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Posted byScott Santens7 months ago

The United States of Burnout: Current work practices are unproductive, unhealthy, and unsustainable. This needs to change.

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"checked out, sleepwalking through their workday, putting time but not energy or passion into their work.”

This is not just due to long hours but also because employers treat employees like crap, no loyalty or recognition of passion (if the person still has some) or of hard work or knowledge. Long term, loyal and hard working employees are tossed aside like chaff. They are used up and tossed in the trash. What do companies expect?

How can you expect people to continue to put their energy and passion into something that never recognizes or rewards it? Neither working hard or "working smart" get you anything. You are just a cog in a machine.

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17 points · 7 months ago

Indeed, they expect you to be loyal, give 110%, stay extra hours, come in early and on your day off, but the moment they find someone who'll work for one cent less, they'll toss you onto the sidewalk.

Fuck them, they deserve the Office Space treatment, do just enough to not get fired.

Once they show some basic level of humanity towards their employees, maybe we can show some appreciation back.

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Time to move, the borders are still open.

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Tempting, but I'd rather stay and try and fix this broken shit.

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2 points · 7 months ago

Stay in your shithole country. /s

Imagine though what would happen if a large part of Americans with enough money to move out but not enough status be lazy left for the EU. I wonder what those work visas would look like.

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16 points · 7 months ago

I believe that the burnout phenomenon naturally results from a neoliberal framing of work.

Instead of shutting down access because you can't afford to pay someone to maintain a road or park, we could promote volunteers and provide access to public equipment to get work done without involving neoliberal hierarchical profit-seeking structures.

Government has become neoliberal; Zincke wants to raise park fees to make public lands pay for themselves. Instead of entrusting public lands to the public, government is shutting down access, using neoliberal budget constraints as an excuse.

The funny thing is that private firms are not constrained by budgets, because financial firms expand their balance sheets to help their friends and hurt their enemies. Government is the enemy, because taxes.

Thus neoliberal profit-seeking rationalists punish government by publicly holding government accountable to balanced budget constraints that the biggest financial firms do not obey. If you look at the banking equivalent of debt-to-GDP, i.e. leverage, banks are in the thousands of percent.

So, government should spend on a basic income, using the Fed's balance sheet, and promote voluntary work for projects that are assumed now to be undoable without neoliberalism.

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Interesting point about banks being heavily leveraged compared to governments without anyone batting an eyelash.

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This article leaves the reader with the impression that it is technology and 24/7 connectivity that is burning us out. That is not it. Burnout comes from being OVERWORKED by our employers. And why are our employers able to work us so hard? Because workers (with their perpetual loss of union strength) are continuing to lose what little voice they have in determining their own working conditions. More and more, management calls the shots. And when management has that power, they work you till you are exhausted then throw you out.

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