so beautiful, funny, tough, and smart, and I'm your biggest fan. I'll always love you."

To be viewed: High School Graduation: "Congratulations on graduating high school, honey! You're so smart and talented and the world is your oyster! There are huge things in your future, and I hope the way I lived my life helped your generation. If I can give you some advice, it would be to always be kind and to help those less fortunate than you, and good things will come into your life. I'm sorry I couldn't be there to see you walk across the stage, but remember that I love you so much."

To be viewed: January 13th, 2041: "Sam, it's finally your 21st birthday! I remember back in my time, I was a bit too rough with the alcohol at first. Try not to repeat my mistakes with letting friends encourage you to have too much, it's really not worth the hangover and dumb stuff. There's a lot that you have to figure out for yourself when it comes to drinking, and I'm sorry I can't be there to teach you all about it. A few tips I learned later in life was to wait at least half an hour between each drink, drink lots of water, and never drink on an empty stomach. You'll eventually learn there's a fine line between having a great time and having an awful one, but enough rambling from your old man. Go have a great time, be safe, and remember I'll always love you!"

To be viewed: Wedding Day: "Samantha, today is truly your day. Out of all the events I've missed in your life, this is the one I regret the most. I want so badly to be there to walk you down the aisle, and I'm so sorry I can't make it in person, but I'm with you in your heart. You've always known this. Ever since I heard you were coming into this world, I imagined you as the most beautiful girl on the whole planet, and now you're the most beautiful bride. You're going to make an amazing wife to whoever is lucky enough to be standing at the alter right now, wondering how they got this amazing women to marry them. I'm so excited for this next chapter in your life and so proud of the person you've become Samantha. Remember, I'll always love you."

rewinds "...you've become Samantha. Remember, I'll always love you."

rewinds "...come Samantha. Remember, I'll always love you."

<years later>

To be opened: ???: "Well hello there, newest member of the Steven's family! I'm sorry I couldn't make it to meet you today, but I'm your Grandpa, Grandpa Dave! I'm so happy you made it to this world and I have a lot to share with you..."


Edit: Thanks for the gold! Also, I got some good criticism that it's not future technology focused, so maybe it could be like a VR thing? The audience sees a girl in different settings as she grows up over the years, with her dad talking to her but not being interrupted by the things she says. It looks like he's an absentee father that only comes around during important times and doesn't interact with her, but in the end when she rewinds to hear "I'll always love you" before the wedding it can be seen by the audience that he was a recording, just a memory, and he was a very loving father. So he goes from being the bad guy to being the good guy.

How does it feel to have depression? by MrHotcake in AskReddit

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Think of the most boring, horrible subject you could study and imagine reading a 50 chapter book on it. The total apathy you have for that task.

Then think of a time you really hurt someone you cared about, how it pained you to know what you did to them, the hurt on their face if they knew or when they found out - wallow in that self loathing or hatred and the isolating/lashing out feeling that comes from simultaneously not wanting to hurt.

Next, imagine the feeling of taking a test for that 50 chapter book earlier. Crank that test-anxiety up to 10 and the teacher is late so you can only wait and watch the clock while your stress over how much there's to do and you don't feel prepared but it's coming and you gotta do it but you're not ready (and on and on).

Throw all those emotions in a cup and drink heavily. Feel all and nothing for no good reason. Just trapped in your head with no escape and few if any sources of relief, and that relief is often just numbness. Just you and these thoughts, day in and day out, carrying them like walking around with a huge weighted blanket that sewn to your skin, yet people blame you for not just tossing it to the side.

If the United States was throwing a house party and the States are people, what is your state doing at the party? by fuckimbackonreddit9 in AskReddit

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Ok, I'm up for a challenge...

  • Alabama is drunkenly hitting on its first cousin by bragging about the time it beat up a [racist expletive].

  • Alaska is quietly sitting in the corner, silently judging everyone even though it hasn't taken its coat off since it arrived.

  • Arizona is trying to be the bouncer even though no one asked. It's currently trying to deny New Mexico entry.

  • Arkansas is in the kitchen, trying to carve a bong out of a corn husk.

  • California is trying out its 4th personality after failing to impress everyone with its previous three. It's currently asking everyone if they read "that recent Vox article."

  • Colorado is offering microbrews and weed to as many people as can, currently riding a wave of fleeting popularity.

  • Connecticut is condescendingly asking everyone, "And what do you do?" as a segue into explaining its most recent "foray" into hedge funds.

  • Florida is outside, screaming and kicking as a bear drags it away due to Florida throwing empties at it for "lookin at me like it knows me."

  • Hawaii is just strumming a guitar to itself in one of the bedrooms, with a small crowd circled around it.

  • Idaho is checking out the gun collection in the basement, muttering about how "these won't be enough if anything happens."

  • Illinois is the owner of the house and the party host, but is spending the whole night either cleaning up broken lamps or defending itself from everyone's shit talk directed at it.

  • Indiana is in the garage, sitting in a lawn chair and drinking Bud Light while just staring at the cars.

  • Iowa is trying to find the date it brought from FarmersOnly.com, which it suspects ran off with Kansas somewhere.

  • Kansas is, in fact, chilling with Iowa's date in another room, but is just yelling at them about why their football fandom sucks.

  • Kentucky is Alabama's first cousin and is totally DTF.

  • Louisiana is the life of the party and in charge of the beer bong, even though it didn't ask for that role, and is surprisingly sober despite having drunk more than anyone.

  • Maine has declined to disclose what it is doing, but it looks like Maine is just foraging through the fridge for some leftover steak and pie.

  • Maryland has stolen a fish from the fish tank, reached into its pocket, and pulled out a shaker of Old Bay that it's currently sprinkling on the fish.

  • Massachusetts is walking around with its chest puffed out, occasionally trying to start shit with New York or California about who's the most woke.

  • Michigan is watching sympathetically as people disrespect Illinois, but doesn't want to draw that negative attention to itself, so it walks into the garage to join Indiana and stare at the car.

  • Minnesota has successfully convinced everyone that it's Canada... without trying to.

  • Mississippi is envious of the special bond between Alabama and Kentucky, and is looking for Tennessee to flirt with to make both of them jealous.

  • Missouri is pleasantly chatting with everyone and trying to get them to come outside for singing around a bonfire.

  • Montana has been missing for hours and no one has noticed.

  • Nebraska is yelling at Arkansas for ruining perfectly good corn.

  • Nevada is dancing provocatively in the corner for attention and pretending to be way more drunk than it really is, and is succeeding wildly with dozens of ones and fives stuffed down its shirt.

  • New Hampshire is one of the more attractive people and is getting hit on a lot, but is mostly shying away from attention, sometimes gravitating to Maine and Vermont to make small talk.

  • New Jersey has gotten in three fights in the last hour, and is now yelling at everyone about how unfairly they treat it.

  • New Mexico is trying to convince Arizona to let it in to the party, but the language barrier is making it difficult.

  • New York has to remind everyone it talks to that "Hey, my upstate is up here," but every time it motions to a different part of its body. It also talks way too loud and quickly for others to understand.

  • North Carolina is outside, too busy having a BBQ cook-off with Tennessee to notice Florida's dilemma.

  • North Dakota keeps walking up to random people and introducing itself for the umpteenth time. They roll their eyes and say, "I know..."

  • Ohio tries unsuccessfully to befriend New York and Massachusetts. Pennsylvania shows mild interest until it realizes Ohio has nothing to actually talk about.

  • Oklahoma heard that people were going to play a game of "Twister" and immediately ran into the basement for shelter. It immediately befriended Idaho as they went to grab the same gun.

  • Oregon is handing out its own microbrew to people while explaining why their clothes are no longer in style this week.

  • Pennsylvania seems normal at first, but there's at least a word in every sentence that no one understands, and it's brought a crate of its own food that everyone "needs to try."

  • Rhode Island couldn't make it, as the drive was too far (20+ minutes?!) and today was perfect boating weather anyway.

  • South Carolina spent the first half of the night explaining why it's not racist because it has that one black friend, and has spent the second half cursing everyone out when they discovered this to be a lie anyway.

  • South Dakota keeps bringing up the fact that it has Mount Rushmore, and why that makes it so much cooler than North Dakota. People respond with, "North what now?"

  • Tennessee is outside in a BBQ cook-off with North Carolina, and despite being distracted by Florida, a bottle of moonshine, and country music blasting from its earbuds, it's winning.

  • Texas is throwing its own party in a bigger house down the street, but no one is invited.

  • Utah is knocking on the door, dressed in a suit, asking if you have a moment...

  • Vermont heard about the gun collection downstairs and is interested, but first it needs to check out this cheese spread.

  • Virginia is trying to figure out whether it would be better friends with New York or South Carolina, neither of whom cares about it, and later suffers an existential crisis. Louisiana ends telling it about how it, too, was once lost and afraid, but has since learned to accept itself. Virginia seems to hit upon a moment of life-changing self-actualization, but sadly won't remember this in the morning.

  • Washington is correcting everyone that it's "Washington State" and has been drinking coffee the whole evening. There's also a slight leak in the roof that seems to follow it wherever it goes.

  • West Virginia occasionally tries to pass itself off as Virginia, but no one is convinced because it keeps calling itself "Mr. Regular Virginia" and has grease stains all over its overalls. It stole some oregano from the kitchen to try and sell as weed.

  • Wisconsin is making a killing by charging for its cheese spread and for seats on the couch to watch football. It also seems to be the only one who realizes that Minnesota isn't Canada... because it just got off the phone with Canada.

  • Wyoming just arrived on its buffalo while shooting into the air to let everyone know it's here. It passes by the BBQ and throws some venison on for itself, which it killed on the way over.

What is one thing you wished someone told you before the first time you had sex? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Bravo to you, need a medal? Sometimes dicks are too big, sometimes we can be turned on and still not wet. Don't take someone needing lube personally lol.

If they made a show called "White Mirror" that was about all the positive aspects of the human/technology relationship, what would be the plot of certain episodes? by roge_podge in AskReddit

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A bed-ridden grandmother in the hospital is able to virtually attend her grandkids' birthday parties and play with them every day.

My mother actually had a friend that we barely knew, but we accepted her Facebook friend request out of courtesy, and she absolutely gushes about seeing photos of our kids on Facebook. She sends them presents and cards, she knows what they like, we've even started having Facebook calls with her. She's so warm and giving and gives them 100% of her attention, which is something parents just can't do as often as kids would like. They'll go running around the room holding the phone up to different things saying stuff like "Ruth it snowed! Look!" My wife got nervous yesterday because they took the phone outside to play in the snow and were having so much fun throwing snowballs at the phone -- I told her screw it, if they break the phone doing something like that I'll buy a new one. It's worth it.

She's like part of our family, and it's all because technology initially allowed her to "passively" participate with us. The relationship grew organically over time the way relationships used to before the internet -- you'd see people frequently at work or at the store or in your neighborhood, over time have longer conversations, and ultimately grow to be friends. The same thing happened here: it started with a like or a comment here or there, then a couple messages, then a virtual birthday card... it enables people to remain in communication with so many more people passively when used correctly.

Our kids have never even met her physically, though. Her immune system is too delicate to accept visitors. But even through a 6" screen, it's like she's really here. I can only imagine what it will be like when virtual reality lets them really be together.

If they made a show called "White Mirror" that was about all the positive aspects of the human/technology relationship, what would be the plot of certain episodes? by roge_podge in AskReddit

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There are no toilets on the Enterprise. They just beam the poop right out of your colon. In fact, that's what Chief O'Brien spends most of his day doing.

What is a hobby you can get into for almost no money? by amy_007 in AskReddit

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Highly recommend Fun With a Pencil by Andrew Loomis, he walks through those first sketch techniques really well.

I've heard a rumor that the second result when you Google it is the free PDF. But I don't know. I would never do such a thing.

How does it feel to have depression? by MrHotcake in AskReddit

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"The opposite of Depression is not happiness, but vitality."

- Andrew Solomon

Every little thing is work. Getting out of bed isn't just a thing you do, but a chore. You look in the kitchen, and think: "If I get something to eat, then I'd have to get out the food, and cut it, and cook it, and eat it, and wash the dishes. That's a lot of work. I guess I won't eat."

You think about every little mistake you've ever made, things normal people brush off like nothing, but instead you think "Fuck, I'm worthless. Why do I even bother when I fuck things up like that. I'm worthless"

It becomes easier to seclude yourself from others because you don't want to disappoint them, or because if you hang out with them then you'll fuck things up again, or maybe because it's just easier to do nothing than to do something.

What's your deepest, darkest secret? by Cm0002 in AskReddit

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My father tortured and starved, beat and belittled me and my 3 siblings. My brother died, two siblings remain. We are all so hurt and broken. Sometimes we ate grass or once even baby aspirin, just to have something in our bellies. When I got old enough to sneak out, I went to the store and shoplifted food for us. We still had to pretend to be starving on those days or he would beat us near to death. He burned my thighs and legs, broke my bones. Sealed me in a room for days and days with no light or food or water...

I still fantasize about killing him every single day. I am middle aged.

Edit: thank you, everyone, for your kindness, your suppirtive messages, for books and recommendations, for raising your torches and pitchforks. I never had the feeling of being protected until tonight. I read so many stories similar to mine, and my heart aches with you.

Tonight, sharing my lifelong secret, has been one of the most powerful experiences in my life. Thank you all for the love and care. I will remember it forever.

If I haven't answered you, I will in the morning. Goodnight all, I hope your homes are safe, peaceful and happy. I send you all hugs.

If they made a show called "White Mirror" that was about all the positive aspects of the human/technology relationship, what would be the plot of certain episodes? by roge_podge in AskReddit

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A teenager in Vietnam is killed by a landmine and his parents decide to donate his organs. One of the receivers of his organs learns about the donator just before they go to college, years later the receiver has completed the invention of technology that will quickly and effectively locate buried landmines.

What makes you inexplicably happy? by nectarbeats in AskReddit

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Oh goodness I bet a wonderful woman is missing out on something....

My husband is high-functioning, so it doesn't come across as autism to everyone. He presents as shy, nerdy, geeky, obstinate, obsessed, anxious, snobby, intelligent, etc.

I have raised his two sons for ten years. One is on the spectrum and he is high-functioning. I got involved when he was very young and began socializing him and teaching very specific social stories. His brain and my husband's brain both work very well if they have a flowchart type analysis to assess situations.

For example: When stepson was 7-8 yrs old, he was in tears because he could not understand what a joke was, and he could not comprehend "teasing". Why was everybody laughing? Were they laughing at him?

At the same time, he loved spongebob and having stuffed animals. He still sleeps with stuffed animals at 16 yrs old and almost 6'. Cutest thing ever. -- Anyway, he could relate the joy he gets from stuffed animals and how they make him feel safe.

So I taught him to process the situation. Do these people look out for my best interests? Do they help me when I need assistance? Do they like to spend time with me? Invite me places? Those are friends. Friends tease each other to have fun. You feel safe around friends.

Then we dealt with jokes. He didn't understand that a joke diminished in value each time you told it. Oh....the cringe. Years later.....He is now a well-adjusted, high-functioning kid with a great group of friends. He knows that he and his father "process" things differently than others, and that's ok. --- His entirebchildhood was like this...years of not understanding social cues and inferences that others (nuerotypicals) absorb naturally. He is less mature than peers but he'll catch up.

I am also a teacher and I have autism in my classroom every year. So I know what I'm dealing with and how involved I'll need to be.

The bottom line is that my husband is a wonderful human who has needs/ quirks that need accomodation. ---- And believe me there are days I want to toss him overboard.

Pros: He is honorable. He would never do anything illegal simply because it's illegal. This is a bit funny because he processes medicinal cannabis oil (founded company).

He has never missed a dr appt, teacher conference, boy scout meeting, sport event, band game/ comcert, etc for his sons. He is just such a devoted dad.

He is very loving with us. He still snuggles his 16 and 18 yr old boys while watching movies and they have never gone to bed without a tuck-in from dad (now its saying goodnight and turn off light).

He has obsessions as most autistic people do. His are cleaning (vacuum daily, dishes every meal, make bed/ change sheets every few days), cooking (he is almost gourmet, and he cooks 3 meals a day and sets the table). I hand him a recipe from a magazine, he will prepare it within a week). Growing flowers (we have a 3,000 sf greenhouse and about 200 orchids on tables in living room. AMAZING when in bloom.) Gardening. ----- His greenhouse is an escape for him when things get overwhelming. He steals seeds when he travels intl so we have a pretty groovy greenhouse. It's like a Dr.Suess world.

He will attend most social events. He will never be the life-of-the-party, but I can also never imagine him cheating. He isn't wired that way. Give him a few margaritas and he is pretty damn funny, but he can also be very embarrassing because he doesn't always know what friends should share with each other. 👀

He apologizes when I am upset. He had to learn that through counselling. He gets very confused because he usually has no idea why I am upset but wants to make it right so we can go back to how we were.

He is VERY silly with family. Only family. It makes us love being around him (usually).

He is very financially responsible.

He loves going to the beach, the ocean, fishing. It's a big part of our life.

Cons: He can't stand a sudden change in schedule. He needs to know so he can map things out in his head and be prepared. God help us sometimes on that one.

He feels safest with his family if we're in public. This one is funny to me because he naturally attracts other men who like to talk business and sports and such. He will respond but he won't ask questions. But he feels more talkative / safe when I'm by his side.

He has no filter with people who are not intelligent. Just get him away. He also will not tolerate religious people.

He will not dance. However, he enjoys me having a few drinks and dancing near him.

He will not plan a social event to save his life. He is happiest at home with his family, his flowers, his routines.

He thinks once he has apologized, the issue is over and time to move on. That one drives me insane of course because some things take a bit of time. And he is brutally honest with no filter. 😫 It can hurt.

There are others, but you get the gist.

We know that our daughter may have autism, or she may not. My stepson that has it...he is an asset to this Earth. He is kind, sincere, smart, and a very devoted family member.

If your brother is aware enough to be concerned about passing it to his children, then he'd probably be a great dad! There is adoption, step kids, IVF, etc as alternatives.

I know this is long, but I like to paint a clear, honest picture of life with a high-functioning autistic partner.