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We've all been waiting to see where this will end up, and it turns out it'll be on Amazon Prime Video starting July 1.


This was said as one of Michael's narrations in an episode. I don't have any idea which one.


Last year around July, Hulu made a deal with FOX and obtained the rights to add over 3,000 episodes to their streaming service. I noticed Burn Notice was one of the shows mentioned in the list. I also noticed a lot of the shows in the list are already on Hulu, but there a few that are still M.I.A. Does anyone have any idea when they might add Burn Notice? Super bummed that Netflix took it off in February. Been dying to rewatch the show again and get my Michael Westen/yogurt fix.


Mine is probably “imagine you’re holding two bottles and they drop on the floor. What happens? They both break. But it’s how they break that’s important. Because, you see, while one bottle crumples into a pile of glass, the other shatters into a jagged-edged weapon. You see, the exact same environment that forged older brother into a warrior crushed baby brother. People just don’t all break the same, Mrs. Westen. Just don’t.


Burn Notice was one of the first shows I really cared about. I had watched plenty (PLENTY) of TV before but BN was the first I started to really recommend to my friends and watch live. It is funny cause I really grew up before streaming and all that so for me that actually wasn't that huge a deal, but now looking back I realized it was one of my first major favs on the TV.


It's where, I believe, Fiona has a gun pointed at her and Michael wants to intervene, but Sam calls him off saying she'll blow her cover.


I originally thought it was when Fiona had the gun pointed at her under the bridge in the episode against the hispanic guy wanting to get revenge against a company that poisioned a water supply, killing his daughter, but that is not the episode.

I'm literally looking for this one line. I know it's a tall order. Please let me know if you remember what episode it's from!!!

Posted byu/[deleted]1 month ago

Hello to everyone that reads this post. I'm looking for any fans of the show that would like to rp it. I'm a member of a forum, which I'm not going to name because I'm not sure if it's allowed. But I will say that it's a multifandom forum, so Burn Notice wouldn't be the only one available to anyone that replies here. Please post a reply to this message or send me an inbox message if interested. Thanks for your time.


Mine is 1 and 2. They seem to have a different pacing than the rest.


In season 3 he had been outed as an American spy by one of the Irish, and because she was associated with him Fiona couldn't go back, either.

Add on top of that a large list of enemies already on Ireland wanting them dead, it seems rather odd that that's where they'd go and live after their supposed deaths.


I’m currently on my second watch through of Burn Notice and it occurred to me, how is he surviving?

Has anyone calculated what his net profit it during the series?

Also why hasn’t burn notice been made into a GTA type video game, open world, just Miami and you’ve got to do the missions.


I think there should be another Burn Notice. The format was great and can be replicated. The cast of Burn Notice was great but if they cannot or will not use them there it could be used with a new cast.


Trying to find/remember a scene where Michael is undercover (in South America I believe), and someone is giving him a trick question - trying to make Michael expose himself.

He narrates his thoughts with a voice over, and asks the questioner "What game are you trying to play" or something along those lines.

Want to find this and use in a class about spies! Thanks in advance.


The scene took place in Michael's warehouse apartment.

Michael's narration is something like "It's never the accountant", so Michael turns his back on him, only to be caught in an armlock. They struggle, fall to the floor, Michael punches open a kitchen cabinet, grabs a hidden gun, and manages to shoot the guy, who escapes, but later dies in an alley.

I can't remember the season, or the villain's name. None of the tags I have used have managed to find the scene on youtube.


I loved that show. What y’all got?


I didnt know that Netflix was pulling the series, and last night I finished the season 6 finale and then it wouldn't let me watch season 7. I found out today that they pulled it, and now I NEED to find where I can watch season 7. Anyone have any ideas? I'm so sad, I didn't know it was being pulled, otherwise I just blew threw and watched them all before they pulled it.


I am finishing the show on Netflix now and need to know where I am going to be able to watch it in the future. Such a good show from my childhood it's nice to watch it from time to time

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