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What do you think will happen next season? Feel free to speculate here.

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I mean of course they do, but do they have like a contract with AMC or anything like that ?


I'm rewatching for the 4th or 5th time in preparation for the next season. But for the first time with 5.1 engaged. I just really appreciate how much care is taken in the surround mix. I haven't watched another TV show, and only a few movies, have I heard with such active rear channels. Moving from one room to a bigger room and you hear echos, outside scenes expand with the sound of far off traffic, Howard knocks on the back door and it comes in behind me. Really cool. Thanks production team!


the same bandaid tin from the flashback in Season 3, Episode 8, “Slip.”

Accompanied by Marco, Jimmy grabs the bandaid tin hidden in the drop ceiling of his dad’s abandoned shop. The tin contained some coins that they wanted for a con. As they were leaving, Jimmy hesitates about leaving the tin behind and decides to grab it.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Edit

Excellent “shoebox” post from /u/Detzeb:


He's just that committed to the business. Sure, that makes him appear as a smug douchebag, but he's a skilled businessman.


I was wonder how accurate the show's portrayal of lawyers, court proceedings, ect. is in the show. I appreciate the show for nothing having to resort to the court drama we're normally accustomed to but I'm curious about the portrayal.


I’m so excited for the new season being in production!!

Saw pimento cheese while out shopping today. There were a few brands to choose from which made me feel like I had to try some. Holy fucking gross! Makes me wonder does Mike eat it to punish himself?


I know 5 seasons of BB was Gilligan's call so I wonder if it might be similar? But to me it feels like it's gonna take us more than 2 seasons to get from where we are to Gene.


Between Jimmy, Chuck, Kim, Nacho, Gus, Mike and Howard, I'm a little confused. Is Jimmy supposed to be early 30s while Chuck is 50? In the flashback, there didn't appear to be that large of an age gap between the two boys, so is Jimmy supposed to be older? If Chuck mentored Howard through the Bar, then we must assume there is also a sizable age gap between them? How old is Saul supposed to be during BB?

Sorry if dumb question or has been discussed before.


Sorry if I'm glossing over some obvious clue as to his character shift, but I've been re-watching season 3 during finals week and my mind isn't as sharp as it could be, and I can't piece it together for the life of me.


That's what the doctor says to Jimmy after Chuck is admitted to hospital. But what what brought this on? My guess is it's his break up from Rebecca, but is it something else? Stress of being a senior partner, heavy workload? Or pure and simple batshit crazy.


Personally, I want the show to end of somewhat of a high note for Jimmy, Saul, Gene or whoever he decides to become, but realistically I think the show will end on a more depressing note, so how do you want the show to end and how do you think it will end?

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