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Please feel free to post your not showing bumps as well. It helps others see it can be normal and give you a starting point!


Hi. I just thought I would share something yesterday that gave me a bit of clarity in this stressful time. My husband and I are a young couple, 22 and 26 respectively, and this baby was something we wanted but got earlier than expected. I thought I had a plan to keep us on track we are expecting our little bundle in early August and things are a little topsy turvy. We are so excited, but I am exhausted growing a baby and he is exhausted supporting the household. We were high school sweethearts, but sometimes it can be hard to stay sweet to one another on difficult days.

Well anyway...we don't have much, and he goes out to run an errand, and he comes back with a bundle of wild roses in his hand. "I saw these on the side of the road," he said. "I just had to get them for you." His nickname for me is "rosey cheeks."

And I just about lost it right then and there. We put them in a glass Coke bottle, and I am looking at them and thinking of him. Even right now I am in a floral Walmart shirt he got me to make me feel beautiful during this time. It is nothing fancy but he wanted to get me something he thought was special. Just like the roses that he found.

It reminds me of the saying "Family: we may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

I feel so raw yet happy right now. Things are going to be okay.

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🌈 Team Pink! CS 6/4/18
13 hours ago

I always appreciated the “what I actually used after Baby is here” posts, so I figured I’d post mine. My baby is currently 20 days old. (On mobile, so please excuse the formatting.)

  • SwaddleMe: my baby has Houdini hands and this is the only thing that keeps them under control and not scratching herself awake. The velcro is kind of loud but I only need to undo them when I need to her be awake anyways to feed.

  • Sleepers with zippers and covered hands: covered hands because babies don’t know how to control their hands and they scratch their faces, and mittens don’t stay on. Zippers because buttons never align right when you have a squirming baby.

  • Changing pad liners: she likes to pee when I am just about to put that new diaper under her. So instead of changing the pad cover every time, I can just change the liner.

  • Bibs: I am exclusively pumping so with bottle feeding, I personally love the Aden+Anais snap bibs. Super absorbent and soft.

  • Prefold cloth diapers: you can use these for everything, burp rag, makeshift bib, accidental spillage, temporary blanket, wash cloth, etc. And you’ll want lots of them, because you’ll need them everywhere because you’ll never know when you’ll need them. I had 20 on hand before baby, and since bought another 10.

  • Newborn lounger: I know you are not supposed to let them sleep on it, but it helps with the spit ups since it’s somewhat inclined. As long as someone is watching the baby, I let her sleep/nap on it during the day.

  • Baby tracker ( I was going to do an app, but I really liked that I can physically look back on trends like how much did she eat the last 24 hours, how much did I pump, how many times did she poop/pee, etc. Also it’s nice to put little notes in there like “sharted after diaper change” so she can read it or we can look back and laugh when she’s grown. Lol

  • white noise machine: babies don’t sleep well in complete silence.

  • Diaper caddy ( we have 3 stations set up around the house. Nice to have everything in one place. We have several places baby can be in, so no need to keep running back and forth.

  • nose frida; spit ups go through the nose sometimes, and that makes mucus and snot over time. Baby noses are so tiny. These things are incredibly effective in getting crap out of them.

  • Nursing gown ( I bought one before baby, and now have 4. Easy to pull the shoulder straps down for pumping, and so comfy to wear all day long.

For the moms who are thinking of pumping/bottle feeding:

  • Soothies: pumping can cause chafing, which can cause nipples sensitivity and pain too. Throw these babies in the fridge and wear between sessions.

  • multiple sets of pumping parts: washing parts are a pain.

  • pumping pals: if you can’t find the right size flange, this is a great place to get sets of multiple sizes. Also their flange allow you to sit back instead of hunched over for 15-20 mins every 2-3 hours.

  • size 0 bottle nipples: I found that the size 1 nipple that usually comes with newborn bottles flow too fast for my baby who’s a strong sucker. So you may want to keep this in mind if your baby finishes the bottle too quickly and is spitting up.

  • mini fridge: if your bedroom/nursery is on a different floor than your current refrigerator, consider getting a mini fridge for your room/nursery. Late night feeds/pumping are so much more convenient this way.

General tips:

  • don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re already doing the best you can. I was really upset that I couldn’t effectively breastfeed. I agonized and cried for days over this same issue. Sometimes things just don’t go the way you initially thought, but it’s okay. As long as your baby is fed, burped, rested, and loved, you’re doing great! The first week will be really hard, but you’ll get the hang of it. It’ll all work out one way or another.

  • if possible, your partner and you should take shifts sleeping at least 4 hours uninterrupted. You’ll be a better parent being less sleep deprived. My husband takes the baby down to the basement after my 9pm pumping session, and I sleep from 9:30pm to 1;30am. Then I take over and sleep when the baby sleeps. After the baby wakes to feed, I pump, then go back to sleep and repeat. My husband can sleep through the baby’s light cries, so he usually sleeps from 2am until when he needs to get up for work.

  • babies make a lot of noise when they are sleeping. So don’t jump to them at the moment any sound comes out of them. Let them do their thing for a minute, they’ll let you know when they need you.

  • don’t pack too much for the hospital, I barely used anything I brought. I wore the hospital gown the entire time. I hardly had time for all the snacks I brought. I showered once in the 3 days I stayed. Hauling the bags were more of a pain.

What I did use from my hospital bag: - lanolin - tooth brush/paste - contact solution/glasses - blanket for husband - slippers/flip flops for husband (my feet were too swollen for mine, so I just wore the hospital socks) - chapstick - hair tie/hair brush - nursing bra - phone charger - going home outfit for baby and mom

Okay, time to sleep. Let me know if you have questions on any of the items. Best of luck to all of you!


  • I keep a 1L Nalgene bottle next to me, and also an insulated 2L bottle ( filled with water. Again it’s upstairs in my room, so I don’t have to run downstairs to the fridge to get more water. If you breastfeed or pump, you’ll be very thirsty all the time.

  • if you’re bottle feeding/pumping, make sure to remember to moisturize your hands! You’ll be washing pumping parts and bottles multiple times a day. Don’t be like me and wait until they were dry and itchy to start. Put that aquaphor on your hands!

  • after the first week, you’ll start to get a sense of how often your baby needs to be fed. Mine usually wakes up by hour 3, so at about 2.5hrs in, I start getting her milk warmed and bottled. If she’s still not awake, it’ll still be okay in room temp for another 1-2 hours, before which I know I’ll have to wake her to feed nonetheless. This way, she’s not hangry for that milk to be warmed. She’ll gently wake up, I’ll feed her right away, and she goes right back to sleep after she’s done almost every time.

  • you can’t overfeed a baby, because they will spit up the extra amount. So feed on demand initially, but take note of how much, and increase gradually (1/2 oz increments).Once they spit up, they’ve had enough. General rule of thumb per my pediatrician, age in months plus 2oz (example, 2 week old: 1/2 month + 2oz = 2.5oz per feed). Also use the slowest drip nipple they’ll tolerate, otherwise they’ll overfeed not realizing their tummy is already full, and you’ll have milk shooting out of their nostrils.


Right before he blew a raspberry on my tummy. XD

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Logan James born 24/6/16
6 hours ago

The fetus beetus!

Had it last pregnancy so they tested me early (17 weeks) and just got the call. It sounds glamorous but it really isn’t.

Now for 23 weeks of needle sticks and blood sugar strips


I have been so used to mess ups at my doctors office that it didn't even bother me. They always have a lady at the checkout desk who can't do her job properly. She needs help from everyone and it's been like that since my first appointment 9 months ago. So after a 15 minute wait of her trying to schedule me for my appointment I asked if a doctor could fill out my leave paperwork. So she had said no they can't fill it out that day and it would be 10 business days until I got the paperwork back (last time it was 2 1/2 weeks and they filled it out wrong) and she would take it and give it to the doctor.

So a few days later I called asked for who my actual doctor is so I could give my STD a name and number and they were arguing saying why couldn't I just take the leave paperwork and why did I need a doctor's name. I told them that the STD insists on making an online account (true) with the doctors info so she sighed and told me she would get someone to help me. The doctor got on and politely told me the doctors name and then I asked about my leave paperwork. She said she didn't have it in her box and then looked for it for 15 minutes while I was on the phone. She said she was very sorry and when I gave her the new paperwork she would take it that day and fill it out and gave me her direct fax line.

So anyways I finally got all of the paperwork which sucks that I already had my appointment today but either way I decided to ask the secretaries where they put my papers with my social, name, address, and phone number on it. They looked at me like I was crazy and asked me literally 3 times if I had my paperwork before they understand what I said and looked for it. They told me to sit and wait for the appointment while they looked. I went with my boyfriend and sat in a more secluded area while they proceeded to talk. They were like "she seems to think we have it" and "yeah I don't know why she would think she gave it to us". My boyfriend was pretty angry at this point and it went on and on. After I went back and came back out from my appointment i went to check out and went to a different lady instead of the one who lost my papers. The secretary asked her if she remembers my face and she said yes but I didn't give her paperwork and I told her I did. She said then she doesn't remember how the whole thing went down and she doesn't remember any paperwork. So they took her word for it and told me to get more paperwork and this time it would only be 5 days. I told her the doctor said she would do it immediately that day and she told me that it would be 5 days not that day. Didn't believe me with the doctor either.

Just... one..more... appointment 😂.


Link to previous post here

Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who read, commented and messaged in response to my previous post. You truly are the greatest group of internet strangers on the internet (in addition to my monthly sub) ❤️

Just wanted to give a quick update as to how we’re all doing. DH underwent surgery yesterday to do a resection of his lower bowel, it was a nerve wracking few hours as he has never been under full GA before. Fortunately I had DH’s cousin (who is an intensive care RN) keeping me company while I waited which was an absolute godsend. The surgeon came and spoke to me following the surgery and was really happy with how everything went. He said there was no sign of cancer in the surrounding organs or further up the bowel - just a few polyps that will need some attention sometime in the near future. The biggest adjustment for DH will be his stoma. He has been given a temporary loop ileostomy which he will have while his bowel heals and throughout his chemo treatment. His doc said he almost didn’t do it but felt better having it there as a bit of an insurance policy. I spent a couple of hours with him last night in ICU but he was pretty out of it. The plan is to move him to a ward today which will hopefully mean he gets more rest as it will be less noisy for him. Yesterday was full on, I’m completely wrecked and only had about 4 hours sleep overnight. Hoping to get a little more tonight for both of us. It looks like he’ll be here until Monday, and then I have all of next week off work to take care of him at home.

With each milestone we cross we feel more and more confident that he’s gonna beat this thing and we’re going to have long lives and grow old and ugly together.

Thanks again to everyone. I’ll post another update soon. Xx


My first was induced at 40 weeks, my second induced at 37 weeks. The two experiences were very different, so I wanted to share!

The Induction Process:

#1: They started out with cytotec inserted vaginally. Contractions started not long after. They introduced pitocin a few hours into the process and had to manually break my water once I was dilated enough. The whole process took 18 and a half hours.

#2: They started out with a foley bulb. A few hours later, they had me take cytotec orally. I ended up having two doses of cytotec. They removed the foley bulb and started pitocin about 12 hours after I got to the hospital. Again my water had to be manually broken. The whole process took 30 hours.

The Epidural:

#1: My nurse asked if I was ready to get an epidural after I had been contracting for about 4 hours. At that point, I would put contractions at about a 6 on the pain scale. They were painful but manageable, however I was afraid of passing the epidural up at that point and then needing it soon after. The epidural was amazing. Once I received it, I didn't feel any more pain and I was pretty much able to sleep through the night. When it came time to push, I felt intense pressure but no pain.

#2: This time around, I asked for the epidural after I had been contracting for about 10 hours. Due to a few communication issues between my nurse and the OB on call, I didn't end up receiving the epidural until about 3 hours after I asked for it. This was pretty torturous and at the time I felt like I was losing my mind. I was having intense contractions every 3 minutes this entire time. Once I received the epidural, I wasn't feeling the contractions as strongly, but I did feel some sharp pains in one side. After about two hours, I started feeling very intense pain in one side. My nurse thought that was probably baby moving herself into position, so it was good that it was happening but it hurt like a bitch!


#1: I pushed for 2 hours. It was the most physically exhausting thing I've ever done in my life. I felt like I was going to pass out for sure; my lips were turning blue with the effort. I tore and my OB did an episiotomy. I ended up needing several stitches... it was rough.

#2: I pushed 3 times! I had a tiny tear and needed one stitch. After such a long labor, pushing felt like the easiest thing I had ever done in my life.

The Recovery:

#1: I was in a lot of pain. It was manageable, but I spent pretty much the entire first few days in bed. I just felt so exhausted and broken, and I was bleeding a lot. The stitches weren't noticeable, so that was nice.

#2: I felt amazing immediately afterward. I was walking around as soon as they had me cleaned up. I had been in so much pain for the previous day and a half and it felt like it had all magically just ended. It was like when you've been sick for a long time and then finally wake up feeling healthy again.


Walk before labor, while in labor, and after labor. With my first, I didn't get out of bed while in labor. I was so oddly nervous about the monitors falling off. This was a mistake! Walking around helped a lot with dealing with pain, and although it didn't help me progress faster, I think it did help me feel better emotionally. The monitors are going to fall off anyways, and the nurses are used to having to adjust them. Don't worry about things like that. After giving birth, make sure to get up and walk around as much as you can. It will help you feel a lot more human, and it's very good for your recovery.

Even though the epidural wasn't super effective the second time around, I still would recommend getting it. I went from holding my breath in pain every time they checked my dilation to not feeling it, and that was really nice. It also was really helpful after baby was born and I needed one stitch, because they were able to just do it quickly without worrying about me feeling any pain from it.

Eat as soon as they let you, and eat often! With my first, I was so exhausted after pushing that I ended up sleeping almost the entire rest of the day. This was a huge mistake, as I didn't hardly eat anything. I ended up feeling like complete crap. With my second, I forced myself to eat even though I didn't feel hungry yet, and it made me feel a ton better. I also made sure that I ate three full meals every day that I was in the hospital. I normally don't eat breakfast, but breastfeeding combined with the fact that I wasn't allowed to eat anything for 30 hours prior meant that I needed those calories to get my strength up. I feel like eating regularly played a huge part in my much faster recovery the second time around.

Trust your medical professionals, and don't let Dr. Google freak you out. I understand that with all the horror stories online, it is easy to start to doubt your medical team, but you have to take a breath and remember that they want the same outcome that you want: healthy mom, healthy baby. I felt that going into both of my birth experiences with an open mind about what would happen helped me stay relaxed and feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Both births were pretty rough with how long they took and the medical interventions needed for the inductions, but I look back on both of them as positive experiences, and I really think that that is because my birth plan consisted of one thing: Leave the hospital with a healthy baby and a healthy me. I think that if you try to heavily dictate what you want to happen, you are more likely to feel distraught if things can't go your way.


I'm 30+1. I have pregnancy induced tachicardia. Hip/back pain from hell. Heartburn that makes me throw up. Even with iron supplements I'm still tired all the time. My belly is bigger than my other two pregnancy and itch's all the time. My parents live with me so I can take care of my dad and he is not doing well. My sisters are no help and actually want me to watch their kids. All I want is some coffee but that sends my heart into crazy mode.

So when someone asks me how I'm doing. Instead of saying everything above I just reply with. I'm so mentally done. 95% of the time they come back with "Well, you're not done yet. You still have (insert time frame here) weeks to go. Baby needs to grow a little more. " Or some verity of that.

Bitch don't you think I know that. Don't you think I look at my pregnancy app everyday to see how many days are left. Am I not allowed to be mentally done? Am I not allowed to wish that I could not feel stressed out and in pain 24/7. Why are you so worried that me wanting to be done will hurt the baby. If women could think babies out. There would be less people in this world and no woman would ever go over 40 weeks. I just want to complain! You get to vent about your shitty day after work. Why can't I vent about how pregnancy sucks. It is not always the magical glorious happy thing.

*My husband and parents help me when they can. Sometimes it still does not seem like enough. That's not on them though.

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Team Pink! FTM June 16 2018
5 hours ago

I shared an incomplete birth story on my June bumpers subreddit but wanted to type out my full one here to share. It was such an awesome experience for me overall and I honestly feel so blessed. Anyways:

So I woke up around 3:30am on Friday (40w + 2) with what I thought were 'I have to poop' cramps. I sit in the bathroom long enough for my fiance, Cody, to text me: 'what are you doing in there you weirdo?' (I was sitting there looking up "contractions or do I have to poop?" On my phone to be real honest). I end up thinking they're BH contractions even though they hurt and end up falling back asleep from 5am-7:30am when my alarm goes off. Still feeling crampy and not good but went to work. Around 10am I end up having one of my coworkers walk me over to labor and delivery because I just felt like something was up (I work where I was delivering).

Turns out my blood pressures were measuring high & my doctor went ahead and decided to induce me since I was past my due date anyways & because my blood pressures were always near perfect the rest of my pregnancy.

They move me into a new room & doctor comes in to place a Foley bulb & start pitocin. The Foley bulb from what I gathered was placed WAY up there and then filled with saline in order to open my cervix more. It does NOT feel good going in and my night nurse said she was surprised they did that before an epidural. It's meant to fall out at 4cm. Pitocin starts kicking in and damn induced contractions hurt.

I'm okay for a little while, but soon these contractions REALLY start to hurt and I'm dry heaving/occasionally crying but I have to wait it out a bit longer because the anesthesiologist was in surgery. Finally the guy comes and does the epidural. It didn't hurt at all placing it and it's the craziest feeling when they start it because it feels like someone is spilling ice water down your spine.

Also, not sure if this was just my reaction, but after my epidural was placed and working I started farting uncontrollably and I swear I thought Cody was gonna lose it from laughing so hard (me too).

After this, the rest of the day was smooth sailing. Don't ever let anyone make you feel bad for getting an epidural. It made the whole birth experience so much more enjoyable and magical for me.

We just chilled for hours & I could tell when I was having a contraction but it wasn't pure agony like earlier. Around 2am I feel trickling down there and make Cody look to see if I was leaking pee or something from my catheter & then the nurse comes in and says it was my water breaking. She said it was weird because usually the Foley bulb comes out first.

When 4:30am rolls around I feel like that bulb is about to come out and no sooner than my nurse walks in the room I feel it pop right out. She checks my cervix and I'm 7cm dilated! And my contractions are hurting me again through the epidural because they were literally happening one on top of the other. She turns my pitocin down and tells me I ought to call my family if they want to make it in time for baby. My mom barely made it to the hospital before I had to start pushing.

I started pushing at 5:45 am & it's honestly such a weird feeling. I was able to feel my contractions enough to push with them & according to my nurse (and later my doctor) I'm a great pusher?? Lol I ended up laughing because one of my pushes I farted REALLY LOUD and I just look up at the nurse and I'm like I'm so sorry lol.' I was also apparently really nice compared to some people she's seen. At one point I turned towards my mom & Cody and ask if they're bored and if they're okay or need anything haha.

My doctor comes in and I end up needing a second-degree episiotomy to prevent what was going to be a bad tear (baby just had her first doctor's appointment and we found out her head is in the 90th percentile, so that and her position when she came out was why the episiotomy was necessary). I honestly wouldn't have known she'd done it if she hadn't told me. I didn't feel anything.

The last two pushes were the worst. And it's strange because they hurt but it was like I was feeling everything through a fog. I honestly sounded like a heavy metal singer with the guttural growl sounds I was making and I did cry some, especially when she came out. It felt SO WEIRD. And towards the end everything seemed to happen all at once. One second everyone is cheering me on for that last push and the next I've got a squaling, bloody baby on my chest.

I honestly lost it when I opened my eyes and saw her. I just started sobbing about how perfect she was, like hardcore chest shaking sobs. I barely noticed when I delivered the placenta and they pushed on my stomach to get everything out. Baby girl Ella Brooke was born at 7:28am and was 7 pounds 4 ounces and 21 inches long. My doctor told me she came out with her face upwards (sunny side up) and said that in her experience usually only 25% of first time moms can deliver vaginally when they come out like that. Everyone seemed really impressed with me, so that was cool.

Nobody seems to ever mention how bad the muscle pains are after having a baby. That was almost worse than the lady bits pain. I only had 3 doses of pain medication because it made me so sleepy and wasn't worth it so I just had Tylenol for pain and it was manageable. Didn't feel good by any means (4 days post-partum and it still doesn't) but I managed. Had my first 2 poops in the hospital and that was really kinda awful. It does get better after that first one tho!

Pain wise, I honestly don't feel like I just had a baby last Saturday haha. Coughing & laughing are the worst though that's my only complaint. I've had an irritated throat from allergies I assume and when I cough it feels like I'm gonna split straight down the middle.

I can't think of anything else to mention but if anyone has questions about anything I can try to answer them! You got this mommas!!! 💕


We got Ina May's Guide to Childbirth book.. and this is the woo-woo-est book I've ever seen. Do not recommend.

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Team Blue!
13 hours ago

Hey guys! I graduated yesterday so I wanted to share my birth center story

So I had taken a lot of your advice of “lots of sex!” To help induce labor and finally on Sunday I started feeling the beginning of contractions! They kinda stayed 15/2 min apart and where easy enough to handle that I slept through Sunday night and then woke up Monday with moderate cramping and by 2pm my sister convinced me to give my midwife a call and give her a heads up cause my contractions where 5/6 min apart. And she agreed that it sounded like early labor and said she would check in later.

And as time went on and after phone check ins I was still just convinced it was probably false labor but at 10pm my older sister convinced me to just go into the birth center to get checked and turns out I was 4cm dilated and in early labor!

I had 2 Midwife’s with me at the birth center and they just where such an amazing team they explained the timeline of just how they where gonna check on me and we got settled in. What I loved most about the birth center was that the rooms are super spacious and generally you have the entire building to yourself and can labor and walk around and not have to worry and you can also give birth in the tub which was what I had been hoping. Also you can eat and for me it was so nice to be able to eat whatever food I wanted to keep my strength up.

Since I was still in early labor the Midwife’s gave me gentle goals of just rest/movement And then gave DH and I some space since it was 11pm. From about 12pm through 6 am we worked through early and active labor and they checked me and I was a 6! I feel really fortunate that I had no issues and that my body followed a pretty natural labor storyline. At that point they had me wake up my body more and do 30min activity 30min rest and by around 9:30 they asked if I wanted my water broke and so they broke it and started having me try contractions in different positions to get baby to lower.

I loved that I had so many different options to labor on they had a yoga ball,suspended swing, birth stool, shower, bath tub, but my least favorite was the toilet! Ladies let me tell you it was the most effective for bringing baby down but it brought on the most intense contractions ever!!! By around 10:30 i had labored on the birth stool in the shower for a bit after they had popped my water and asked to get in the tub. And they said if I felt like trying to bear down I could. Cue to the next 2ish hours of trying pushing different positions in the tub and the birth stool they where having difficulties because I guess my perenium is longer and his poor little head was having a hard time fitting out so I was having a hard time and just wanted to give up and take a break 😂

I gave up on the tub because it just wasn’t being as effective as we had hoped and switched positions about every 15 or so minutes and I found that laying on my side in bed while holding my leg up in the air was what really helped me push. After what seemed like an eternity of still struggling with his head they told me that the next couple of contractions they where gonna get him out cause his heart rate was lowering and they got a bunch of olive oil and basically slathered it all over and got their hands in their and on the next push with their help out came his head! Little man was born at 12:21 and we where in awe of him. Delivered the placenta with a couple of pushes and you guys where right it’s kinda like delivering a jellyfish!

My Midwife’s where such a great support and even when I basically lost all dignity they did such a good job of tracking my progress,making sure they balanced giving me space and coaching me and just being a positive source of encouragement when contractions got really strong and I just wanted to give up.

My husband was my other support system and he was such an amazing rock and supporter and just was so in tune with me and what I needed not only encouragement wise but also physically with holding my body up and just being an incredible teammate and I couldn’t have gotten through labor without him.

Cue to our little guy after doing skin for about and hourish they started doing his newborn exam and just found his hands and feet and breathing was a little off. They wanted to give him time to transition so they asked if we would stay longer to which we agreed.after an hour of kinda trying to work out what was going on with his lungs and cue me being an emotional wreck hey said we needed to transfer to the hospital because his breathing wasn’t getting better and it was all such a blur but cue me new mother in a panic because we basically had to leave the birth center 2 hours after I gave birth and there was no way I was leaving my little boy.

Cue to now we are doing what our local hospital calls “camping” because we are not admitted but they still wanted to give me a room since I had just given birth. So basically what happened was that he had a bunch of fluid in his lungs and they where really wet and most babies have what you call “transitioning” from breathing from the womb to breathing oxygen and he was just having a harder time making that transition. Hopefully he gets to come home in 2 days!

I am so grateful that it’s not anything more serious but I am beyond exhausted and I’m so grateful my sister and my birth photographer both stepped in and helped my husband and I because we where both exhausted from going through labor and then all the sudden having to go to the hospital so suddenly is not what you expect to have happen. Our birth center was also 5min from the hospital and I’m so glad that my husband did not let me have a Home birth instead because we live 30min from the hospital and that time is so crucial. I highly suggest using a birth center for all the options it gives you and freedom when your in labor and I think it’s a really great way to compromise to a safe alternative to a hospital without putting too much risk on baby.

I’ve really loved being apart of this sub and I can’t believe I’ve done it! I have so much more respect and admiration for woman as a whole after going through labor myself! Also I didn’t tear! And I would definitely say that taking the evening primrose oil in the weeks in advance really helped that!

Td;Lr delivered naturaly at birth center then had to transfer baby boy to hospital for fluid in lungs but everyone is safe and recovering!


I have no idea how I'm going to survive the next 9 months!

I already have to move my office at work because a renovation is going on and I can't be there for the demolition. I am traveling to New Orleans for a long-planned conference this weekend and I have to worry about mosquitoes and bug spray. I have to be very careful of ticks (they are heavy where I live). I can't eat certain cheese and normal sandwiches? It seems like every day I find out about some new risk that is unavoidable or difficult to avoid. AHHH! How do you cope?


We always hear about the changes post baby that most moms dislike in their bodies, any women care to share their positive experiences with body change post baby? 16 week FTM here needing some hope that all is not lost after baby


I’ve got 6 days until my due date and I’m fully expecting to go over, the only sign of labor I’ve had so far is losing my friggen mucus plug for 2 weeks. I don’t even have pelvic pain ugh.

I get daily texts from at least 10 people asking if I’m in labor yet... and it’s driving me absolutely insane. Everyone aside from my fiancee/my mom and his mom/immediate family such as siblings— I don’t plan on letting anyone else visit until a week after I give birth. They ask and ask and I reply with “I’ll let you know when I am haha” and it’s like they don’t get the freaking picture.

I’m anxious, a first time mother not knowing what the hell is going to go on during labor... WHY KEEP REMINDING ME. Just let me sit on this couch and enjoy the last bit of down time before my baby girl is here. I’m on maternity leave people, don’t give me extra responsibility to reply to you every. freaking. day.

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Spencer born 6/28/16, Baby #2 Due 3/4/19
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Hello everyone!

I was a frequenter of BabyBumps with my last pregnancy, way back in the Dark Ages of 2015-2016. I just got a very faint BFP on a home test this morning. I’m only 3+2, giving me an EDD of March 4, 2019. (Am I the first March bumper?!)

I’m so thrilled about this baby. My daughter, who turns 2 on June 28th and is the light of my life, was a huge surprise. I found out how much I absolutely love being a mother when she was born. This baby was planned and my husband and I couldn’t be more excited.

The bad thing is that I have to keep this secret for a whole month. A MONTH. I know people often wait longer than that, but damn it seems daunting. We want to tell our closest friends and family at our rehearsal dinner on July 20 (so yes, my husband is not technically my husband yet) when I’ll be nearly 8 weeks. I know that’s still early, but I can’t think of a better occasion to tell everybody that our family is growing.

I look forward to many months of backaches, nausea, constant peeing, and other fun things with all of you. So glad to be back!


I'm worried about getting too obsessed or stringent about counting. The app recommended doing it at the same time each day.. What if I'm busy during that time?

Kick counter app says to go to the hospital if you have felt less than ten kicks in two hours... But I've gone hours without noticing baby sometimes, I dunno if I'm just busy at work or I can't feel him as much when I'm moving around, etc...

I don't want the next three months to be a scheduled event of kick monitoring.. I have a life to live too..

So, how precise do I need to be with this?? I want my baby to be safe and know he's ok in there but on the other hand I can't just sit there all day and time kicks either. Do I need to do it for the full hour, or can I stop after ten kicks?

Ftm 28+4


Hey mamas 😊

I have 2 daughters and I’m pregnant, just found out it’s a boy! We’re thrilled and our family will be too, since this will be the first boy born in the family in many years. We’re planning a gender reveal right now.

Does anyone have any creative ideas? For a Facebook reveal and/or an in person reveal for friends and family? I’m drawing blanks besides the blue confetti cannons.

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#1 09/27/18
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How far are you willing to go with this? Do you feel bad?

I have already opted out of two social events in June, one was a rafting trip which my doctor vetoed so there was no reason to feel bad about that one. The second is a bachelorette party I just now backed out of. I did feel a little bad about that one. I have to work up until my due date and I'm trying to save all my PTO for my maternity leave so I want to keep weekends low-key from now until September as much as I can. Plus we have so much stuff to do around the house to get ready for the baby. Physically I'm doing OK but I'm still hot and tired and grumpy and I really don't want to stay up past 9pm these days.

Work-wise I typically travel twice a month or so to meet clients. I won't be traveling anymore as soon as I hit 7 months. My boss is cool with it.


I am so happy and excited to be pregnant! This is a much wanted child for both of us. Now that it’s real, I’m starting to feel a little panicky.

We are both first time parents. We are strongly emotionally attached to each other (perhaps a little codependent, but not unhealthily so). It may be the initial shock of the news and the impending life change, but we are both a little nervous about how well we will be able to maintain that close feeling when the baby is here.

We are very emotional people and find it somewhat challenging to recover from the natural phases of closeness/distance that happen in a typical relationship. Obviously, having a baby is going to make those phases a longer and more intense.

We are lucky to be aware that this is going to be a problem in advance, and require effort on both of our parts - it is just impossible to know what to expect until it’s here. Also, this is probably a universal concern, so it’s not like we’re rewriting the history of relationships. :)

Do any second time (and beyond) parents have any tips for me (and anyone else reading this thread)?


My MIL asked for my baby registry... so I sent it to her.

On my registry, I have specific items that I really like the style of or it goes with my nursery colors/theme... or that I just want the most. They are decent quality, not stupidly cheap, not stupidly overpriced, and all get great reviews. For instance, I added a $100 basic changing table rather than a fancy $600 one... and bought a $200 crib instead of a $1200 fancy one.

Anyway, my MIL is the type of person that looks for "deals". Rather than getting me stuff on my registry, she looks for items on Craigslist or baby stores that have a sale tag on them... even if they are more expensive than what I have on my registry.

Example: I had a $140 convertible crib on my registry and my mom gave me money to buy it. My MIL said she found a really nice crib on Craigslist that I should buy. I informed her that I had just purchased my crib. She said "but this crib is a name brand crib! Normally $800 brand new and they're selling it for $300! That's a REALLY good deal!!!!" I politely declined and told her that I had bought a crib that was just as nice and was half the price. But she seemed baffled that I didn't want to buy a crib with that good of a "deal"

Another example: she found a deal on a bouncer on Amazon that was normally $70 and was on sale for $40 and sent me a million texts asking me if I liked it and wanted her to get it. I looked at it and it only got 2/5 stars. I looked at the bouncer on my registry that was also on sale... normally $60 and was on sale for about $45 and got 4.5 stars. I told her I preferred the one on my registry, which she said "oh. well this one was on sale!" "yeah but it gets bad reviews for some reason, and my registry bouncer is on sale too... only $45."


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Doctor confirmed that babies head is lodged in my pelvis, lol. I was really hurting until a couple of days ago and now I’m on my feet with no problem! Anyone else?

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FTM, EDD 09/18/18
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I have a number of steep stairs in my house and know that once the baby comes, I will likely want to avoid going back up and down to fetch things. I’m wanting to make little bins for each main area filled with baby things that are best to have “close at hand”.

Other than the obvious diapers and baby wipes, is there anything you found helpful having nearby or something you found you were always getting up to grab? Or things you wish you had while you were stuck in one spot, like breastfeeding?


Any one know how bed rest works in conjunction with maternity leave? I'm high risk, and my doctor has talked about bed rest a few times already (I'm 14+5) and I'm extremely nervous about going on bed rest in my third trimester. I make the majority of the money and am unsure how we will survive bed rest and a maternity leave without pay. I have heard mention of using STD, but I never signed up for it, (Is it too late, did I screw myself?) And how does bed rest + Maternity leave work? I know FMLA is only 12 weeks long, so if I am on bed rest for longer than 12 weeks does that mean I don't get a maternity leave?

Advice needed! Location (Texas) In case any of you need it.

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