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Single buy and sell orders DENT, MFT, KEY

Anyone else see the order books recently for these sub 10 cent coins? There are orders going through of 1 coin. This wouldn't normally be an issue except for the fact that Binance requires minimum order sizes on these coins. Really worried that Binance is manipulating these coins as no one else could put in single orders on any of these coins. You can see it happening on MFT right now. Seems when there is a spike in volume or price these single orders kick in and are either on the buy side or sell side.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Browsing through more coins and this is prevalent on all order books.


Buy and sells of coins that do not hit the minimum order size. What is Binance doing?

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The minimum size of a market order is a lot less than the 0.001BTC minimum on limit orders. I asked a similar question a week ago about dent. I knew it was bots but I didn't understand what the point was. Someone said there were a few reasons why it could happen: trying to manipulate other bots that are programmed to sell every time a certain amount is bought or trying to manipulate people into seeing only buys (so the coin is constantly flashing green) while they sell larger amounts less frequently. Those seemed to be the most reasonable explanations. I'm not an expert though.

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Market orders. No minimum on market orders, only limit orders. Except for dust

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