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Posted byProfessor Sunderland20 days ago
Stickied postModerator of r/brakebills

Hi /r/brakebills -


We're making one small update to our spoiler policy - Given the availability and age of seasons 1 and 2, elements from those seasons are no longer considered spoilers and do not need to be tagged. Anything from the books that hasn't happened in the show and all episodes of season 3 are still spoilers. Please tag them accordingly.


Due to the upcoming redesign, we will be switching to the new spoiler markdown, which works in both classic and redesign view. We've updated the classic sidebar to reflect this change. (Yes, the old markdown still works, but only for those using the classic view.)

>!Spoiler text between exclamation points!< now turns into Spoiler text between exclamation points


Finally, some of you may have noticed the option to try out Reddit's site-wide redesign. If you choose to do so, please be advised of the following:

  • SPOILERS - Currently, spoilers marked using the old tags are NOT hidden if you're using the redesign. Be aware that you will see all spoilers that were previously hidden from you. This is temporary; the Reddit team is working on a solution.
  • SPOILERS (again) - The rule regarding post titles has not changed. PLEASE DO NOT POST SPOILERS IN POST TITLES.
  • SIDEBAR - Our sidebar had to be rebuilt in the new format, and it is a work in progress. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.
  • RULES - They look a little different, but they have not changed.

If you prefer Reddit classic, there is a banner at the top of every page to switch back. If you want to read more about the redesign, please visit /r/redesign.


Thanks for reading - see you all for the season finale on Wednesday!

Posted byProfessor Sunderland19 days ago
Stickied postModerator of r/brakebills

Welcome to the Season 3 Finale episode discussion!


S03E13 - Will You Play With Me? TBD TBD April 4, 2018 on SyFy


Episode Synopsis: The group finds what they're looking for and attempt once and for all to get magic back.


  This thread is for POST episode discussion, and comments below assume you have watched the episode in its entirety. Therefore, spoiler tags are not required for anything up to and including this episode. If, however, you are talking about events that have yet to air on the show such as future guest appearances / future characters / storylines, please use spoiler tags. The same goes for events in the novels that have not yet been portrayed.  

  Spoiler Tag Reminder:

>!Spoiler text here!< = Spoiler text here


SO FUCKING GOOD HOLY FUCK. I made a post here asking that if show is worth watching coming from the Originals. Thank god y'all recommended it. As the show goes it just gets so fucking good. Season 3 is the best written show season i have ever seen. The way intense things get. The funny dialogues. Fucking amazing writers. They keep the characters true to themselves. Never it looks like out of character. Fucking love it.


First post in this sub-reddit. I do apologize if this has been answered but i couldn't find it! How many possible answers to the mosaic could there have been? I'm really not good at math but i heard them say 785 tiles and 15 different colors; so how would one find out how many possible solutions there is?


Did we ever learn what Mayakovsky's beef was with Zelda (the head librarian)? I remember she called him a lying drunkard but don't remember if it went anywhere after that.


Does anyone have a good explanation as to why they left the 23 Dean fogg in his timeline? It seems like that time line was dead. Did they just leave him there to die?


So, Josh's hook-up board got me thinking about all the ships, even if the show doesn't focus that heavily on romance.

And honestly, they could pair up almost any of the main characters with each other and I would find it belivable. They just have such great chemistry together and most of their sexualities are either canonly LGBTQ, ambiguous or fluid.

I mean, here's what's canon:

Quentin loves and has dated Alice, but he also loves and spent a literal lifetime with Eliot raising a son. Quentin has also slept with Margo and is speculated to have a thing for his best friend Julia (though I'm not convinced of that being currently true, there are always hints).

Alice loves Quentin but she has also slept with Penny and has more feelings for him than she lets on and vise versa. (Alice also has some tension stuff with Margo and Julia at times but that's pretty speculative).

Penny loves Kady and Kady loves Penny, but Penny23 loves Julia so maybe Penny40 also has that spark of attraction somewhere? But Julia and Kady are best bitches/witches and also have some tension going on?

Margo is pretty emotionally unavailable on the surface (and deeply) but is the most openly bi and does care for all her friends. She certainly loves Eliot in a way that is not quite platonic but not quite romantic. She has slept with Quentin and has said she wants to sleep with Penny. The feeling is mutual. She kinda hit on Alice early on.

Julia has been covered with everyone else but is currently the most unlikely to have a romance with any of the other mains, except Penny23 and maybe Q?? Although for being hated by them for most of the show, has had some tender/'tense' moments with most of the other mains (barring Eliot, I think).

And that's not even including any minor characters.

So what are your guys' favorite, least favorite and dream ships? What do you think endgames are? Do you think the Magicians should focus more on romance or keep going as it is with unity in friendship that is like family?


Why didn't Quentin take advantage of josh's piazza? All the money Josh had should have been more than enough for him to do research on niffens? I understand grossman's choices as it moved the story along. But I always wondered why he didn't just take up in venice.


Only recently found the show and have been marathoning through it while off work sick. I finished season three today but something from season 1 (I think) still stands out, there’s a lady (witch?) that takes some of Quintins blood as payment and in that seasons final even Ember brings it up again and talks about how she’s actually good and it will be important later on, I may of missed it but do we have any idea what that’s about?

Sorry if it’s been asked before!


...could still be salvaged? The wellspring in the castle was a different one than the one inside the hut (i.e. Fillory's), correct?

Could this be a way that our characters get some leverage to fight against the library?


There's a keyring


In season 2 Margot mentions that his "dick doesn't work" and Eliot tells Idri he can't do anything... what happened?


Is Julia still a goddess? When they were talking about Prometheus making the keys they said he was still a god even though he was drained of all his power. Does the same apply to Julia because she reached full goddess status?


Has Anybody went back to watch the first episode of this season since the finale? Thoughts? Theories? Points?

It hasnt been a month and I dont know how ill make it atleast 10 months.

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