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the bot is always on,

as an example, thsi uses only a limited few (proportionally) bad subs and labells users so you can know, but it's very few subs on w/e list they use:

better more helpful labels would be academic-inclined user for example

some good indicators are

1) the bot could show the percent of comments on a given sub, and rank-list the subs from most frequent to least

like has

  • assholedesign
  • Marijuana

  • pics

  • unixporn

extremeley low quality subs basicallly

w/e algo reddit is using for the 'sub acitvity' for it's default is completely useless and doesnt even make any sense and often inaccurate

  • prob a teen
  • extremely ignorant & nasty random comments to everyone
  • gets upvoted for the nasty comments too cos the other reddit users and mods in those subs are trash
  • not even very active, and when they are, are full of nasty

  • an entertainment noise user consumed with entertainment & noise that has nothing worth saying

there's many examples but who remembers so highlighting the bad users is helpful to me

2) another a good indication is the word count per comment (tons of 1-line comment users are garbage on this site

on an extremely low quality overall site like reddit, votes are completely meaningless, but on the good sites like quora etc they matter a ton

3) there's sooooo many better ways to do this as another example is they have 'reading level' of news media, that could be applied to comemnts for example

  • and then provide an overall score of the comment (that would be very helpful)

  • but word count is definltey one of the biggest, if not the biggest factor/indicator

4) the random comment users that randomly comments in subs they know absoutely nothing about

  • ( comments per discrete sub : total comments )

oh highlighting the good users is good also but that is typically very obvious so it's not needed


I am currently working with Fanuc's HandlingPRO software and I have a 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator mouse connected to my PC.

Is there any work around so I am able to move the camera in RoboGuide like SketchUp and other types of software?



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