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They are watching us. The Interpol on OP_RETURN, Bitmessage..

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They know the identities of developers.

Because the Tails project tries hard to protect the identities of its members, Zwiebelfreunde kept information out of any electronic documentation. But, under pressure from tax authorities, the organization had compiled paper receipts with names and passport numbers of those the project had reimbursed.

Bartl said those records have been compromised, putting the identities of those involved at risk.

"There's a long history of police using that kind of data to investigate social structures; who's working where, who's involved in which projects, so we have to assume that they are looking into the social networks of people," said Bartl.

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Reading this they have absolutely no idea what they are dealing with.

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ELI5, please


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A function within the Bitcoin that allows you to attach a small string of bytes to a transaction, such as a short text message

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The most important thing about OP_RETURN is that it's not optional to have it in the protocol.

It's required for prunable transactions, as a harm reducing alternative to people hiding their data as scrambled addresses; which would require nodes to track those unusable UTXOs forever.

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2 points · 2 months ago

it is option to use it, however. You don't need to include any information

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