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Did I ever tell you guys that I love nuclear energy? Not only because of its many amazing properties as an energy provider. It also magically makes parties come clean and scream out their stupidity and ignorance as loud as possible.

Fucking ending nuclear energy and replacing it with gas-centrales. Smh, it's only slightly less stupid than the so called biomassa-"a big kachel"-centrales

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Translated from this article

Forty percent of people with a non Flemish sounding name who inquire about a rented house in Antwerp are discriminated against. The Mediahuis newspapers write this on Monday on the basis of a study by the VUB.

The researchers responded to 943 advertisements for rental properties in Antwerp. They sent the same message in impeccable Dutch, but sometimes signed with a Maghreb name, sometimes with a Flemish sounding name. In 40 percent of the cases the person with the Flemish name was immediately invited to visit the house, the person with the Maghreb name was not.

The Practical Testing Now platform, the Equal Opportunities Centre Unia and the Minorities Forum demand that the city of Antwerp introduce practical tests, such as those already exist in Ghent.

"Not surprised"

"Behind the numbers, stories of despair are playing out today. It is difficult to find a good roof over your head because your background is playing tricks on you. Both personally and for society", is how Unia reacts. According to the Equal Opportunities Centre, Antwerp will be able to pursue a targeted policy to reduce the number of cases of housing discrimination based on the results of its own practical tests.

Unia opens around 200 dossiers each year on discrimination in the housing market. Discriminating tenants because they are unemployed or because they have a migration background, for example, is prohibited by law.

The Minorities Forum says it is not surprised about the discrimination. "After all, previous studies show a similar picture on the local rental market, even if the situation in Antwerp is even worse", it says. "As many as half of the private landlords in Antwerp are guilty of ethnic discrimination. That is gigantic.

The Minorities Forum is also in favour of practical tests. "The City of Ghent shows that it is possible and that it works. With the help of structural practical tests, discrimination by estate agents has almost halved (from 26 percent in 2015 to 14 percent in 2017)", according to a press release. "I call on all new municipal authorities to follow Ghent".

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Like for example that you are legally required to help anyone who has a critical condition.

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Thinking about leasing a hi-speed Pedelec via my work, and am curious about the trajectory and the duration of the commute. Not only asking for the hi-speed, also curious for my race bike, so anyone is welcome!

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Original post

Context :

In august, I visited a flat that was still under construction. The landlord assured me it would be ready for the 1st of september and we both signed the lease for this date.

Fast forward today and the flat is still not done. The bathroom isn't installed at all. The kitchen is there but the sink is not attached to anything and the cooker hood makes a really loud and unexpected noise. The other rooms are okay-ish but still dusty. Today It is definitely impossible to live there in its current state.

Someone is supposed to install the bathroom tomorow, but it's the third or fourth delay they have with this room since august and I need to give back the flat where I'm currently living the first of october.

Right now, I'm afraid the flat will still be unfit to live this week end. The landlord keep saying it will be done for friday but I'm not so sure. (I hope I'm wrong).

My question :

On friday, I'll go the flat in order to move in. But if it's still not done, I intend to ask the landlord to solve this in an amicable way and refund the security deposit in addition to the first rent I already paid and ask him to cancel the lease and forget about all of it so I can go find another flat. I fear the landlord will disagree with this and force me to respect the three months notice in the lease, even if they didn't respected the promised date.

If the landlord refuses my request, do I have any legal recourse ?


Hello guys,

For my football team I am organizing a weekend trip and I was thinking about Belgium. What city do you advise to go to?

We would like to attend a football match (highest divison), enjoy the city in the morning and in the evening we would like to "go out" to a disco or something a like. I did some research and the following cities are in our range:

- Ghent

- Luik(liege)

- Leuven

- Genk

- Brussel

But any city above the highway line Brussels actually. Thank you!


Translated from this article

Increasing unemployment benefits first and then reducing them more - as the government wants - will be counterproductive, say sixteen Belgian top economists. They fear that people will be unemployed even longer.

If you become unemployed in January 2019, you will receive more unemployment benefit in the first six months. After that, the benefits will fall more rapidly, to below the current level. That is what the federal government decided this summer.

The higher benefit at the start should give the unemployed the comfort to look forward to a good new job. The reasoning is that the prospect of rapidly and sharply falling benefits afterwards should encourage the unemployed to return to work more quickly. That sounds obvious, but it does not correspond to reality, according to a scientific article by four economists in the renowned magazine American Economic Review, including Johannes Spinnewijn (London School of Economics). Today, a Leuven Economic Position is also published on this subject.

Just let it rise

Fifteen top economists, including Frank Vandenbroucke, André Decoster, Bart Cockx and Bruno Van der Linden, reinforce this message. They use the scientific study in an opinion piece to bring the government to its senses, 'before it takes decisions with potentially very negative consequences for one of the foundations of the welfare state'.

In fact, Spider wine Spinnewijn and his colleagues suggest that it might be a good idea to increase benefits over time. On the basis of Swedish data, he notes that unemployed people tend to start working more quickly if the benefits are lower at the beginning of unemployment - the reverse of what the government is planning. If benefits increase by 1% at the beginning, the probability of an unemployed person taking up work decreases by 1.5%. The prospect of a reduction in benefits in the future is much less important.

According to Spinnewijn, the reform of the federal government will be counterproductive: increasing benefits at the outset will increase the duration of unemployment, which will only cost the reform more money.

'Sometimes academics miss the ball'

The widely supported opinion piece is remarkable, because the government based its decision on scientific evidence. Stijn Baert, professor of labour economics at UGent, had argued in an interview in this newspaper (DS 29 June) and in an opinion piece in De Tijd, for this. Subsequently, Minister of Work Kris Peeters (CD&V) asked Baert to work out a proposal.

But according to Spinnewijn, Baert did not take the latest scientific insights into account. His theory is only true in simple models. It is valuable to translate economic science into policy, but sometimes academics miss the point. Baert does not agree with that, however. Of course, I know the Swedish study. It confirms precisely that incentives help, and that you have to stimulate the unemployed as quickly as possible. That is exactly what accelerated degressivity does. To argue on the basis of these figures for increasing unemployment benefits is absurd. There is no social support for this either. How will the VDAB be able to activate unemployed people if they know that they will receive more money in the future?

It remains to be seen whether the research and opinion piece will impress the government. There is a political agreement to increase the degressivity of benefits', says Kris Peeters' spokeswoman. In principle, we are not going to deviate from this. But we are now working on the measure with the RVA, the Fod Economie and academics. Of course, we will listen to any comments they may have.

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Today, I've beed told the lease amount I have available for a company car (€800/month) in a 5 year lease for less than 15,000km/year (I don't drive much.)

They gave me the option to choose the car I want on condition that it falls within the budget; but even the monthly budget is not so strict - a bit more or a bit less is the same. As a reference they told me it can be a +/- €40,000 HTVA/Exc VAT and again these are not hard numbers €38,000 is as fine as €42,000.

HR told me not to disclose my monthly available money to the salesmen. Any tips to get the most out of this opportunity?


Hello guys,

I wonder what options are available to make it to the Charleroi Airport and which one is the cheapest.

Thank you!


Dear good people,

I recently came to Brussels and I would like to start a band. I mean, really start from scratch. I play guitar and keyboard (still a bit of a noob on this one) and I like to sit in front of the computer composing songs, but I feel I need others to make something really good. I’ve been in two other bands before, one post-rock and another sort of rock/danceable/aunt friendly. I’m influenced by alt-J and Radiohead mainly, so if you share my likes and want to have some fun (no, not that kind of fun, who do you think I am?) send me a message ;)

Thanks to all in advance!

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Posted byHe's a very weird bookstore6 hours ago

Hey gang, it's that time of year again, so here I am to bother you.

Tl;dr: OpenBookDays, drop by on Sunday 28/10 from 16:00 to see me make a fool of myself.

Wall of text:

So, all over Flanders, Standaard Boekhandel is going to be holding its annual festivities that coincide with the delivery of all the books that are sold at the Boekenbeurs. This is, of course, a free event.

Every store will serve some drinks and food, most will organize small happenings ranging from an author dropping by to sign books all the way through to a full-blown wellness session.

This year, our theme is 'Tasty Literary Samples'.

With that in mind, I set up the following activities out here in Ekeren:

Saturday 27/10

10:30 - 12:00 - Jules and his author drop by to provide an entertaining morning for kids. There'll be singing, there'll be dancing and there'll be crafting.

13:00 - 14:00 - Time Management and Balance - a workshop on how to organise things that links into

14:00 - 15:30 - Bullet Journaling - An exploration of how a bullet journal can help you to stay on track.

17:00 - 18:00 - Evi Verhasselt reads excerpts from some of her favourite authors (in Dutch), though odds are she'll also throw in a bit of a preview for her newest book.

Sunday 28/10

(Remember that Daylight Savings Time is still a thing, we get to sleep in on this day)

10:00 - 12:00 - The Little Empress (De Kleine Keizerin) tells us tales from the world of Fae and fancy. Her imperial friends will bring their paints to transform young listeners into lions and tigers and bears, oh my~

14:00 - 15:00 - Niet nu Laura drops on in to sign things and chatter with guests.

16:00 - 17:00 - Yours truly will be reading excerpts from my own favourite authors, in English. This includes a passage from the new Tolkien book, The Fall of Gondolin. Hurdy-Gurdy not included in performance.

And because you made it to the end of this post, there's a little extra that I can throw in.

I had mailed Bloomsbury to ask if author Natasha Pulley could drop by, but she was otherwise occupied. So instead I got a signed copy of her latest book. The first redditor to ask me for it in person during the weekend gets the book for free. Every other redditor to drop by gets a free balloon and if time permits me to make them, a little extra gift. (I will obviously know who the redditors are, cause they'll call me Mijorre)

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