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Dont confuse white privilege with rich privilege

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Why not both?

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Because there are a fuckload of rich black people getting special treatment and poor white people being treated like shit.

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He looks like the boy version of Mama June.

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Papa May

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Oh god so true. Can't unsee now!

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I am so bummed I can only upvote this once. So true!!

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It’s that fucking “smile”. She makes the same facial expression a lot. Damn now I can’t unsee the comparison?

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The word doofus has never been more fitting for a face

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That’s immediately what came to my mind when I saw his face, too: Doofus.

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Doofus Inbreedus

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which one is the 22 year old and which one is the girl? questions need to be answered

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Here's the article

The party, according to Crown Laarhuis, included an "initiation ceremony that includes getting the junior players laid."

One of the players allegedly invited the 16-year-old girl to the party, and though she was hesitant, she went with some friends.

At the party, the girl said she consensually made out with the boy who invited her, but was repeatedly asked by other guys there if she would participate in a threesome. At one point, Macdonald allegedly walked in on her and the boy she was with, and started talking about wanting to do cocaine and wanting to have a threesome. She reportedly told police she said "no" to a threesome.

Later, while she was upstairs with the boy who'd invited her, Macdonald came in with other team members, and allegedly forced her into a reclining position and tried to kiss her, which she tried to deflect. During this time, someone turned the lights off, and the girl said she felt someone's hand fondle her breasts under her shirt while she believes Macdonald pulled her pants down and groped her, the Whig-Standard reports.

One of the boys in the room—a teen—pulled out his penis and asked her for oral sex, she told police. She said Macdonald's weight—he was more than 200 pounds at the time and is six-foot-three—prevented her from getting away. Eventually, one of the girl's girlfriends walked in and turned on the lights, stopping the assault, but after the girl and her friend locked themselves in a bathroom, she said Macdonald walked in and forced himself on her friend, kissing her.

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Fucking shitheads man. I love sports but the culture can be so goddamn backwards

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Is this subreddit not aware of all the black athletes that get away with rape every year? Let us not forget Bill Cosby as well.

This subreddit used to post enjoyable stuff.

Edit: im not defending what this dude did btw. Just tired of seeing anti white posts all the time.

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This is more of an issue of class than an issue of race in my opinion.

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Surround him with mirrors. That's punishment enough.

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This dude interning with Count Dracula?

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Dude looks like Butthead.

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I love how this is pinned on being a white thing. If the person was black this would have happened... But I guess this is how you farm retweets and karma

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Whether they’re white or not, why would the judge have the mercy or delaying a sentence for something like that? It’s a punishment, it should be treated like one

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No reasons to attack his whiteness, this is normal in any case even if he was black or latino

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Don't think it's a race issue, more of a financial issue probably. I don't know though, I don't live in the USA, but it sure is exhausting to be attached to scumbags purely because I'm white. I come from the Catholic side of Northern Ireland where we have been oppressed for a long time, heck even government collusion to murder republican leaders, we're technically just out of a "war". However times are different now and progress can't happen unless we all accept each other with open arms and minds. It's easy to assume that injustices are an attack on your side, or are a privilege held by the other side, but mostly it's because those involved had an advantage not connected to their race/culture, and more so knew someone that knew someone. You'll find most people regardless of background are just trying to make ends meet, find a nice spot to rest their feet and enjoy life for what they can make of it. I don't know what it's like living as a minority in America, I do know what it's like to fear for my life, if I found myself in an area with the "wrong" flag flying from the lampposts, but "common" people don't share the same views as extremists, it's just easy to spot those with less than normal views, because regular people are just too busy getting on with their own lives and trying to live it as best as they can. We can either learn or teach, this can only be achieved if we look past our differences and approach each other with the mentality of "in my culture we do such and such and here's why it's cool" or "hey I notice in your culture you like to such and such, seems cool, what's that about?".

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This didn’t happen in the USA either.

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Oh my bad. Sentiment still stands.

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I'm going to Google this, as Vice is known for spreading bullshit and lies.

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Rich =/= white.

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That's rich whiteness

I can't get away with that bullshit

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The concept of punishment apparently lost...

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Is he related to the judge? Look at their stupid mouths.

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Watch money work is more accurate. It's infuriating to me how different the sentencing is for the same crime in front of the same judge, but one has money and the other does not.

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I personally know this guy.. and he is a spoiled piece of shit rich kid. Never having consequences is how this all resulted.

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Yea this happens for black people all the time. Judges take careers into account in virtually every sentencing hearing.

My black brother in law was given a suspended 3 year sentence because he was about to start a new job. The judge believed it might help him turn it all around. It didn’t, and he ended up violating but that’s another story.

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Only a select few het this privilege pass bullshit. I and anyone like me in my country would never get this treatment 100%. No chance

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Dont think it has much woth race. But what class he is in. Dude seems like daddy has money

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Real question is, why didn't the internship drop him? That shit looks bad on a company

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Jesus, way to embrace the scumbag. Guess ricj white men's lives are more important than their victims? Hope this fucker gets #metoo out of his career

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He’s already been fired by Deloitte thankfully

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Watch green work

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Don't blame whiteness for the flaws in the American Canadian "justice" system.

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I mean, this wasn't in the U.S.

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You honestly think a black man would be treated the same way? Honestly.

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yall full of shit

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I’m not agree this is right ,but this has happened to other genders and races before so who have got special treatment

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My brother went to high school with this guy. He (not my brother) was expelled for assaulting a girl there, so this is a pattern of behavior for him. Fuck this guy.

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Strange case. Apparently the he didn't rape her but according to her testimony he "shoved his hand up her shirt and down her pants". There also doesn't seem to be a lot of investigation or evidence apart from her or her friend's word.

That could be why the sentence was knocked down.

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Judge looks like he could be his dad

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This sub is low key racist.

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Can someone explain to me what this has to do with your fucking skin color?

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You do realize saying this is because of his "whiteness" is racist, right?

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Why is there a vampire in the picture on the right?

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That's not being white that's being rich. There's a difference.

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Rich whiteness*

That shit wouldn't work on middle class me.

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I dont think people realize that this is less of a white thing and more of a rich thing lol

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It’s Canada. Isn’t everyone white?

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That guy is inbred.

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This is called being rich.

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We need a real life Frank Castle for scum like this and the pathetic judges that sold their integrity before their first case.

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RICH people not white people

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FUCK YOU, dumb ass fuck blames it on white

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He looks like honey boo boo’s mom!

edit: just realized this is already one of the top comments 😅

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He so ugly.

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Whats with Count Dracula on the right?

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I want to slap that entitled mofos face so hard that his silver spoon falls out of his ass!

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How else is gonna get laid without paying for it? Looks like Buttheads long lost son.

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Why do I feel like the next headline that involves him is gonna include the words: fled the United States?

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He's the product of the classiest, most sophisticated inbreeding in the whole white world.

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Probably bragged to his friends about it, and asked them to smell his fingers.

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His mouth looks very similar to Trump's, Possibly from the same genus?

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It's Stevie Janowski!

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Ew fuck those guys. The judge and the little gremlin faced shit.

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That face looks so punchable. Just wanna pimp slap that fool.