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So I just finished watching through the show for the first time and "Stupid Piece of Shit" really made me think. Bojacks internal monologue is genuinely what runs through my head almost every moment of my life. I always thought that everyone thought that, but my roommate was saying that she couldn't believe someone could hate themselves that much. Am I crazy? Is that thought process normal? I'm sorry if this is just annoying but I'm confused and I don't know who to talk to.


So, I’m on my 5th rerun of the show, second to last episode of season 4, when I realize something. Horses, like other domestic or working animals, are often selectively bred for desirable traits. A cosmetically desirable trait they’re bred for is a smaller, more “dainty” snout/face shape. My realization: The Sugarmans, an upperclass family, all seem to have these selectively bred faces, while Butterscotch Horseman, a working class individual (and probably family too) has a large, more natural face shape.

This is a very specific and seemingly pointless observation I had, but I gotta say, that’s some really thoughtful character design. I love it. I love this show, and I love rewatching it to pick out these little details I keep missing.

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Subreddit for the Netflix animated series, BoJack Horseman, starring BoJack Horseman as BoJack Horseman.

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