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Look at the little guy and his mini Budweiser! Adorable!

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What’s the tiny budwieser for anyway? Children?

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Where I live it's pretty hot in the summer so we buy these smaller beers to ensure they keep cold. Would rather have a smaller cold beer than a bigger bottle of warm beer, you just drink more.

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You’re spot on. I take these little beers fishing and I never get a warm end on one. But it’s a little difficult to gauge my limit on smaller beers. “ eh fuck it I’ve had a 13 pack but they’re so tiny, gimme another one Tater”

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I think you’re both wrong, I think it’s the angle. Look at the second picture, looks like a normal beer bottle to me?

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Looks regulation to me too.

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Oh yeah it looks normal in the second one

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I formally disagree.

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Well my point still stands. Maybe the one in the picture isn't a small one but we do have those in my country. Just for context the regular ones are 33cl and the smaller ones 20cl, but definitely not budweiser though

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I get the little 6 pack of Coors when I fish on my kayak. Stays cold and if I get too much lake water in it I don’t feel bad dumping it back into my cooler because and getting a new one because, well, it’s Coors.

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This in my opinion is the biggest problem we humans face I mean I didn't intend to get that drunk but those bastard small beers tricked me. Won't someone please help us!!!

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Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

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Ahahah my autocorrect at work i don't believe I have literally a different one every time I wrote it. I will edit now

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Pussies that can't finish a normal beer before it gets warm.

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Leaving Curacao right now and I'll kind of miss the baby beers that made me feel like a giant.

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This dude looks like he's having a better time than me in both pictures tbh.

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And you are actually at the beach.

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But.. people don't lie on the internet!

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Guys, who is gonna break it to him

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Santa..................IS REAL!!!

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Lol yo why he even got beach shorts and sandals on? Homie could've just took his shirt off and laid on the towel.

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fake it till you make it my G

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He lives in Brazil, those are not exclusively beach shorts and are pretty common. Same with the flip flops.

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Method actor

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That's just everyday clothes here in Brazil.

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Those are regular shorts and sandals in Brazil, bro is living his best life

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Gotta get the toes in the sand pic too

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Commitment to the post, my man.

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i mean, at that point, might as well enjoy yourself a cool one on a sand mound. Play some tunes on your phone for the vibes...yeah I know I need help.

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I know that my country is behind on trends because guys haven't started shaping their eyebrows over here as yet.

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Fake happiness/success is one of these things that makes social media asocial.

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Is it weird that I have a hard time trying to look at my feed? Its not that Im not happy for my friends, but i have some real jealousy issues when seeing posts, like for anything, i will just make up a narrative in my mind as to why that person is doing well in life and i am not, like post a pair of shoes, damn im not fresh like this guy. Post a picture of their dog, damn, i may never be able to have such a well trained dog. Etc. Like i actually just feel bad for myself when looking at a timeline, like I will post something and drop off until i come back to see likes/comments, and i post my shit modestly, well, i just want to 'share' with my friends but not brag or boast, i dont know, I guess people probably think i too am just being prideful when share memories.

Seriously though, I have some bad insecurities about social media, its like a depressant for me, forget alcohol, I can look at instagram for a much shorter time than drinking and feel depressed thereafter.

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I mean... I think it'd be a good idea for you to take a break from social media. Even reddit. Just try it for a week. Yeah you'll lose your snap streaks, but no internet sites are worth being depressed over. Not one.

You're the only person that can give yourself happiness. It's not always easy, but a lot of things worth doing aren't easy.

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if it makes you feel any better usually the stuff people post on social media is like 20% of their life. you don't really see the other 80% personal (or bad) stuff that happens.

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Are you me?

All joking aside, I'm the same way. I try not to look at Facebook/Insta too much because it just depresses me that these people are having a greater time than me. Obviously the grass is greener on the other side, but I don't even have some grass to show off. I think a major coping mechanism for me was that I've become content with not sharing and being as minimally present as possible on social media.

I use it to catch up with friends but other than that, my day-to-day activities take precedence over my social feed. It helps that I'm busier than I was in the past and frankly speaking, I live in the present and don't feel obligated to show off what I'm doing. Many think they need to show off what they're doing for social status and I'm just thinking: "yeah I've done that and I don't need to show it to prove that I'm having fun with life." It also helps that ignorance is bliss for social media. If you don't see it, you don't really have to worry about it.

One more thing. If you want to share meaningful photos or experiences with friends, make a private Insta account following a select number of people (aka finsta) where you can vent about the bullshit of the day or post a mundane photo of your lunch. I'm pretty lax with not posting though and I don't really feel that it's necessary to post. It helps that my closest friends are the same way and we get by through just a simple back and forth on Messenger.

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thanks for sharing your likeness in this situation, its the weirdest thing how i can get a pain in my chest when im looking at my insta feed(the odd occasion i get sucked in), like an actual heart dropping sensation, and i know that it may just be a glorified picture, but i always directly compare myself and negatively judge myself, like, stupid shit. Its like im just envious of everyone's accomplishments, because in direct comparison i never stack up, at all.

Real talk, i actually feeling quite shitty just thinking about how bad social media makes me feel about myself.

I guess i just have issues with myself and im trying to make myself better by blaming the platforms.

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Nah man, I'm the same way. I've felt weird saying that Facebook and Instagram literally make me depressed before, but now I don't feel bad about saying it. It makes them stop giving me shit for missing something they put on there. We're not the only ones, either. Just got to live in the present like the other guy said.

If there were a better way to organize upcoming events and see which ones were happening in my area or at stores I like, I'd probably grab that app and then delete Facebook.

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I think that since i know i have a problem with seeing what others are doing in life, my best bet is to just stay as far away from these platforms as possible, and im still tring to feel relevant by uploading, however, i have left my home country to start a new life and i only use fb/insta to let people know that im still in existence, but as i said previously, im still just fishing for 'clout' is that the way to use it? But im generally still wanting to feel good by people simply liking or commenting on my posts.

Anyway, just commenting on this post now has allowed me to see where the issues come from, and its really not going to go away until i change my life and feel better about myself.

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i know that it may just be a glorified picture, but i always directly compare myself and negatively judge myself, like, stupid shit. Its like im just envious of everyone's accomplishments, because in direct comparison i never stack up, at all.

Holllyyyy shieeeet. This is me to a tee. One thing I do is that I intentionally go on social media to see how everyone else is doing. When I see that they've become super fit and good looking and I'm still struggling in school with a gut and bitch tits, it saddens me and then internally ignites a fire in me to be better. I have all these rivalries that they are unaware of but I like to neg myself so I don't become complacent with my looks or my education/career. I don't want to post until I have something I'm proud of sharing instead of posting for the sake of being relevant. Funnily enough I've vowed to not post until I can vainly show off my transformation. Just gotta keep working at it and understanding that some people have it better but you'll get there too one day.

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I got to that point, but still didn't post. My friends were with me. They took half the pictures and we already shared them with each other. They're getting the rest when we get them from the photographer. The people I love will share in those moments with us.

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This is true, ironically I have so much to be proud of and grateful for, but in my mind I feel like its not enough, and I dislike this very much as it puts negative pressure on myself, but unfortunately I dont use that energy in a positive way, and then the dark thoughts creep in man, thats when I hate social media for not even allowing me to simply be happy for others..instead it causes subconscious competition..

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Yeah I feel you man. Looks like you're aware of that already though and can take the necessary steps to correcting that toxic mindsets we have. I make it sound like I've got this all together but it's just a facade moreso than anything. I'm still working at it and I know you can too.

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Yeah I really need to learn how to fake it, thats my problem, i let everyone else's accomplishments make me feel bad but then i wallow in that space, i need to just carpe to the diem but im stuck in a vicious cycle. Anyway thanks for the words! Good looking out

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but i always directly compare myself and negatively judge myself

I feel you, I really do! I hardly ever look at Instagram anymore because of this exact feeling. But you have to remember that you are comparing your behind-the-scenes to someone else's highly edited and filtered highlight reel. I read that somewhere and it helps me from going crazy while looking at any social media. If you spent as much time staging, taking, and editing the perfect shots for Instagram your feeds would look like that too...just remember it's all an illusion!

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Yeah thats true too, and I know this too, but its like I still look past those facts simply because my insecurities cause me to ask, "hey, have I done something as cool as that person just did, or eaten some pricey food - no? Oh, so now feel bad because you aren't on their level"

I actually really want to drop off the (social) grid, I've done it many times before and I remember all of those times I was really happy and present in life..

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My girlfriend feels like she's missing out even though she's been in vacation 6 times in the year and a bit since we've been together (or rather will be together after the latest planned vacation).

Mallorca (island in Spain) for a long weekend, some wellness hotel not that far away for a week, Frisia (rural Netherlands) for a week and a bit, Bremen (city in the north of Germany) for a weekend, Malta for a week and Paris for a week.

We don't take all out vacation days for travelling and took 2 weeks in March for moving.

But she still gets jealous because some girl in instagram is doing yoga at some beach or travels for some paid promotion.

We can pretty much afford multiple week long (or multiple weeks even) vacations a year to every European country without saving any money and with some planing, vacations outside of Europe would be possible as well.

There are in awful lot of people here in Germany who haven't seen anything but their home city for vacation in years. Even the most basic international holiday for my region (weekend trip to Amsterdam or something like this. Center Park was also super popular until they got expensive) is not even worth thinking about for so many people here. We're really well off and I'm out of uni for a year. My career hasn't even properly started yet.

But for some fucking reason, she still gets sad because we had to take 2 weeks vacation for moving. Because we couldn't travel in those weeks. Because the 3 vacations this year alone will not be enough for her.

"Oh look! X is in Y!" I hear when she's on facebook.

"Look how cool company X is paying for a week of city Y for this Instagram girl" should have become an influencer then.

"Oh I wish we could join my parents in X" your parents travel to the same 2 locations with perfectly managed vacation days for the last 30 years and we join them for a week every year. Why would you want to do more of that?

I really started to dislike social media once it became more about self presenting than being social. And this is why. If you have 3 people in your feed travelling 2 weeks per year, you have 6 weeks of vacation pictures per year which is also the average German amount of vacation days. And people like my girlfriend eat it up even though we've been (after the latest planned vacation, again) travelling more in the time we've been together than I've my whole life before making my own money.

Sorry. This got really ranty.

In case somebody is wondering: Center Park is like a village in the middle of nowhere for holidays. You basically rent a little house for a week or two in a park with supermarkets, bike rentals and so on near by. This used to be super cheap but they were really popular when the economy tanked in 2008 so they cranked up the prices. They're around Belgium and the Netherlands (at least I've been to one in Belgium, NL and Germany when I was a child).

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Dude, thanks for this rant, to put it in perspective, I left my home country of South Africa and moved to france(not easy for sa citizens to leave as the currency is weak) but, my life changed so much and this great accomplishment and progression in life, to me, it feels like its just a shift in landscape, but actually, just for sa people to holiday on another continent is a major accomplishment. Now, ive moved to a french island, in the Caribbean, and i literally live here, and the scenery is amazing ofcourse, and im happy for that, but still im not accepting of how major this accomplishment is, to me, its just like, "okay, cool, you're here now, career? Nope...ahh you're still in the same place as a year ago...you're not adulting properly, even though you've married a dream woman, and you live on a fucking island, just like you've dreamt all your life, YOU'VE MADE IT!"

  • me, nope, im not in the matrix, im not at the level of my peers, they do great things that they have paid for by workibg hard, me, nope, im just living life and somehow i am not grateful enough for it.

Im sure i would feel more grateful if i wasnt connected to social media and had nobody to show my shit to, but i wouldnt be competing with them unintentionally anymore.

I think im onto something, yet again..

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I'm pretty much the same. I recently just stopped using Instagram and Snap iust bc of this kinda thing

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Yep, that’s definitely Brazil

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I should do this tomorrow instead of traveling an hour to the beach. Theres dozens of construction sites near me (thanks gentrification!).

PS: I only wanna go to the beach so I can post it on IG.

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I wish I lived close to the beach :(

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Me too.

PS: In LA, I think anything over 5 miles away is far.

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You’re not wrong

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livingmybest life is the everyday struggle

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That's a very long cell phone he's holding.

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That's the wall, he's holding a small phone

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So, this is the latest, "my bae caught me slippin"?

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Fake it till you make it

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Faking the funk

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Looks like a more dark Rami Malek

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Yeah, the strange thing is i literally dont look at social media - fb/insta, like i will just make a post and then close the app, not fb i dont really touch fb, but i think ive redeveloped the want for likes/comments, because i have been dormant for a long time and then decided to try have a presence and now even though I post once a week/2weeks im posting with just the hopes of atleast certain people liking it or as many as possible, realistically 50 likes is a huge number for me, anyway, I digress.

I dont see Reddit as social media and its the one thing i check when i wake up/before sleeping, but yeah i am reliant on it for mild entertainment/news updates, but in regard to taking a break, im at this point where i wish I could just deactivate it all, because im so paranoid about all this privacy shit, but my info is out there and wont be taken down even if i deactivate so whats the use?

I kind of know that the reason i feel so bad when looking at social media is because internally i know i am not where i would like to see myself in life/career, and basically everything i see people post makes me sad because its like, i dont even have a job, so i just feel like a poor kid envying people that do/have stuff, and the worst part is that I have so much to be grateful for, and I dont know how to feel gratitude because i cant get past not feeling like a contributing member of society.

Basically, I cant believe how crap it feels not be stuck in the matrix.

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Bottle has grape drank in it.

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Would you look at that forehead in his profile picture!

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Reality of a rap-star.

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If his nipples were any farther apart they'd be in his arm pit.

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Omg 😂😂😂

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fuck it lil man looks like he took lead to the heart and survived. he is living his best life.good for him.

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and then zoom out further to reveal they are actually in a construction zone... for the worlds largest holiday resort. THEN zoom out further to reveal it's actually a resort inside the worlds largest prison.

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Well, you do have a beer and the right reclining angle to be chillin. It's all mental anyway... just make the best of it!

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I don't understand people hating on the actors. Lucas got the performance he wanted out of everyone people hate in the prequels.

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And the sand is grayer

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How can you be so desperate....?

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left pic missing the warming filter to make the sand look more yellow though..

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This is hilarious. I don't get why people would do this. It's so daft!

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Bet it's full of cat shit..

Building our house, we had 2 ton of sand delivered and it was soiled by every cat in the street in a fortnight.

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Sand, check. Water, check. Sunshine, check.

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Those are beautiful eyebrows.

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Is he taking the selfie with a Surface Pro? Who can do that single handed? Stop faking the funk, bro

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He's using his phone. It looks like a tablet but that's just the background

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Zoomed in, good catch. Tablet comment retracted. Faking the funk still stands

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Maybe I am just lucky I stopped fucking with social media at an early age and found better things to do with my time but I do not understand this, why stunt on the internet about something so menial like being at the beach, alot of stuff people stunt about seems so trivial and regular.

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U can tell its not a beach from the dirt....