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Season 12 - Episode 12 - The End in the End


With Kovac still at large, the team searches for evidence to track him down. After Brennan experiences a setback, the rest of the team must figure out how to find Kovac without her, putting everything she has ever taught them to the test. When all signs point to Kovac having outside help, as well as a hideout, Booth and Brennan go searching for him.


Mild spoilers for season 5 and the series as a whole, if you don’t want to know anything that ever happens....

In 5.16 The Parts in the Sum of the Whole, when they go through B and B’s first case, Booth makes it clear that he can’t ask Brennan out because of FBI rules, “No fraternizing with consultants or other agents.” Obviously, by season 7, eight years later, the FBI is ok with this. Even if they have a record breaking arrest rate, it’s still never brought up again and the FBI doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. It always bothered me that this fact came up midway through the series and wasn’t dealt with ever again.

Regardless of B and B’s fraternizing, which is apparently ok, at multiple points in the series, FBI affiliates have relationships with Jeffersonian consultants (Sweets/Daisy, Aubrey/Jessica) and Sweets even hooks up with another agent in season 9, I believe. This all really, really bothered me and I have to rant about it. Even though a lot of things in Bones are not totally realistic (Angela’s magic computer skills for instance), this fact bothers me because it’s so blatantly mentioned and seen as a barrier for our favorite crime fighting couple from the onset of their relationship. Booth putting it out there during season 5 just made it feel like it wasn’t planned out well. Even if that’s the truth, it could have gone without mentioning.


The first time I watched Bones, she was my favorite character. Now that I’m rewatching it, I feel like she selfish and manipulative. I want to still love her, but I feel like I get mad at everything she does!

What do you think of her? Do you have a character you changed your mind about after rewatching?


Ok, so I'm in the midst of rewatching, and something that's really bothering me is how mean all the characters (specifically Booth and Brennan) are to Sweets. All he does is try to help them and his track record has been proven numerous times, but he's still constantly belittled and ridiculed. They obviously care about him- Booth calls him family, Brennan openly says she loved him and he even lived with them and they didn't want him to leave, but even the reaction to his death is kind of underwhelming. No-one really cries and Brennan especially seemed way more cut up about Vincent's death - something that I don't think makes a lot of sense since she spent way more time with Sweets and knew him for longer.


I loved Sweets, he was one of my favourite characters (if not my favourite) so I guess I'm just wondering why the others gave him such a hard time? I get the whole shrink-being-annoying thing is played up for comedy, but it wore kinda thin after a while?


I do realize she stops when she talks I have always thought that she just has so much information going through her mind at once, while trying to process it.

After observing others who speak the same way I have realized people that use the cerebrum, which is the largest part of your brain, and is composed of the Right, left hemisphere. It preforms higher functions like interpreting touch, vision, and hearing, as well as speech, reasoning, emotions, learning, and fine control of moving. In other word, she is trying to process alot of information at once, which is an over flow in the human mind, indicating to much information at once.


In earlier seasons, Brennan seemed more in touch with people, emotions, joking, sarcasm thus making it easier, IMO, to write novels us average folk could understand. Later, though, she doesn't seem to have any concept of these things. How can someone write compelling stories, love scenes (yes, Angela contributed at least some of those), normal emotions when she doesn't understand that love is more than just a chemical coursing through your body?

I'm not trying to start a fight, I'm just rewatching the series and find the character's regression hard to take. (And as people have stated in other posts, not be able to learn these things)


Exhibit A

Exhibit B

This doesn't make sense. Is he wearing a special ring?


As all of you know Pelant was laying low for the first part of season 8. People have come up with theories on what he was up to planning his counterstrike against the Jeffersonian.

Well, I found out what Pelant was up to. He laid low in Los Angeles, but his penchant for murder came with him.


Hi, Bones fans! I am a Bones enthusiast, though not as familiar with the show as maybe some of you. I'm also a grad student designing a study looking at how vegetarians are portrayed in TV media. I'm really interested in the portrayal of Temperance Brennan - a totally intelligent, strong, independent badass who is also a vegetarian.

Does anyone know of any episode seasons/numbers in which Bones' vegetarianism is (a) central to the plot, (b) explicitly mentioned, or (c) passively mentioned at all (in any capacity)?

Thank you so much in advance for your help!


I just finished Bones and looking though the cast saw that Caroline was only in 55 episodes. It feels like she was in so many more.

Part of it was the gravitas Patricia Belcher brought to the role. And I think it was also because she was involved in every major episode where something important was happening.

I really liked her character, I wouldn't mind a spin-off!


Does anybody else feel that the writers just make Angela do stupid stuff so people will hate her? She refuses to testify at Max's trial because "friendship", she guilts everyone for not donating to "save a pig", etc.

Maybe I'm alone in this, but there are times when I just dislike her as a character.


Maybe I’m being nit picky or don’t understand something but I’m a little frustrated by, what I consider, inconsistencies in the manner she remembers her parents, especially her mother.

I was recently viewing episode 2x18, The Killer in the Concrete, and one of the opening scenes has Brennan and Angela at her mother’s grave to say a few words. She tells Angela she has few memories of her mother but I found that odd since, IIRC, the parents left her and Russ when she was 15. In many episodes she seems to have so little memories of her mother that you would think she lost her mother as a child. Sounds wrong to me.

Also, while I acknowledge she had a traumatic time in foster care, every episode which deals with that part of her background also make it sound like she spent more time in the system than what couldn’t have been more than 3 years. Again, not time minimize the abuse, but it does seem overdone when convenient to the plot point.

Like I said...I could just be nitpicking.

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My faves - Sweets/Hodgins/Aubrey/Vincent Nigel-Murray/Wendell
4 months ago

I’m currently watching the last few seasons of bones (in the start of season 11 now) because I never saw them when they first aired. I just posted this to say that I actually really like Aubrey.

I was kind of suspicious of him at first, because I thought they’d make him into some kind of villain. also, I was sad after sweets died and thought that I wouldn’t like Aubrey because I thought that Aubrey wouldn’t be as good of a character.

He just seems like a fairly happy character that provides some comic relief from some of the serious stuff in the show. He also cares about the other characters and is a good agent. Also, I love how they made him to be obsessed with food and always eating. Does anyone know if that was on purpose at first? Or did they just realize a few episodes in and just decide to keep going with it?


I started watching this show casually, then got really into it, then got REALLY into Booth and Bones' relationship. I get that the storytelling had to shift with Emily Deschanel's pregnancy, but I'm bummed at how poorly they did it.

  • Bummed at how they did not show That Scene we spent 100+ episodes earning
  • She could've been pregnant with his kid but have them not be in a relationship—that's not uncommon, and could've given them the time to really bond over having a kid and fall ~in love~ in a really satisfying way.

I'm having a lot of feelings and will get over it in an hour but I just wanted to post and see if anyone else felt the same way because I'm coming super late to this show.



Booth only ever wants to talk to him about his thoughts on suspects and dismisses him whenever he wants to talk as friends, and Brennan always says what he dedicated his life to is dumb and wrong. Or am I just stupid?


What are some the creepiest and scariest episodes of the show?


In S1 E19 "The man in the morgue" I feel like the whole situation with Brennans amnisia is never fully uncovered. There was no point in the flashbacks with closeups of Dr. Legiers face and the knife, since it was never explained. What happened there? How did she get away? Maybe I either missed it, would be a huge plotpoint to miss, or it's not there at all. Really infuriating, for me atleast.

Does anyone have an explanation/feel the same way?

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