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Hi guys, just visiting this reddit to hopefully get answers.

My mums S5 is riddled with pop up adverts over ever app she uses, and she just went to a website claiming her phone is at major risk. It started vibrating like crazy and it was honestly quite alarming. To be safe I pulled the battery and sim out, then replaced it and all seems okay, but still lots of ads. I have downloaded a cleaner app (CCleaner) and a security app (Avast Mobile Sevurity) both of which have come up with no threats. But this doesn’t solve the random pop ups.

Any advice? Is this even the right subreddit for this kind of thing? Thanks!


Just looking for some possible solutions for storing lots of data (specifically videos). A couple I know of:

-buying physical storage (con - it can fail)

-storing stuff on a cloud online (con - clouds can also fail, and it can take lots of time to upload stuff, especially with video)

-compressing files to take up space (for example, .zip files)

If you have any other ideas, comment them please!


I had the thought that since they both use the 2.4 GHz spectrum that it should be theoretically possible, but a few cursory searches turned up nothing. To be clear, I don't want to use my phone to somehow send wifi to my headphones (using the phone as a wifi node seemed to come up a lot when I searched this); I want to use my phone like the wifi dongle that operates the headphones to send/receive from my phone so I can use my headphones without the dongle.


Hello folks,

I'm looking for recommendations for printers that are generally cheap to operate. I usually use my printer for Dungeons and Dragons related things and would only ever need to print in black. Are there any printers out there for a thrifty DM?


I want to create my own vpn (house wifi), can I ?


I am wondering if I can use my other laptop's charger to my main laptop mainly because its charger is now broken.


Apologies if this isn't the best place to post this question. I've recently decided to go back to school to study economics and data science and haven't had a laptop of my own in some time (I have one from work which I use for work purposes or use my SOs laptop for other things). Since I finally have some money and these classes are coming up in a few months, I figure I should take the time to learn some basics or at least have some proper equipment to give myself a fair chance. Coding systems I expect to use are things like Python, Java, HTML5. While I'm not the most tech savvy (I hopefully will be later on), I'm pretty sure that the coding and programming elements won't require incredibly sophisticated hardware, which brings me to the second part of the question.

I also have an interest in taking music I've written and finally record it and try to produce it. I'm curious what kind of hardware is required to support recording guitar, bass, drums, piano, and vocals through Mic and amp and what types of computers are best for these sorts of practices/activities.

I am definitely more of a PC user but I am not shy about getting and using a Mac either. Would love any advice - as vague as "look into this" and as specific as "get this computer and partition your hardrive with this and that" are all acceptable. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I know this is an odd request, but if anyone knows of a way to comb through or image search for a specific image through the wayback machine site or anywhere else please let me know! I am looking for this ad (SFW - that was on pornhub or anyone that can even confirm they've seen it. Long shot, I know.


Also, if anyone has ever seen this ad on pornhub before please shoot me a message - it could be very very helpful. Lastly, if you can think of any other subs or online communities that may be able to help please let me know.


I have a crappy a/vdsl router provided by my isp, which works for the most part but is dropping cisco anyconnect vpn as crazy. I suspect mtu problem or something. The box is locked and cant‘be reconfigured.

However, it does supporr vdsl bridge mode and I have an unused linsys with ddwrt which i think supports pppoe.

Could i expect improvement by using modem+linksys or should i go straight for a „pro“ modem supported by my isp?


I’ve been following some games such as realm royale and maplestory 2, and I see lots of people complaining about high pings and lags.

So I want to know how servers work and is it an easy fix? Does it cost a lot? Also how does setting up server for different region work? For example, if they want to set up a server for europe, do they physically set up a server at europe? What are the reasons that companies take a long time resolving these issues?

Much appreciated if you can dumb it down for me and thank you for spending the time to read my questions.


Cant get giphy to work on my pc and many sites want a monthly subscription is there a software I can buy once that can do what the others can?


When I look at my smartphone screen which has a white display, looking through polarized glasses shows me some red color on screen. Why is that so?


The cable company where i'm at is starting to replace a lot of the older aerial Coax lines with a new larger cable. The old cables look just like what are run inside my house only a bit larger, but the new cables they are putting in are very thick, I can barely wrap my hand around them and they are completely encased in a silver looking metal, possibly aluminum. They are being run all the way up to peoples houses, not just the main Coax trunk lines.

What is the difference between these new cables? Are they just better shielded or are they actually a higher capacity cable?

(I would take a photo and post it but due to some recent events of attempted sabotage if I pull out a camera and take a photo of the lines the police will be called in no time.)


Processor: AMD A9-9400 RADEON R5, 5 COMPUTE CORES 2C+3G (2 CPUs), ~2.4GHz

Memory: 8192MB RAM

Available OS Memory: 7278MB RAM

Card name: AMD Radeon(TM) R5 Graphics

Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Chip type: AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x98E4)


I have an HP Omen desktop. These are the specs-

  • Intel Core i7-770 CPU @ 3.60GHz

  • 16GB RAM

  • 3TB Disk Space

  • Windows 10 Home

I finish my classes in August and I start my internship in September (if everything goes according to plan). I'm going to school for IT Management and I plan to be a web developer (I think? It may change when I get into my career field).

I'm just not sure if most companies give out laptops to their employees or if I should get my own. I was thinking about getting an HP Envy or Spectre Open Box at Best Buy (I currently work there).

Is it worth it for me? Should I just stick to remoting into my desktop with teamviewer via my iPad? I'm just not sure.


I’m the president of the board of a self managed co-op. We currently rely on email and in person meetings that everyone hates, but I spend 90% of my time spinning my wheels trying to get everyone on the same page. Email threads quickly devolve into an unorganized mess & don’t provide an overview of the situation or track progress.

Slack is powerful but way too complicated for my neighbors.

I need one public channel for all shareholders & one private channel for the board.

A shared group calendar

A way to discuss individual projects/tasks in their own thread.

A polling/voting feature.

I’m currently pushing Glip, but there is no polling feature. The fatal flaw is that I can’t find a way for an individual to discuss a task outside the main team window.

I’ve checked out a few services, but I’m new to this era of collaboration platforms and could definitely benefit from your experiences. I really hate my position and it’s made worse when I spend 80% of my time herding cats instead of addressing our real issues.



I have a club at my high school, and I want to donate technology to a school in India through that club. Would companies be willing to give away old technology to me?


So I found a SD card, 2 gb, in front of my school. I know there is a high chance that my pc gets a virus, but I'm also very curious to see what's inside. Is it possible to safely see what's it's content?


My TV has two HDMI inputs. Is there a way to plug more than two devices in so I don't have to switch the cords every time I want to switch devices? -Thanks


Hey guys! I am managing a picnic/camping site and I was planning on setting up a wifi network for that area but unfortunately my part of the country lack the experienced companies/people to set up something like that efficiently. Can I get your recommendations for this project such as booster router and general recommendations.


There were no signs of a hack, however late last night, my sister received an email from my grandma, it was a forwarded email my sister sent to her ages ago before she died. Last night she got that email from my grandma’s account, and it freaked her out, the account has been dead as long as she has, so almost a year, can I get a logical explanation for this?


Want to boost a Wi-Fi signal. I'm pretty skilled with software but don't really understand much of anything hardware.

I've seen Wi-Fi boosters on Amazon but feel that it would be more efficient to wire some Ethernet down to an area with a lack of signal and set up a router with the same Wi-Fi name or something similar. I'm currently using a NETGEAR Genie (WNR2020) and it has some "Wireless Repeating Function" available:

In all, my questions are:

  1. Are the Wi-Fi boosters I see on Amazon just as efficient as wiring ethernet?
  2. What's the proper way to boost Wi-Fi by routing a cable to an area with a weak signal? Can I just set up a router with the same Wi-Fi network? Do I need to use the "Wireless Repeating Function" mentioned on my router? Is it something entirely different?
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