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Binance support is second to none

Yesterday I had an issue with a buy order. My order history showed I was filled on an order but the currency never hit my account. Within 4 hours of the incident support had fixed the issue and apologized for the inconvenience. Blows my mind that in our unregulated world there are companies like this that make regulated industry support look subpar.

Kudus to the Binance team. You’re the real deal.

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Binance is by far the best exchange and the only exchange trustworthy enough to let some funds at.

With cryptopia you would have to wait 40 days before you even get an answer.

Actually this happened to me. 50 days and they only fixed after a complain I did with New Zealand commerce department. Never again cryptopia sucks so bad.

I can not tell you how jealous of you I am. I have been locked out of my account as my phone died and with it, all my 2FAs. I have recovered them all, only except one, Binance.

Been trying to recover it, 5 times. No luck. Their automated system is rejected images that are crystal clear. Not to the myopia-infused bot apparenly.

Tried raising a support ticket but guess what, you need to be logged-in to do that. No luck there.

Tried reaching out via Twitter and Facebook. No luck either.

I have run out of ideas. If anyone knows how I could get a human behind binance help me, I would appreciate that.


Exact same situation, this problem is so simple it blows my mind it takes so long to solve.

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Blows my mind that in our unregulated world there are companies like this that make regulated industry support look subpar.

You'd be surprised how often regulation is the cause of crappy user experiences.

Wow..amazing. Wish i had that luck..

For trade related issue , Binance prioritise the reply and fixed the issue

For non trade related issue, it will be secondary or even last to be Reply ..

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