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Binance fee calculation BNB conversion rates

According to the explanation, the rate for converting the trade receivable to BNB is updated every second.


  1. How do we concretely get this rate through the API?

  2. How is the "market price" written in same section determined? Is it going to be a market order to yield BNB? Or will the rate be something like the mean of the current bid and ask? Or the last done price?

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Could someone please answer this or put in a link to where we maybe able to get some answers ...

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The fee is .1% of your transaction (adjusted accordingly if you’re using BNB). With that being said if you buy $100 of coin XXX, you’re paying a 10 cent transaction fee to buy, and are left with $99.90 of coin XXX.

As for market buys, they’re taken from the current asking price. If your order quantity is over whatever the lowest ask price’s ask quantity is, it will buy that portion and move on to the next - assuming the order is processed fast enough. The average price is then a weighted average of whatever portions of each ask you bought from.

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