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Discuss whatever you want below. All BrBa and BCS spoilers are allowed.

In case you can't watch today and want a refresher, plot:

Back in 2002, Jimmy calls Hamlin to tell him that Chuck has decided against his resignation. He helps Chuck remove the foil from his walls and reminiscences over a book they read together during their youth. Chuck is quick to sever the nostalgia and remind him that his actions will neither be forgotten nor forgiven. When Jimmy returns to the office, he shares with Kim and confides to her on how refreshing it is to not be hated by Chuck even for just a few minutes.

Kim begins to experience anxiety at running her own law firm as well as keeping the knowledge of Jimmy's fraud secret, despite also making progress in getting Mesa Verde's hearing bumped to an earlier date. Later, Bauer, the Air Force captain who toured the base with Jimmy and his film crew, confronts him about entering the base under false pretenses and threatens to press charges if his commercial is not pulled off the air. Jimmy momentarily cracks (due to Bauer's arguments sounding similar to ones Chuck would use) but is ultimately unmoved by Bauer's threats. He points out that Bauer risks hurting his own career if the fact that he let unauthorized people onto the base comes to light, and that he could always call Fudge as a witness to sway the jury to his side. Bauer storms out but not before warning that "the wheel is gonna turn."

Chuck plays Jimmy's confession to Hamlin. While he is taken aback, Hamlin questions what the tape can accomplish given the nature in which the confession was elicited, the ways in which Jimmy could deny it being his voice, and the unlikelihood that it would bring Mesa Verde back to HHM. Chuck, with a smirk, assures him that it has a use. It is later "accidentally" played by Ernesto when he changes the batteries in the tape recorder. Chuck quickly turns it off and makes Ernesto promise not to tell anything that he heard to anyone on the premise of confidentiality.

Mike frantically drives away from the scene of his attempted assassination on Hector Salamanca and checks his station wagon for a tracking device but finds nothing. Determined to find out how the saboteur prevented him from killing Hector, he dismantles his car at a local junkyard but fails to find a tracker until he has an epiphany and finds it inside of the car's gas cap. Upon obtaining an identical tracking device from Caldera, Mike studies how it works and discovers that the tracker will remotely warn the operator when its battery runs low. He then replaces the tracker in his gas cap with the new one, drains the battery of the one tracking him and waits while snacking on pistachios. In the early morning, someone arrives and takes the tracker; Mike dresses up, arms himself and begins his pursuit.

Alright, get talking!

Original Mabel discussion thread

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We're given lots of explicit reminders that Jimmy started in the copier room at HHM. He makes a point more than once of describing fine copier settings. His way of regaining Mesa Verde for Kim and gaslighting Chuck involved knowledge of fonts, typesets, photocopiers.

The season 4 promo images have photocopiers and a sad Jimmy with a photocopied happy face.

My conjecture: while waiting for his law career to resume, he gets a job in sales for a copying or printing company.

He uses the equipment after hours to counterfeit.

In turn, rather than pass his counterfeit money, he arranges to swap his counterfeit money with the cartel's real money.

We've seen a lot of focus on Gus' shrink wrapped money shipments and Hector's rubber band rolls.

I think via Mike, Nacho concocts a scheme to get Hector out of the way by replacing Hector's real money with Jimmy's counterfeits, with the intent that the Cartel will discover Hector giving them counterfeit money. This attracts the attention of Lalo and results in a civil war between Gus and Hector.

Saul's line "It wasn't me, it was Ignacio" will ultimately be about how Saul's counterfeit money was used by Nacho to ruin Hector -- and then Saul used the Cartel's real money to buy the office he had in Breaking Bad, rehire his receptionist, etc.


Everyone has been posting the videos mention the "locations". I've seen some speculation on it being the Car Wash. Now I never been to Albuquerque before, but it seems that unless it's a location in the desert,(or ofcourse a studio interior) most of the locations, hence the car wash, the outside of Saul's office, seem to be off main drags. In the eyesites of many passerbyers.

I used to work on set in the film industry, so I all the trucks, equipment, and crew it takes. Not something that is easy to hide. So that is why I am a bit surprise that no one, locals, have mention the spotting of filming at the iconic locations.


he orders her to come back.........end of scene. Do we assume he told her about Chucks secret phone call and his insistence that Jimmy is not offered a job? I can't see Howard and his 'company first' philosophy disclosing this to Kim.

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Discuss whatever you want below. All BrBa and BCS spoilers are allowed.

In case you can't watch today and want a refresher, plot:

Mike observes the two henchmen he followed from his house give the tracker to a courier. He follows the courier throughout the night and in the morning, the courier, carrying a knapsack, pulls into a restaurant - Los Pollos Hermanos. After the courier leaves, the readout for the tracker shows that it is stationary.

Francesca Liddy, a former clerk at New Mexico's Motor Vehicle Division, appears at the Wexler-McGill firm for a job interview. During her sit-down with Jimmy and Kim, Jimmy asks Francesca unorthodox questions and is eager to have her immediately start working as the new receptionist since he has a new commercial airing in a few minutes and that he needs Francesca to handle the incoming calls. However, Kim protests, insisting on going through a more thorough hiring process. After hiring her, Jimmy coaches Francesca as two calls come in, one of which turns out to be from Mike. Jimmy agrees to meet with Mike the next morning.

Mike tasks Jimmy with entering Los Pollos Hermanos to observe the courier when he comes inside. Jimmy tries and fails to act casual while watching the courier. When the courier dispenses with his trash and leaves with the knapsack, Jimmy reaches into the trash bin to see if the courier stashed anything in there. He is suddenly greeted by Gus Fring, who asks Jimmy if he needs any help. Jimmy pretends he accidentally lost his watch and Gus helps him. After leaving, Jimmy tells Mike that he saw nothing suspicious in the restaurant, much to Mike's frustration. Gus is outside cleaning litter, and looks up knowingly as Jimmy drives away, aware that Mike is onto him.

Mike continues his stakeout and notices a black Escalade driven by Gus's henchman Victor pull up to the back of the building. After the Escalade quickly leaves, Mike follows it, learning that the tracker is inside. In the desert, his pursuit leads him to find a ringing cell phone placed atop a fuel cap at the center of a remote highway. He picks up the phone and answers the call.

After a paranoid Ernesto tells her what he knows, Kim takes Jimmy into a private room and makes him give her a $20 bill to officially make her his lawyer. Now protected by the attorney–client privilege, she tells Jimmy that she knows about his confession to doctoring the Mesa Verde files. Jimmy defends his actions and then assures Kim that it’s his word against Chuck’s. Kim reveals that Chuck taped his confession, which stuns Jimmy.

Kim, after consulting her old professor, figures that Chuck cannot use the confession tape in court and will not use it to win back Mesa Verde. Kim suggests that Jimmy not act and wait for Chuck to make the first move. Instead, Jimmy angrily leaves.

At Chuck's house, Howard sneaks over several walls to be let in through the back door. Chuck reveals to Howard that he intentionally allowed Ernesto to hear the tape, knowing he would reveal this to Jimmy. Chuck plans to have Jimmy arrested for criminal theft, predicting the latter would break into his house to destroy the tape. To everyone's shock, an enraged Jimmy shows up at Chuck's house at that very moment. Jimmy kicks down Chuck's door and screams at him for pulling that "heartstrings con job" on him. He pries open the desk drawer and destroys the tape. He threatens to “burn the whole goddamn house to the ground” to find any possible copies. However, Jimmy falls for Chuck's trap: Howard and David make their presence known, and declare themselves witnesses to Jimmy's crimes.

Alright, get talking!

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Megathread + Schedule can be found here (next episode thread is Monday)


Anyone know if season 4 will be available on Netflix in Europe, specifically denmark?

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Helo is hesienborg on this show jet? Sey ma name

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