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For me my least favourite is S3 E9 called the Swedes. In rewatches I skip over because the jokes fall flat and Neil Degrasse Tyson is even more dull. The Swedish characters have absolutely no distinguishable characteristics and aren’t very likeable. My favourite has to be Show Me Going because you get to see multiple layers from every character especially Jake. Also Moo-Moo because of the development of Holt and Terry. What do you guys think?


I love this episode, it’s simple and limited in characters but it’s so compelling and satisfying.


Adrian Pimento is the best guest they've ever had, next to Wuntch of course. Pimento adds so much diversity to the main personalities and he's one of the few characters that has so much history (12 years of undercover work).

Hope S6 makes use of him more this time, his presence felt limited in S5, especially since Wuntch had no presence anymore after S3.


This show is wholesome, lighthearted almost to a fault. The Show Me Going seemed like the only sad episode, imo, to put the cast emotionally on the spot. I think Scrubs is one of the greatest workplace sitcoms of all time and they always nailed the sad episodes. I want B99 to delve into the world of loss, guilt, and powerlessness that the characters would feel.

I cannot possibly think of someone to kill off, but some side characters could be put in legitimate danger. Have Terry's wife get in an awful car accident, not only would it give Crews range. Think of the scene in the hospital, Terry has to explain to his little girls that their mommy is hurt real bad. I can just see Crews in the back of my head fighting off tears. Gina, or even Rosa, takes over for a bit and gets them ice cream while Terry gets to lean on the captain's shoulder. A side plot of this episode could be Jake and Amy fully coming to the conclusion that in their line of work, they don't know whats gonna happen the next day and if they will be left alone in the world. Would really bring their 'distracting, childish marriage' into reality and then you could have some cheesy line afterwards about them saying: "I don't care if it happens, the time I've had with you has been the best of my life, the next day is just a gift." Or something like that.

My point is, I want this show that has tackled racism, sexism, homophobia, targetting, and coming out stories with families, to take the next leap and do an emotional episode that breaks some of the characters down and they need the squad to build them back up.

PS I really just think a scene of Terry sobbing into Holt's shoulder could be fucking iconic, and Terry not knowing what he would do with out his wife and just saying "Terry loves Sharon" and then the waterworks.

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