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Posted byu/[deleted]6 months ago

Lost coins on Binance only received a partial reimbursement, please help


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This. Your friend's account was phished, and he's shit out of luck.

Sorry for his loss

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I'm confused by this, did the hackers also actively trade some accounts in real time that they had access to? I'm just not understanding how this is different than everyone else.

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It means they didn't directly trade directly against the buy or sell orders of the hackers accounts, and therefore it is considered legit trading activity in the eyes of Binance, which will not be reversed.

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Oh I see.

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Binance straight up lying about "all funds being safe" and dummies on this sub praising them. Love it

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Hopefully this gets resolved quickly!

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Sweet email address

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Please state the action you would like Mr. Reddit to take and he will attempt to help you.

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Looking to get a Binance employees attention.. :)


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its because when he bought via coins they werny bought from one of the hackers accouns but just another persons so they cant reverse those trades

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Turns out not all funds are safe and not all trades were reversed

Yet we have fanboiz running around sucking Binance off in public and calling people names for merely suggesting this wasn't a Phish attack


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The response they are giving us is that only about 21% of the viacoin purchased in the 3 minute window were completed from the “hackers account” and the rest from ordinary binance users who were selling viacoin... so they only reverse the viacoin that was purchased from the “hackers”.... facepalm

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Wow! 80% of funds are not safe? Shocking!!!!!

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Go fuck yourself.

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Then enjoy the next dip pitiful boy.

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